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Organisation: University of Oxford
Department: Oxford Chemistry

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
18F-Difluoromethylation: The Missing Link in Radiochemistry for Positron Emission TomographyGouverneur, Professor V 506,886
18F-Fluorodeamination through Pyridinium Salts: Innovation, Mechanism, and User GuidelinesGouverneur, Professor V 591,197
A Catalytic Asymmetric Cross-Coupling Approach to the Synthesis of CyclobutanesFletcher, Professor SP 410,560
A Joined-up Approach to New Molecular Simulation Technologies to Harness Ultrafast PhotochemistryKirrander, Dr AJM 299,592
A New Effect in Ultrafast X-ray ScatteringKirrander, Dr AJM 441,868
A Research Dedicated Mini-Cyclotron for PET Ligand DiscoveryGouverneur, Professor V 771,540
Chemical biology tools for investigating the chemistry of cellular REDOX stressFaulkner, Professor S 5,334,387
Dynamic Mass Photometry: A new method for studying membrane protein dynamics and interactionsKukura, Professor P 485,185
ECCS-EPSRC: A new generation of cost-effective, scalable and stable radiation detectors with ultrahigh detectivityHoye, Dr R 766,208
Electron Microscopy of Selected Proteins and Protein Complexes Through Preparative Mass SpectrometryRauschenbach, Professor S 367,126
Electrostatic CatalysisDuarte, Professor F 375,976
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Inorganic Chemistry for Future Manufacturing (OxICFM)Aldridge, Professor S 6,505,378
Exploiting the anion Chemistry of solids for Future Advanced Functional Materials: Core-to-Core Project on Mixed Anion Research for Energy ConversionClarke, Professor SJ 1,023,098
Flexible Hybrid Thermoelectric Hybrid MaterialsMcCulloch, Professor I 474,611
FLP Zintl Clusters for Small Molecule Activation and CatalysisMehta, Dr M 42,754
Imaging Chemical Dynamics with Ultrafast Laser SpectroscopyBurt, Dr M 1,137,597
Instilling Defect-Tolerance in ABZ2 Photovoltaic MaterialsHoye, Dr R 304,319
Leveraging sulfinates for heterocycle cross-electrophile couplingWillis, Professor M 288,987
New Approaches for Measuring Accelerated Chemical Reactions in Single Aerosol ParticlesCotterell, Dr MI 169,001
Next generation ammonia synthesis: a highly integrated computational modelling and experimental approachDavid, Professor B 497,893
Next Generation Experiment and Theory for Photoelectron SpectroscopyKirrander, Dr AJM 624,205
Novel Strategies for the Assembly of Carbon-Boron Bonds via the Photoinduced Generation of Boryl-RadicalsMehta, Dr M 79,824
Redox efficiency: Exploring the role of hydride shifts in organic chemistryDonohoe, Professor T 409,089
Switchable Polymer Manufacturing Delivering Sustainable ProductsWilliams, Professor CK 1,577,546
Synergistic Spectroscopy and Reactivity Studies to Revolutionise Iron-Catalysed C-H FunctionalisationNeidig, Professor M 530,742
Thiophene dioxides: Versatile tools for ring synthesisAnderson, Professor EA 457,458
Transforming molecular biophysics with mass photometryKukura, Professor P 1,768,065
Transition Metal/Aluminium Bimetallics for Cooperative CatalysisAldridge, Professor S 473,537

Total Number of Grants: 28
Total Value of Grants: £26,714,625

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).