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Organisation: UCL
Department: Chemistry

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
"Free-from": transition metal-free and anode-free potassium batteriesXu, Dr Y 255,476
A "Shake and Use" Theranostic System for Combined Radio-imaging and Photodynamic TherapySander, Dr K 314,328
A bottom-up approach to the rational design of new bioluminescence emittersFielding, Professor H 1,373,812
A durable and scalable anti-soiling coating for solar modulesParkin, Professor IP 453,318
A Universal Approach for Solving Real-World Problems Using Quantum Dynamics: Coherent States for Molecular Simulations (COSMOS)Worth, Professor GA 5,997,341
Advanced neutron scattering techniques to understand and improve performance in membrane nanotechnologyFoglia, Dr F 1,233,592
CompBioMedX: Computational Biomedicine at the ExascaleCoveney, Professor P 406,428
Contactless Droplet Manipulation for Highly Aligned Organic SemiconductorsVolpe, Professor G 941,348
Controlling photophysics and photochemistry via quantum superpositions of electronic states: towards attochemistryWorth, Professor GA 479,550
C-Terminal Selective Ligation to Access Homogeneous Antibody ConjugatesBaker, Professor JR 444,295
Deep Learning with Limited Data for Battery Materials DesignButler, Dr K T 104,199
Designer Aluminium Precursors for the Inkjet Printing of Electrical CircuitsKnapp, Dr CE 415,688
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Molecular Modelling and Materials ScienceParkin, Professor IP 3,865,271
HarwellXPS: A National Research Facility in XPSPalgrave, Professor RG 657,304
High Throughput Preparation of Tuneable Magnetically Assembled 1D NanostructuresDavies, Dr G 427,802
Intermolecular Electronic Interactions: Alternative Paths for PhotochemistryIngle, Dr R 438,762
Interrogating the nisin:lipid II interaction: a chemical biology approachTabor, Professor A 759,213
Investigations into aryl nitriles for protein modification via an untapped mode of reactivityBaker, Professor JR 529,598
Materials Chemistry HEC Consortium (MCC)Woodley, Professor SM 687,209
Next generation ammonia synthesis: a highly integrated computational modelling and experimental approachCatlow, Professor R 488,797
Nitriles: from prebiotic peptides to synthetic applications.Powner, Professor MW 886,370
PAPIER - Plasma Assisted Printing of Metal Inks with Enhanced ResistivityKnapp, Dr CE 164,310
Particles At eXascale on High Performance Computers (PAX-HPC)Woodley, Professor SM 3,041,191
Predictive multiscale free energy simulations of hybrid transition metal catalystsCatlow, Professor R 834,869
Single-Step Plasma Jet Material DepositionCaruana, Professor D 558,343
Smart hydrophilic/ hydrophobic switches for targeted membrane deliveryHaynes, Dr C J E 391,336
Software Environment for Actionable & VVUQ-evaluated Exascale Applications (SEAVEA)Coveney, Professor P 728,470
Solute-driven Online Preconcentration in Lateral Flow Assay (SOP-LFA) devices for ultrasensitive biochemical testingBolognesi, Dr G 202,223
Vacancy Engineering in Anode Materials for High-Power K-Ion BatteriesXu, Dr Y 389,974

Total Number of Grants: 29
Total Value of Grants: £27,470,417

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).