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EPSRC Support by Socio-economic Theme in Data-Enabled Decision Making

EPSRC classifies the research it supports by socio-economic theme. This taxonomy has been used to classify all grants current on 1st January 2003 or received after this date.

Please note that the assignment of a theme to a grant indicates that the theme may apply in whole or in part to the research activity of that grant. This means that the values of grants within a classification should not be totalled to find the total investment in that area or to compare investment between areas of research. The value shown for each grant is always the total awarded, not the proportion attributed to the individual socio-economic theme.

Grant TitlePrincipal
OrganisationDepartmentTotal Grant
Value (£)
A Multimodal COVID-19 Database for ResearchTarassenko, Professor LUniversity of OxfordEngineering Science 243,196
A Visual Analytics and Multi-Objective Optimisation Approach for Balancing Economic and Public Health Objectives through Compartmental ModelsRahat, Dr AAMSwansea UniversityCollege of Science 185,007
AIOLOS: Artificial Intelligence powered framework for OnLine prOduction SchedulingLI, Dr JUniversity of Manchester, TheChem Eng and Analytical Science 833,312
Airborne Infection Reduction through Building Operation and Design for SARS-CoV-2 (AIRBODS)Cook, Professor MJLoughborough UniversityArchitecture, Building and Civil Eng 1,256,284
Approximation theory for two-level value functions with applicationsZemkoho, Dr AUniversity of SouthamptonSch of Mathematical Sciences 199,992
Beyond One Solution in Combinatorial OptimisationMeeks, Dr KUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Computing Science 1,363,670
CHAI: Cyber Hygiene in AI enabled domestic lifeMalacaria, Professor PQueen Mary University of LondonSch of Electronic Eng & Computer Science 329,505
CHAI: Cyber Hygiene in AI enabled domestic lifeLiu, Professor WUniversity of BristolEngineering Mathematics 393,061
CHAI: Cyber Hygiene in AI enabled domestic lifeRoesch, Dr EUniversity of ReadingSch of Psychology and Clinical Lang Sci 373,005
CHAI: Cyber Hygiene in AI enabled domestic lifeLoukas, Professor GUniversity of GreenwichComputing & Information Systems, FACH 830,140
CITCoM: Casual Inference for Testing of Computational ModelsWalkinshaw, Dr NUniversity of SheffieldComputer Science 670,838
ConCur: Knowledge Base Construction and CurationHorrocks, Professor IUniversity of OxfordComputer Science 1,131,073
COVID-19: Bayesian inference for high resolution stochastic modelling for the UKJewell, Dr C PLancaster UniversityMedicine 151,402
CP2K For Emerging Architectures And Machine LearningWatkins, Dr MBUniversity of LincolnSchool of Maths and Physics 525,899
DAFNI-ROSEMatthews, Dr BMSTFC Laboratories (Grouped)Scientific Computing Department 1,083,755
DART: Design Accelerators by Regulating TransformationsLuk, Professor WImperial College LondonComputing 613,910
Efficient Querying of Inconsistent DataPieris, Dr AUniversity of EdinburghSch of Informatics 606,439
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI)Cairns, Professor PAUniversity of YorkComputer Science 6,405,720
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Mathematics for Real-World Systems IITildesley, Professor MJUniversity of WarwickMathematics 4,899,676
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Modern Statistics and Statistical Machine LearningGandy, Professor AImperial College LondonMathematics 6,159,464
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical SciencesAbrahams, Professor IDUniversity of CambridgeIsaac Newton Institute (Math Science) 11,570,267
Keep LearningHart, Professor EEdinburgh Napier UniversitySchool of Computing 388,219
Keep LearningMiguel, Professor IJUniversity of St AndrewsComputer Science 378,027
Made Smarter Innovation - Research Centre for Connected FactoriesRatchev, Professor SMUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 5,091,837
Made Smarter Innovation - Research Centre for Smart, Collaborative Industrial RoboticsLohse, Professor NLoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 4,821,585
Millimetre-wave and Terahertz On-chip Circuit Test Cluster for 6G Communications and Beyond (TIC6G)Wasige, Professor EUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Engineering 2,629,606
MIMIc: Multimodal Imitation Learning in MultI-Agent EnvironmentsDe Silva, Dr VDLoughborough UniversityLoughborough University in London 258,875
Modelling and analysis of cancer invasion with flux-saturation mechanismsZhigun, Dr AQueen's University of BelfastSch of Mathematics and Physics 199,738
Narrating Complexity: Exploring Multi-Actor TimelinesAbdul-Rahman, Dr AKings College LondonInformatics 268,922
