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Organisation: University of Warwick
Department: Mathematics

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
Characteristic polynomials for symmetric formsDotto, Dr E 186,588
Classification of Finite Simple Groups. Groups of even type of medium size.Capdeboscq, Dr I 352,511
Complete reducibility in algebraic groupsThomas, Dr A 198,456
Complex dynamics via tropical moduli spacesRamadas, Dr R 222,999
DMS-EPSRC Sharp Large Deviation Estimates of Fluctuations in Stochastic Hydrodynamic SystemsGrafke, Dr T 121,402
EPSRC and MRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Mathematics for Real-World SystemsTildesley, Professor MJ 3,711,782
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Mathematics for Real-World Systems IITildesley, Professor MJ 5,130,057
Functional Underpinnings of Summation-By-Parts Finite DifferencesBrambley, Dr EJ 295,057
Fundamentals and applications of tropical schemesMaclagan, Professor D 1,231,430
Generalised and Low-Regularity Solutions of Nonlinear Partial Differential EquationsTopping, Professor P 36,570
Graph theory in higher dimensionsGeorgakopoulos, Dr A 377,948
Invariable generation in finite groups with applications to algorithmic number theoryTracey, Dr G 162,667
Koszul duality and the singularity category for the enhanced group cohomology ringGreenlees, Professor J 461,981
Large deviation techniques for model coarse grainingGrafke, Dr T 181,373
Mathematical Modelling of Rare Events in Nanoflows: A Feasibility StudySprittles, Professor JE 79,092
Minors at largeGeorgakopoulos, Dr A 70,849
Moduli of Elliptic Curves and Classical Diophantine ProblemsSiksek, Professor S 386,239
Moments of character sums and of the Riemann zeta function via multiplicative chaosHarper, Dr AJ 174,545
PDEs and dynamical systemsRobinson, Professor JC 13,737
Probabilistic and Topological methods in Real Algebraic Geometry and Computational ComplexityNatarajan, Dr A 299,943
Ricci flow of manifolds with singularities at infinityTopping, Professor P 362,678
The fixed point of the KPZ universalityZygouras, Professor N 80,580
Transfer operators and emergent dynamics in hyperbolic systemsPollicott, Professor M 33,160
Using catastrophes, dynamics & data analysis to uncover how differentiating cells make decisionsRand, Professor DA 446,283
Validated numerics for Iterated Function Schemes, Dynamical Systems and Random WalksPollicott, Professor M 405,125

Total Number of Grants: 25
Total Value of Grants: £15,023,052

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).