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EPSRC Support by Research Area in Materials For Energy Applications

Research areas are used to describe EPSRC's portfolio of excellent long term research and high quality postgraduate training.

Grants are classified using one or more research areas. All the grants listed below have some relevance to this research area. The value of the investment is the total awarded by EPSRC and does not reflect the proportion assigned to this research area.

We always try to ensure that grants on the web contains the most recent information but it is possible that some might be slightly out of date.

Grant TitlePrincipal
OrganisationDepartmentTotal Grant
Value (£)
3D Volume Microscopy and TEM Sample Preparation of Complex Hybrid NanostructuresBrydson, Professor RMDUniversity of LeedsChemical and Process Engineering 823,184
3DSynth: Design and fabrication of cartridges for digital chemical synthesisCronin, Professor LUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Chemistry 999,034
A National Thin-Film Cluster Facility for Advanced Functional MaterialsSnaith, Professor HJUniversity of OxfordOxford Physics 460,998
A World-Leading National Network for NMR in the Physical and Life Science: Very-High Field Infrastructure at SheffieldWilliamson, Professor MUniversity of SheffieldMolecular Biology and Biotechnology 844,525
ADEPT - Advanced Devices by ElectroPlaTingBartlett, Professor PNUniversity of SouthamptonSchool of Chemistry 6,331,952
Advanced Inorganic Functional Materials: Floating Zone Crystal Growth SystemEvans, Dr IRDurham, University ofChemistry 401,688
Advanced Materials Characterisation Suite in the Maxwell Centre, University of CambridgeParker, Professor MUniversity of CambridgePhysics 63,651
Advanced Nuclear MaterialsArmstrong, Dr DUniversity of OxfordMaterials 1,415,296
An EPSRC National Research Facility to facilitate Data Science in the Physical Sciences: The Physical Sciences Data science Service (PSDS)Coles, Professor SJUniversity of SouthamptonSchool of Chemistry 2,996,067
Application by the School of Chemistry and the School of Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, for enhanced single-crystal X-ray diffraction facilitiesBochmann, Professor MUniversity of East AngliaChemistry 616,064
ASPIRE: Advanced Self-Powered sensor units in Intense Radiation EnvironmentsScott, Professor TBUniversity of BristolInterface Analysis Centre 874,924
Bifunctional Hybrid Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution and Oxygen Reduction ReactionsJorge Sobrido, Dr AQueen Mary University of LondonSchool of Engineering & Materials Scienc 101,061
Bioinspired green manufacturing of next generation energy storage materialsPatwardhan, Professor SVUniversity of SheffieldChemical & Biological Engineering 165,059
Bridging the gap between small scale mechanical testing and bulk material property measurements of advanced, structural nuclear materialsKareer, Dr AUniversity of OxfordMaterials 448,807
Carrier Selective Layers: Enabling the True Potential of Nanostructured PhotovoltaicsMokkapati, Dr SCardiff UniversitySchool of Physics and Astronomy 279,442
Cation-Controlled Gating for Selective Gas Adsorption over Adaptable ZeolitesDuren, Professor TUniversity of BathChemical Engineering 207,765
Cation-Controlled Gating for Selective Gas Adsorption over Adaptable ZeolitesBrandani, Professor SUniversity of EdinburghSch of Engineering 382,957
Cation-Controlled Gating for Selective Gas Adsorption over Adaptable ZeolitesWright, Professor PAUniversity of St AndrewsChemistry 384,301
Centre for Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems (CAM-IES)Grey, Professor CPUniversity of CambridgeChemistry 2,098,617
Centre for Advanced Materials for Renewable Energy GenerationKiprakis, Dr AUniversity of EdinburghSch of Engineering 2,037,439
COATED: Centre Of Advanced Training for Engineering DoctoratesSullivan, Professor JHSwansea UniversityCollege of Engineering 886,741
Complex flows and optics to model topographical substrate design: Solar panel application balancing superhydrophobicity and concentrated photovoltaicsSibley, Dr D NLoughborough UniversityMathematical Sciences 100,692