NetPM: Co-designing Data Management and Networking Principles for Persistent MemoryHonda, Dr MUniversity of EdinburghSch of Informatics 391,902
OASIS: Ontology Reasoning over Frequently-changing and Streaming DataCuenca Grau, Professor BUniversity of OxfordComputer Science 961,132
Particles At eXascale on High Performance Computers (PAX-HPC)Woodley, Professor SMUCLChemistry 3,041,191
Practical Submodular Optimisation Beyond the Standard Greedy AlgorithmWard, Dr J DQueen Mary University of LondonSch of Mathematical Sciences 121,643
quantMD: Ontology-Based Management for Many-Dimensional Quantitative DataZakharyaschev, Professor MBirkbeck CollegeComputer Science and Information Systems 453,015
quantMD: Ontology-Based Management of Many-Dimensional Quantitative DataWolter, Professor FUniversity of LiverpoolComputer Science 402,689
RAPID: ReAl-time Process ModellIng and Diagnostics: Powering Digital FactoriesWoods, Professor RFQueen's University of BelfastSch of Electronics, Elec Eng & Comp Sci 403,636
RAPID: ReAl-time Process ModellIng and Diagnostics: Powering Digital FactoriesPolydorides, Dr NUniversity of EdinburghSch of Engineering 422,204
Reasoning about Structured Story RepresentationsSchockaert, Professor SCardiff UniversityComputer Science 1,280,944
Regularisation theory in the data driven settingKorolev, Dr YUniversity of CambridgeApplied Maths and Theoretical Physics 351,613
Robust Multimodal Fusion For Low-Level TasksDe Castro Mota, Dr J FHeriot-Watt UniversitySch of Engineering and Physical Science 254,576
Semi-automatic Data Tours to Support Data Exploration and Visualisation Literacy for Novice AnalystsBach, Dr BUniversity of EdinburghSch of Informatics 261,061
Solver Feedback Loops for Automated Constraint ModellingNightingale, Dr PWUniversity of YorkComputer Science 307,728
Statistical Methods in Offline Reinforcement LearningShi, Dr CCLondon School of Economics & Pol SciStatistics 398,393
Streamlining Social Decision Making for Improved Internet StandardsPurver, Professor MQueen Mary University of LondonSch of Electronic Eng & Computer Science 757,243
Streamlining Social Decision Making for Improved Internet StandardsPerkins, Dr CUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Computing Science 400,160
SysGenX: Composable software generation for system-level simulation at exascaleWells, Professor GNUniversity of CambridgeEngineering 979,027
SysGenX: Composable software generation for system-level simulation at ExascaleFarrell, Dr PEUniversity of OxfordMathematical Institute 365,774
SysGenX: Composable software generation for system-level simulation at ExascaleHam, Dr DAImperial College LondonMathematics 813,413
SysGenX: Composable software generation for system-level simulation at ExascaleBetcke, Professor TUCLMathematics 764,866
Tensor decomposition sampling algorithms for Bayesian inverse problemsDolgov, Dr SUniversity of BathMathematical Sciences 150,426
Turbulence at the exascale: application to wind energy, green aviation, air quality and net-zero combustionLaizet, Dr SImperial College LondonAeronautics 2,670,328
Turing AI Fellowship: Adaptive, Robust, and Resilient AI Systems for the FuturETyukin, Professor IYUniversity of LeicesterMathematics 1,463,403
Turing AI Fellowship: Event-Centric Framework for Natural Language UnderstandingHe, Professor YUniversity of WarwickComputer Science 1,269,626
Turing AI Fellowship: Probabilistic Algorithms for Scalable and Computable Approaches to Learning (PASCAL)Nemeth, Dr CJLancaster UniversityMathematics and Statistics 1,097,295
Turing AI Fellowship: Reinforcement Learning for HealthcareFaisal, Dr AImperial College LondonBioengineering 1,487,136
Twenty20InsightHe, Professor YUniversity of WarwickComputer Science 305,864
Twenty20InsightBencomo, Dr NDurham, University ofComputer Science 390,864
UKRI AI Centre for Doctoral Training in Foundational Artificial IntelligenceBarber, Professor DUCLComputer Science 6,443,206
UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Biomedical Artificial IntelligenceSimpson, Dr IUniversity of EdinburghSch of Informatics 6,739,463
UKRI National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy HubCharnley, Dr FUniversity of ExeterScience, Innov, Tech & Entrepreneurship 3,334,881
Unlocking spiking neural networks for machine learning researchKnight, Dr JCUniversity of SussexSch of Engineering and Informatics 834,721
Visual AI: An Open World Interpretable Visual TransformerZisserman, Professor AUniversity of OxfordEngineering Science 5,912,097
Waves, Lock-Downs, and Vaccines - Decision Support and Model with Superb Geographical and Sociological ResolutionKrauss, Professor FMDurham, University ofPhysics 358,057

Total Number of Grants: 63
Total Value of Grants: £99,452,000

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).