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Organisation: University of York
Department: Physics

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
A Study of Anisotropy in AntiferromagnetsVallejo-Fernandez, Dr G 1,145,140
Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope with atomic resolution spectroscopy under controlled environmental conditions: AC-eSTEMLazarov, Professor V 3,250,534
CASTEP-USER: Predictive Materials Modelling For Experimental ScientistsHasnip, Dr PJ 541,320
DTP 2018-19 University of YorkDougill, Professor AJ 3,328,234
DTP 2020-2021 University of YorkHill, Professor JK 2,640,481
Embedding FAIRness in Plasma ScienceHill, Dr PA 992,754
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fusion Energy Science and TechnologyWilson, Professor H 4,384,300
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in the Science and Technology of Fusion EnergyWilson, Professor H 3,805,644
Exploiting the European XFEL for a New Generation of High Energy Density and Materials ScienceHigginbotham, Dr A 464,971
Immuno Diagnostix (IDX) - An ultrasensitive, low cost photonic biosensorKrauss, Professor T 963,368
Industrial CASE Account - University of York 2018Dougill, Professor AJ 170,770
Industrial CASE Account - University of York 2019Dougill, Professor AJ 261,947
Industrial CASE Account - University of York 2020Dougill, Professor AJ 88,499
Industrial CASE Account - University of York 2021Dougill, Professor AJ 716,705
Industrial CASE Account-University of York 2022Dougill, Professor AJ 448,325
Maths DTP 2020 University of YorkHill, Professor JK 188,843
Maths DTP 2021/22 University of YorkHill, Professor JK 151,870
Multiscale turbulent dynamics of tokamak plasmasWilson, Professor H 4,349,473
Physics of Life - Noise, Information and Evolution in Protein BindingMcLeish, Professor T 1,212,195
Physics of Life Network+ (PoLNet3)Leake, Professor MC 353,251
Plasma Physics HEC ConsortiaDickinson, Dr D 284,555
QUANtum Transport for Advanced Spintronics: QUANTASCavill, Dr SA 510,544
SEE MORE MAKE MORE: Secondary Electron Energy Measurement Optimised for Reliable Manufacture of Key Materials: Opportunity, Realisation, ExploitationPratt, Dr A 562,339
Seeing magnons at spin-to-charge conversion interfacesKepaptsoglou, Dr D 198,950
The EPSRC Quantum Communications HubSpiller, Professor T 25,844,641
The new intensity frontier: exploring quantum electrodynamic plasmasRidgers, Dr CP 433,628
The UK Car-Parrinello HEC ConsortiumHasnip, Dr PJ 563,229
The York Physics of Pyrenoids Project (YP3): Nanostructured Biological LLPS:Next-Level-Complexity Physics of CO2-fixing OrganellesLeake, Professor MC 1,956,548
TiPToP - TaIlored Pulse excitation for TailOred Plasma chemistriesWagenaars, Dr E 372,409
University of York NPIF 2018Dougill, Professor AJ 201,606
York: Transforming Research-Oriented Software EngineeringHasnip, Dr PJ 810,261

Total Number of Grants: 31
Total Value of Grants: £61,197,333

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).