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Current EPSRC Support by Department

Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department: Engineering

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
Advanced Hybrid Manufacturing Platform for Carbon Nanotube Devices - Phase IIDe Volder, Professor M 864,593
Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics of Turbulent Flow Over and Past Permeable Rough SurfacesGarcia-Mayoral, Professor R 350,835
ATF Solutions to Light Water-Cooled SMRsShwageraus, Professor E 543,229
Beyond direct-write: Dynamically reconfigurable holographic multibeam interference lithography for high-throughput nanomanufacturingJoyce, Professor HJ 506,444
Boosting Reduction of Energy Intensity in cleaN STeelwork platfORMScott, Dr SA 424,196
Business Model Innovation for Intelligent Automation: Unpacking the Productivity ParadoxVelu, Professor C 1,268,022
Cambridge Electric Cement: Zero-emissions cement from old concrete paste replacing flux in electric-arc furnacesAllwood, Professor JM 1,487,338
CMMI-EPSRC: Damage Tolerant 3D micro-architectured brittle materialsDeshpande, Professor V 418,980
Collective Risk Learning for Supply Chain Disruption PreparednessBrintrup, Dr A 438,572
Creating digital twins of flows from noisy and sparse flow-MRI dataKontogiannis, Mr A 369,194
CSIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre Phase 2Schooling, Dr J 3,163,720
Design theory-based nanostructured leaf-vein networks for selective VOC sensingHasan, Professor T 420,381
Diamond Devices for extreme applicationsUdrea, Professor F 458,366
Digital RoadsBrilakis, Professor I 2,780,338
ECCS-EPSRC: Nitride Super-Junction HEMTs for Robust, Efficient, Fast Power SwitchingUdrea, Professor F 270,330
Engineering robust, stable, and safe synthetic genetic circuits for smart therapeuticsBAKSHI, Dr S 321,304
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment: Resilience in a Changing World (FIBE2)Al-Tabbaa, Professor A 7,018,297
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Propulsion and PowerPullan, Professor G 7,701,928
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene TechnologyFerrari, Professor AC 4,812,552
EPSRC IRC in Targeted Delivery for Hard-to-Treat CancersMalliaras, Professor G 10,275,035
Expanding the Environmental Frontiers of Operando Metrology for Advanced Device Materials DevelopmentHofmann, Professor S 1,026,620
Fiberized Platforms for Nanosheet MaterialsHasan, Professor T 368,425
Grid Scale Thermal and Thermo-Chemical Electricity StorageScott, Dr SA 1,070,287
High Throughput Laser Array Based Additive ManufacturingO'Neill, Professor W 1,798,592
Hub for the National Fellowships in Fluid Dynamics (NFFDy Hub)Juniper, Professor M 393,223
Industrial CASE Account - University of Cambridge 2018Moultrie, Dr J 1,542,995
Industrial CASE Account - University of Cambridge 2019Barrie, Dr PJ 1,244,451
Industrial CASE Account - University of Cambridge 2020Barrie, Dr PJ 1,201,085
Integrated Simulation at the Exascale: coupling, synthesis and performanceWells, Professor GN 630,806
Layered Materials Research FoundryFerrari, Professor AC 1,871,126
Low Dimensional Electronic Device Fabrication at Low Cost over Large Areas: Follow-onFlewitt, Professor AJ 726,748
Machine Learning for Tomorrow: Efficient, Flexible, Robust and AutomatedTurner, Dr RE 1,639,369
MCSIMus: Monte Carlo Simulation with Inline MultiphysicsCosgrove, Dr P 349,005
Mechanisms and Synthesis of Materials for Next-Generation Lithium Batteries Using Flame Spray PyrolysisHochgreb, Professor S 800,982
Multimodal Video Search by ExamplesGales, Professor M 694,679
Quantum GaN-O-PhotonicsSapienza, Dr L 660,117
SysGenX: Composable software generation for system-level simulation at exascaleWells, Professor GN 979,027
Towards an Equitable Social VRKristensson, Professor P 387,188
Tracer-free, non-intrusive, time- and space-resolved temperature and scalar measurementsHochgreb, Professor S 393,525
Turing AI Fellowship: Advancing Modern Data-Driven Robust AIGhahramani, Professor Z 2,623,132
Turing AI Fellowship: Machine Learning for Molecular DesignHernandez Lobato, Dr J 1,289,791
Turing AI Fellowship: Trustworthy Machine LearningWeller, Dr A 1,283,429
UK FIRES: Locating Resource Efficiency at the heart of Future Industrial Strategy in the UKAllwood, Professor JM 5,176,328
Understanding Turbulent Hydrogen Flames and Instability via Measurements and SimulationsHochgreb, Professor S 465,816

Total Number of Grants: 45
Total Value of Grants: £72,796,556

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).