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Organisation: University of Oxford
Department: Oxford Physics

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
A National Thin-Film Cluster Facility for Advanced Functional MaterialsSnaith, Professor HJ 460,998
All-Optical Plasma Channels and Electron Injection with Spatio-temporal ControlHooker, Professor S 1,556,977
All-perovskite Multi-junction Solar CellsSnaith, Professor HJ 2,159,486
An Artificial RibosomeTurberfield, Professor AJ 664,201
Coherent Many-Body Quantum States of MatterEssler, Professor FHL 1,528,219
Cohomology, Machine Learning and String Model BuildingConstantin, Dr A 435,734
Collective Behaviour in Open Quantum SystemsScarlatella, Dr O 326,395
Coordination polymer approach to DNA functionalisation and assemblyTurberfield, Professor AJ 195,116
ECCS-EPSRC Superlattice Architectures for Efficient and Stable Perovskite LEDsSnaith, Professor HJ 653,577
Exploiting the European XFEL for a Novel Generation of High Energy Density and Materials ScienceWark, Professor J 115,782
Extremes in Accretion Onto Strongly Magnetised Neutron StarsMushtukov, Dr A 448,230
Harnessing disorder to tune, tailor and design classical and quantum spin liquidsPrabhakaran, Dr D 291,675
Impact Acceleration Account - University of Oxford 2017Grant, Professor P 9,176,856
Investigating electron dynamics and radiation transport in solid-density plasmas using X-ray FELsVinko, Dr SM 1,032,659
Investigating non-equilibrium physics and universality using two-dimensional quantum gasesFoot, Professor CJ 442,695
Laboratory Simulation of Magnetized Plasma Turbulence in the Intergalactic MediumGregori, Professor G 807,599
Metal halide semiconductors: materials discovery beyond ABX3 perovskitesHerz, Professor LM 1,366,328
Perfecting Halide Perovskites: From Precursor Ink Chemistry to Defect ControlNoel, Dr N K 1,700,817
Plasmon-enhanced light emission from hybrid nanowires: towards electrically driven nanowire lasersTaylor, Professor RA 463,960
Prosperity Partnership Call 2 Strategic Students-Oxford PV and University of OxfordSnaith, Professor HJ 76,148
Quantifying and Improving Structure-Function Relationships of All-Small-Molecule Organic-Solar-CellsKaienburg, Dr P 418,213
Single Impurity in a Dipolar Bose-Einstein CondensateSmith, Dr R 501,681
Spin waves to the rescue: Development of a spintronic reservoir computing platformHesjedal, Professor T 451,563
Structure, mechanism and assembly of a nano-scale biological rotary electric motorBerry, Professor RM 2,042,298
Unravelling halide segregation in hybrid perovskites for Si tandem photovoltaicsHerz, Professor LM 1,121,958
Unveiling electron motion at surfaces and interfaces on ultrashort length and ultrafast time scalesJohnston, Professor MB 1,855,113

Total Number of Grants: 26
Total Value of Grants: £30,294,280

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).