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Organisation: University of York
Department: Physics

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
A Study of Anisotropy in AntiferromagnetsVallejo-Fernandez, Dr G 1,145,140
Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope with atomic resolution spectroscopy under controlled environmental conditions: AC-eSTEMLazarov, Professor V 3,250,534
CASTEP-USER: Predictive Materials Modelling For Experimental ScientistsHasnip, Dr PJ 541,320
DTP 2018-19 University of YorkDougill, Professor AJ 3,328,234
DTP 2020-2021 University of YorkHill, Professor JK 2,640,481
Embedding FAIRness in Plasma ScienceHill, Dr PA 992,754
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fusion Energy Science and TechnologyVann, Professor RG 4,384,300
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in the Science and Technology of Fusion EnergyWilson, Professor H 3,805,644
Exploiting the European XFEL for a New Generation of High Energy Density and Materials ScienceHigginbotham, Dr A 464,971
Immuno Diagnostix (IDX) - An ultrasensitive, low cost photonic biosensorKrauss, Professor T 963,368
Industrial CASE Account - University of York 2018Dougill, Professor AJ 170,770
Industrial CASE Account - University of York 2019Dougill, Professor AJ 261,947
Industrial CASE Account - University of York 2020Dougill, Professor AJ 88,499
Industrial CASE Account - University of York 2021Dougill, Professor AJ 716,705
Industrial CASE Account-University of York 2022Dougill, Professor AJ 448,325
Maths DTP 2020 University of YorkHill, Professor JK 188,843
Maths DTP 2021/22 University of YorkHill, Professor JK 151,870
Multiscale turbulent dynamics of tokamak plasmasVann, Professor RG 4,349,473
Physics of Life Network+ (PoLNet3)Leake, Professor MC 353,251
Plasma Physics HEC ConsortiaDickinson, Dr D 284,555
QUANtum Transport for Advanced Spintronics: QUANTASCavill, Dr SA 510,544
SEE MORE MAKE MORE: Secondary Electron Energy Measurement Optimised for Reliable Manufacture of Key Materials: Opportunity, Realisation, ExploitationPratt, Dr A 562,339
Seeing magnons at spin-to-charge conversion interfacesKepaptsoglou, Dr D 198,950
The EPSRC Quantum Communications HubSpiller, Professor TP 26,348,141
The new intensity frontier: exploring quantum electrodynamic plasmasRidgers, Professor CP 433,628
The UK Car-Parrinello HEC ConsortiumHasnip, Dr PJ 563,229
The York Physics of Pyrenoids Project (YP3): Nanostructured Biological LLPS:Next-Level-Complexity Physics of CO2-fixing OrganellesLeake, Professor MC 1,956,548
TiPToP - TaIlored Pulse excitation for TailOred Plasma chemistriesWagenaars, Dr E 372,409
York: Transforming Research-Oriented Software EngineeringHasnip, Dr PJ 810,261

Total Number of Grants: 29
Total Value of Grants: £60,287,032

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).