Control of spin and coherence in electronic excitations in organic and hybrid organic/inorganic semiconductor structuresFriend, Professor Sir RUniversity of CambridgePhysics 5,125,274
Critical Elements and Materials Network (CrEAM)Walton, Professor AUniversity of BirminghamMetallurgy and Materials 297,621
DEFCOM: Designing Eco-Friendly and COst-efficient energy MaterialsReece, Professor MQueen Mary University of LondonSchool of Engineering & Materials Scienc 395,272
DEFCOM: Designing Eco-Friendly and COst-efficient energy MaterialsBonini, Dr NKings College LondonPhysics 330,704
Defect Functionalized Sustainable Energy Materials: From Design to Devices ApplicationShluger, Professor AUCLPhysics and Astronomy 470,811
Development of Advanced Ceramic Breeder Materials for Fusion EnergyMurphy, Dr SLancaster UniversityEngineering 100,914
Electron Microscopy for the Characterisation and Manipulation of Advanced Functional Materials and their Interfaces at the NanoscaleIrvine, Professor JUniversity of St AndrewsChemistry 202,309
Elucidation of membrane interface chemistry for electro-chemical processesHolmes, Professor SUniversity of Manchester, TheChem Eng and Analytical Science 1,675,667
Emergent Nanomaterials (Critical Mass Proposal)Parker, Professor SCUniversity of BathChemistry 458,047
Emergent Nanomaterials (Critical Mass Proposal)Mariotti, Professor DUniversity of UlsterNanotechnology and Adv Materials Inst 491,525
Emergent Nanomaterials (Critical Mass Proposal)Metcalfe, Professor ISNewcastle UniversitySch of Engineering 489,820
Emergent Nanomaterials (Critical Mass Proposal)Irvine, Professor JUniversity of St AndrewsChemistry 1,562,333
Emergent Nanomaterials (Critical Mass Proposal)Payne, Dr DJImperial College LondonMaterials 556,452
Enabling breakthrough energy materials with advanced microscopy and modellingNicholls, Dr RUniversity of OxfordMaterials 846,008
Enabling Double Perovskite Solar CellsDocampo, Dr PNewcastle UniversitySch of Engineering 101,100
Enabling next generation lithium batteriesBruce, Professor PUniversity of OxfordMaterials 6,799,833
enabling Sixty Years creep-fatigue life of the NExt generation nuclear Reactors 'SYNERgy'Chen, Dr BCoventry UniversityIns for Future Transport & Cities 1,247,261
Energy Materials: Computational SolutionsIslam, Professor MSUniversity of BathChemistry 3,270,295
Energy Storage Electrode Manufacturing (ELEMENT)Low, Dr CUniversity of WarwickWMG 100,791
Engineering energetic barriers to bimolecular recombination in polymer/fullerene solar cellsClarke, Dr T MUCLChemistry 984,957
Engineering Fellowships for Growth: Imperceptible smart coatings based on atomically thin materialsCraciun, Professor MFUniversity of ExeterEngineering Computer Science and Maths 1,126,501
Enhancing 800 MHz NMR Capabilities at NottinghamSearle, Professor MUniversity of NottinghamSch of Chemistry 965,910
Enhancing Performance in Polyanionic Cathode MaterialsLightfoot, Professor PUniversity of St AndrewsChemistry 437,850
Enhancing Performance in Polyanionic Cathode MaterialsCorr, Professor SUniversity of SheffieldChemical & Biological Engineering 27,423
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Computational Methods for Materials SciencePayne, Professor MCUniversity of CambridgePhysics 4,521,213
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Functional Materials: The BCFNSeddon, Dr AMUniversity of BristolPhysics 4,554,508
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrial Functional Coatings: COATED2Sullivan, Professor JHSwansea UniversityCollege of Engineering 2,613,845
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Molecular Modelling and Materials ScienceParkin, Professor IPUCLChemistry 3,822,227
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Plastic Electronic MaterialsKim, Professor JImperial College LondonDept of Physics 4,145,262
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable and Functional NanoBaumberg, Professor JJUniversity of CambridgePhysics 4,547,139
