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Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department: School of Chemistry

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
"Meta-chemistry": Nanoscale chemical control using spatially localised solvent heatingKadodwala, Professor M 945,107
(Iso)alloxazine incorporating electrodes as high-performance organic energy storage materialsCooke, Professor G 697,037
3DSynth: Design and fabrication of cartridges for digital chemical synthesisCronin, Professor L 999,034
CHEMIFY: A System to Produce Universal Digital Chemical SynthesisCronin, Professor L 1,084,544
Chemobots: Digital-Chemical-Robotics to Convert Code to Molecules and Complex SystemsCronin, Professor L 5,034,017
Complex Chemical Systems Platform Exploring Inorganic IntelligenceCronin, Professor L 1,586,635
Convergent Bidirectional Total Synthesis of Ciguatoxin CTX3CClark, Professor J 724,061
Electrochromic Gels for Smart Windows (ChromGels)Draper, Dr ER 231,643
'Hetero-print': A holistic approach to transfer-printing for heterogeneous integration in manufacturingSkabara, Professor PJ 5,541,652
High-Throughput Diagnostics with Chiral Plasmonic AssaysKarimullah, Dr AS 621,323
Light-controlled manufacturing of semiconductor structures: a platform for next generation processing of photonic devicesSkabara, Professor PJ 1,169,073
Mapping and controlling nucleationWynne, Professor K 421,211
Mapping the mesoscale structural landscape using "sculpted" chiral plasmonic fieldsKadodwala, Professor M 1,070,990
Meta-Smart: Merging de novo designed biomolecules with plasmonic metamaterials for new technologiesKadodwala, Professor M 1,022,161
Molecular assembly of spintronic circuits with DNASkabara, Professor PJ 338,533
Molecular Switches as Sensors for Kinase ActivityThomson, Dr A 98,151
Multicomponent Supramolecular HydrogelsAdams, Professor DJ 789,183
Programmable 'Digital' Synthesis for Discovery & Scale-up of Molecules, Clusters & NanomaterialsCronin, Professor L 3,693,477
Substrate Peptidomimetic Inhibitors (SPIs) of the COP9 signalosomeJamieson, Dr A 189,897
Surface Engineering Solid State Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsCooke, Professor G 258,948
Ultra-Reduced Polyoxometalates as Electron-Coupled-Proton-Systems for Energy StorageCronin, Professor L 562,057
University of Glasgow - Equipment AccountCalder, Professor M 3,634,040

Total Number of Grants: 22
Total Value of Grants: £30,712,772

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).