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Organisation: University of Southampton
Department: Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC)

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
3D Conductive Polymer Batteries for Future Safe and Sustainable Energy StorageSchoetz, Dr T 369,787
AirGuide PhotonicsRichardson, Professor DJ 6,160,545
Beam-shaping for Laser-based Additive and Subtractive-manufacturing Techniques (BLAST)Mills, Dr B 861,709
Combining the Strengths of Mid-IR and Raman Spectroscopies on Single Chip for Rapid Bedside Biomarker DiagnosticsGanapathy, Dr S 805,209
Composite material hollow core fibres for active photonicsSazio, Dr P 782,767
CORNERSTONE 2Reed, Professor GT 1,494,157
Electronic-Photonic Convergence: A Platform GrantReed, Professor GT 1,477,730
Fiberized Platforms for Integrated Nanosheet MaterialsPeacock, Professor A 598,755
Fibre-laser pumped diamond Raman lasers for Lidar and clear plastics weldingNilsson, Professor LJA 659,484
Flexible Raman biosensing platform for low-cost health diagnosticsWilkinson, Professor J 972,878
Functional Oxide Reconfigurable Technologies (FORTE): A Programme GrantProdromakis, Professor T 6,295,975
Giant magneto-optic response in rare-earth doped glasses and manufacturing of related devices and sensorsBrambilla, Professor G 806,862
Integrated nonlinear silicon photonics: a route to smaller, faster, greener systemsPeacock, Professor A 1,150,136
Laser Technologies for Future ManufacturingZervas, Professor M 1,768,136
Lasers that Learn: AI-enabled intelligent materials processingMills, Dr B 777,859
Manufacturing and Application of Next Generation ChalcogenidesHewak, Professor D 2,508,176
National Hub in High Value Photonic ManufacturingPayne, Professor Sir DN 10,220,725
Optically controlled fluid flow: enabling smart paper-based medical diagnostic devicesEason, Professor RW 438,974
Photonic Phase Conjugation Systems (PHOS)Petropoulos, Professor P 574,499
Quantum Integrated Nonlinear Technologies for Enabling Stable, Scaleable, Engineered Commercial Exploitation (QuINTESSEnCE)Smith, Professor PGR 1,509,429
RAPID point-of-care infection detection and antibiotic-resistance TESTing enabled with laser-patterned microfluidic devices (RAPID-TEST)Sones, Dr C 786,583
Rockley Photonics and the University of Southampton: A Prosperity PartnershipReed, Professor GT 2,220,207
Self-organized light in multicore optical fibers: a route to scalable high-power lasers and all-optical signal processingGuasoni, Dr M 668,181
Silicon Photonics for Future SystemsReed, Professor GT 6,009,331
Silicon-rich silicon nitride Nonlinear Integrated Photonic ciRcuits & Systems (juNIPeRS)Petropoulos, Professor P 1,123,975
Stiction-Free and Tuneable Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems Incorporating Liquid CrystalsFedotov, Dr VA 783,222
The Physics and Technology of Photonic Metadevices and MetasystemsZheludev, Professor N 4,434,223

Total Number of Grants: 27
Total Value of Grants: £56,259,514

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).