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in the Advanced Characterisation of MaterialsSkinner, Professor SJImperial College LondonMaterials 4,227,196
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Theory and Simulation of MaterialsMostofi, Professor AImperial College LondonDept of Physics 4,356,843
EPSRC UK National Crystallography ServiceColes, Simon JohnUniversity of SouthamptonSchool of Chemistry 4,680,553
EPSRC UK National Facility for Advanced Electron Microscopy (SuperSTEM)Drummond-Brydson, Professor RUniversity of LeedsResearch & Innovation Services 7,199,996
EPSRC-GSK Chair in Sustainable ChemistryLicence, Professor PUniversity of NottinghamSch of Chemistry 1,114,553
Fundamental developments of lithium-oxygen and lithium-sulphur batteries by using redox mediatorsGarcia-Araez, Dr NUniversity of SouthamptonSchool of Chemistry 868,532
High Five: Resolution, Sensitivity, in operando Control, Ultra High Vacuum and Ion Sectioning in a Single InstrumentAguadero, Dr AImperial College LondonMaterials 1,802,539
High-throughput screening of polycrystalline solar absorbers (Ext.)Mckenna, Dr KPUniversity of YorkPhysics 478,556
IBA-DAPNe: a new system for sub-micron scale molecular speciation and quantificationBailey, Dr MJUniversity of SurreyChemistry 513,369
Integration of Computation and Experiment for Accelerated Materials DiscoveryRosseinsky, Professor MUniversity of LiverpoolChemistry 6,650,587
Investigation into radiolytic preparation of graphene-noble metal nanocomposites with electrocatalytic propertiesBaidak, Dr AUniversity of Manchester, TheChemistry 115,685
Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Intermediate Temperature ElectrolysersScott, Professor KNewcastle UniversitySch of Engineering 291,240
Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Intermediate-Temperature ElectrolysersWalsh, Dr DAUniversity of NottinghamSch of Chemistry 446,260
ISCF Wave 1: (The JUICED Hub [Joint University Industry Consortium for Energy (Materials) and Devices Hub])Darr, Professor JUCLChemistry 1,832,222
ISCF Wave 1: Materials research hub for energy conversion, capture, and storageMonroe, Dr C WUniversity of OxfordMaterials 1,831,453
ISCF Wave 1: North East Centre for Energy MaterialsStimming, Professor UNewcastle UniversitySch of Natural & Environmental Sciences 1,833,674
Maximising Shared Capability of the Ultrafast Spectroscopy Laser Laboratory at SheffieldWeinstein, Professor JAUniversity of SheffieldChemistry 199,278
Maximising usage of Chameleon Ultra II laser systemMuskens, Professor OUniversity of SouthamptonSchool of Physics and Astronomy 162,725
MESO-FRET: MEsoscopic SOlar harvesting via Fluorescence Resonance Energy TransferCucinotta, Dr FNewcastle UniversitySch of Natural & Environmental Sciences 77,850
Multicomponent Supramolecular HydrogelsAdams, Professor DJUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Chemistry 789,183
Multi-Dimensional Electron MicroscopeMidgley, Professor PAUniversity of CambridgeMaterials Science & Metallurgy 3,086,304
Multiscale tuning of interfaces and surfaces for energy applicationsIrvine, Professor JUniversity of St AndrewsChemistry 2,075,702
Nanostructured half-Heuslers for thermoelectric waste heat recoveryMacLaren, Dr DAUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Physics and Astronomy 393,198
Nanostructured half-Heuslers for thermoelectric waste heat recoveryRefson, Professor KRoyal Holloway, Univ of LondonPhysics 22,523
Nanostructured half-Heuslers for thermoelectric waste heat recoveryBos, Dr JHeriot-Watt UniversitySch of Engineering and Physical Science 365,129
New Engineering Concepts from Phase Transitions: A Leidenfrost EngineMcHale, Professor GNorthumbria, University ofFac of Engineering and Environment 428,508
New Engineering Concepts from Phase Transitions: A Leidenfrost EngineSefiane, Professor KUniversity of EdinburghSch of Engineering 429,353
Novel Porous-Transport-Layers for Fuel Cells and Clean Energy ApplicationsDas, Dr PKNewcastle UniversitySch of Engineering 94,807
Optimisation of charge carrier mobility in nanoporous metal oxide filmsMckenna, Dr KPUniversity of YorkPhysics 798,645
