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Current EPSRC Support by Department

Organisation: University of Southampton
Department: School of Chemistry

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
2D Layered Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Semiconductors via Non-Aqueous ElectrodepositionReid, Professor G 799,813
A Multidisciplinary Research Platform for Nuclear Spins far from EquilibriumLevitt, Professor MH 1,484,430
A Supramolecular Gel Phase Crystallisation StrategyDay, Professor GM 279,757
Active Learning for Computational Polymorph Landscape AnalysisDay, Professor GM 251,033
ADEPT - Advanced Devices by ElectroPlaTingBartlett, Professor PN 6,331,952
An EPSRC National Research Facility to facilitate Data Science in the Physical Sciences: The Physical Sciences Data science Service (PSDS)Coles, Professor SJ 2,996,067
Artificial and Augmented Intelligence for Automated Scientific DiscoveryFrey, Professor JG 1,014,318
Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge Network, Phase IIIWhitby, Professor RJ 254,038
Engineering Novel Imaging Technologies for Reproductive Health: Transforming IVF outcomesMahajan, Professor S 244,593
EPSRC UK National Crystallography ServiceColes, Simon John 4,680,553
Exploring the MOF-peptide interface: from phage display to materials synthesis, thin films and compositesBradshaw, Dr D 370,247
Fundamental developments of lithium-oxygen and lithium-sulphur batteries by using redox mediatorsGarcia-Araez, Dr N 868,532
HyperStore: Singlet states and supercritical fluids for storage and transport of hyperpolarised spin orderPileio, Dr G 557,185
Investigating lipophilicity and hydrogen bonding properties of functionalised aliphatic compoundsLinclau, Professor B 398,768
Lead Niobate-based Tunable Dielectrics for Smart Microwave and Millimeter-wave SystemsHayden, Professor BE 849,965
Maximising Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry at Southampton ChemistryLangley, Professor GJ 187,447
Multi-inlet comprehensive gas chromatography and high resolution mass spectrometryLangley, Professor GJ 856,023
New Reagents for Protein ModificationBaud, Dr M 195,281
Photoelectron interferometry as a structural and dynamical probeMinns, Dr R S 310,055
Rapid-Transfer Dynamic Nuclear PolarizationMeier, Dr B 795,999
Support for the UKCP consortiumSkylaris, Professor C 11,378
Supramolecular Designs on Dynamic Covalent Protein RecognitionThompson, Dr S 244,859
The UK High-End Computing Consortium for Biomolecular SimulationKhalid, Professor S 321,432
University of Southampton - Equipment AccountSpearing, Professor SM 8,139,099

Total Number of Grants: 24
Total Value of Grants: £32,442,823

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).