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Current EPSRC Support by Department

Organisation: University of Oxford
Department: Engineering Science

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
A Light Modulator Technology for Spatio-Temporal Coherence ControlMorris, Professor S 828,913
A Multimodal COVID-19 Database for ResearchTarassenko, Professor L 243,196
AmmoSpray: fundamental spray and combustion data for a zero-carbon futureLeach, Dr FCP 505,381
Beyond AntibioticsStride, Professor E 6,552,650
Catalytic Sonochemistry for Clean Hydrogen from AmmoniaKwan, Dr J 788,699
CBET-EPSRC: Droplet Impact on Fluid Interfaces: 3D Effects Across ScalesCastrejon-Pita, Professor AA 472,464
Centre of Excellence for Hybrid Thermal Propulsion SystemsDavy, Dr MH 4,793,982
COMICO: Feedback Control for Microbial CommunitiesSteel, Professor H 397,660
Data-driven exploration of the carbon emissions impact of grid energy storage deployment and dispatchHowey, Professor D 1,007,582
Determining cerebrovascular reactivity from the pupil flash responseBulte, Professor DP 1,074,229
Deterministic quantum gate between photons in a next-generation light-matter interfaceGangloff, Dr D 394,474
DTP 2018-19 University of OxfordVallins-Hooper, Mrs A 13,664,189
Electrophysiological-mechanical coupled pulses in neural membranes: a new paradigm for clinical therapy of SCI and TBI (NeuroPulse)Jerusalem, Professor A 991,283
Engineering Precision Medicine for the 21st CenturyStride, Professor E 302,948
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and SystemsOsborne, Dr M A 5,303,924
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems (AIMS)Osborne, Dr M A 4,597,032
EPSRC Hub in Quantum Computing and SimulationO'Brien, Professor D 23,960,281
EPSRC-SFI: Wave Breaking in Crossing Seasvan den Bremer, Dr T 798,425
Exaggeration, cohesion, and fragmentation in on-line forumsPierrehumbert, Professor J 604,763
Fast 3D Super-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging Through Acoustic Activation and Deactivation of NanodropletsStride, Professor E 331,377
Flexible Responsive Systems in Wave Energy: FlexWaveYou, Professor Z 291,785
From Sensing to Collaboration: Engineering, Exploring and Exploiting the Building Blocks of Embodied Intelligence - An EPSRC Programme GrantPosner, Professor I 5,994,620
Healthcare Wearables for Independent LivingClifton, Professor DA 1,216,070
JADE: Joint Academic Data science Endeavour - 2Armour, Professor WG 5,539,933
Machine Learning for Patient-Specific, Predictive Healthcare Technologies via Intelligent Electronic Health RecordsClifton, Professor DA 1,009,768
MINT: Masonry in-situ testing and material identificationAcikgoz, Dr S 430,697
Multipoint Sensors for Extreme EnvironmentsFells, Dr J 1,226,073
Multiscale multidimensional integrated imaging for precision laser processing (M2I2)Booth, Professor M 863,618
Novel Unsteady Conjugate Cooling MechanismHe, Professor L 172,612
Optimising light-tissue interaction to enable multiscale imaging of neuronal dynamics deep within the neocortexBooth, Professor M 513,309
Poly(ML): Machine Learning for Improved Sustainable PolymersSiviour, Professor CR 506,089
PREDICTOR - PRE-symptomatic DIagnosis through adaptive optiCal Tomographic sensing Of the RetinaBooth, Professor M 302,932
Probabilistic Tomography of Wireless NetworksCoon, Dr J 415,416
Programmable volume photonicsBooth, Professor M 202,389
Prosperity Partnership Call 3 Strategic Students-JLR and University of OxfordDavy, Dr MH 90,344
Responsible AI for Long-term Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (RAILS): Integrating Responsible AI and Socio-legal GovernanceKunze, Dr L 710,089
Rich Nonlinear Tomography for advanced materialsKorsunsky, Professor AM 488,160
Simultaneous Corrosion/Irradiation Testing in Lead and Lead-Bismuth Eutectic: The Radiation Decelerated Corrosion Hypothesis (RC-3)Hofmann, Dr F 543,314
Single-cell control of microbial selection and evolutionSteel, Professor H 201,840
Tidal Stream Energy - Designing for PerformanceWillden, Professor RHJ 1,024,449
Tracer-free, non-intrusive, time- and space-resolved temperature and scalar measurementsWilliams, Dr BAO 459,789
Turing AI Fellowship: Robust, Efficient and Trustworthy Deep LearningTorr, Professor PH 3,087,056
Visual AI: An Open World Interpretable Visual TransformerZisserman, Professor A 5,912,097
WELD: Integrated Cyber-Infrastructure for Scalable Data-Driven Research into COVID-19De Roure, Professor D 1,201,172

Total Number of Grants: 44
Total Value of Grants: £100,017,075

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).