Platform for Nanoscale Advanced Materials Engineering (P-NAME)Curry, Professor RJUniversity of Manchester, TheElectrical and Electronic Engineering 702,172
Predicting long-term performance of cement disposal systems for radionuclide-loaded zeolite and titanate ion exchangersProvis, Professor JLUniversity of SheffieldMaterials Science and Engineering 306,080
Quantum-Interference-Enhanced Thermoelectricity (QUIET).Lambert, Professor CLancaster UniversityPhysics 356,689
Quantum-Interference-Enhanced Thermoelectricity (QUIET).Albrecht, Professor TUniversity of BirminghamSchool of Chemistry 477,906
Reliable, Scalable and Affordable Thermoelectrics: Spin Seebeck Based Devices for Energy HarvestingMorrison, Dr KLoughborough UniversityPhysics 843,483
Self-assembled molecular monolayers with ultra-low thermal conductance for energy harvesting (QSAMs)Lambert, Professor CLancaster UniversityPhysics 416,948
Self-assembled Molecular Monolayers with Ultra-low Thermal Conductance for Energy Harvesting (QSAMs)Bryce, Professor MDurham, University ofChemistry 320,142
Self-assembled molecular monolayers with ultra-low thermal conductance for energy harvesting (QSAMs)Ford, Professor CJBUniversity of CambridgePhysics 360,616
Self-assembling Perovskite Absorbers - Cells Engineered into Modules (SPACE-Modules)Holliman, Professor PSwansea UniversityCollege of Engineering 1,827,825
Silicide-Strengthened Steel - A New Method of Wear Protection within Nuclear EnvironmentsPreuss, Professor MUniversity of Manchester, TheMaterials 200,823
Singlet Fission in Carotenoid Aggregates (SIFICA)Clark, Dr JUniversity of SheffieldPhysics and Astronomy 851,312
Singlet Fission in Carotenoid Aggregates (SIFICA)Barford, Professor WUniversity of OxfordOxford Chemistry 294,636
Sir Henry Royce Institute - recurrent grantWithers, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, TheEngineering and Physical Sciences 23,057,010
Solar Optofluidics (SOLO): Water Splitting beyond the 1.23 eV Thermodynamic ConstraintsXuan, Dr JLoughborough UniversityChemical Engineering 83,676
Solid Oxide Interfaces for Faster Ion Transport (SOIFIT)Skinner, Professor SJImperial College LondonMaterials 1,001,181
Solid-State NMR at 1.0 GHz: A World-Leading UK Facility to Deliver Advances in Chemistry, Biology and Materials ScienceBrown, Professor SPUniversity of WarwickPhysics 7,889,144
The Active Building CentreWorsley, Professor DSwansea UniversityCollege of Engineering 35,947,427
The Leeds EPSRC Nanoscience and Nanoequipment User FacilityBrown, Dr APUniversity of LeedsChemical and Process Engineering 201,946
The Origin of Non-Radiative Losses in Metal Halide PerovskitesStranks, Dr S DUniversity of CambridgePhysics 273,163
The Royce: Capitalising on the investmentWithers, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, TheMaterials 1,006,681
Towards Self-scrubbing Stable and Scalable Perovskite Solar CellsHaque, Dr SAImperial College LondonDept of Chemistry 984,254
Towards Self-scrubbing Stable and Scalable Perovskite Solar CellsIslam, Professor MSUniversity of BathChemistry 317,753
Towards Self-scrubbing Stable and Scalable Perovskite Solar CellsSaunders, Professor BUniversity of Manchester, TheChemistry 855,778
Ultra-high voltage (>30KV) power devices through superior materials for HVDC transmissionShah, Dr VUniversity of WarwickSch of Engineering 726,523
Understanding the critical role of interfaces and surfaces in energy materialsSkinner, Professor SJImperial College LondonMaterials 1,304,889
Unravelling halide segregation in hybrid perovskites for Si tandem photovoltaicsHerz, Professor LMUniversity of OxfordOxford Physics 1,121,958
Unravelling ultrafast charge recombination and transport dynamics in hybrid perovskites.Deschler, Dr FUniversity of CambridgePhysics 328,463
Vacancy-Rich Silicon as a Flexible Thermoelectric MaterialBennett, Dr NHeriot-Watt UniversitySch of Engineering and Physical Science 202,728
Very-High Field NMR in the Physical and Life Sciences at the University of LiverpoolBlanc, Dr FUniversity of LiverpoolChemistry 1,277,656

Total Number of Grants: 112
Total Value of Grants: £206,640,614

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).