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EPSRC Reference: EP/Y036247/1
Title: Fair and modular blockchain data infrastructure for open science and society (FairOnChain)
Principal Investigator: Knottenbelt, Professor WJ
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Department: Computing
Organisation: Imperial College London
Scheme: Standard Research - NR1
Starts: 01 February 2024 Ends: 31 January 2026 Value (£): 95,825
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Fundamentals of Computing Information & Knowledge Mgmt
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Information Technologies
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Public blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are publicly accessible by design, but their data cannot be easily accessed and analysed without proper structure and indexing. The objective of this project is to develop a publicly accessible infrastructure that enables easy access and searchability of blockchain data in accordance with the FAIR principles (Findable Accessible Interoperable Replicable) of open science. This will promote complete transparency and reproducibility of scientific analysis results in the blockchain field - something that does not exist today - facilitating the growth of new and existing applications and collaborations.

At present, structured analyses are typically performed using proprietary solutions and databases, which make reproducibility and sharing of data within the scientific community challenging and expensive. Additionally, even though scientific studies often perform common operations to collect data systematically, the tools and libraries developed and used are rarely shared with the broader scientific community. As a result, similar research carried out by different institutions and groups often requires the re-implementation of the same software tools, leading to wasted resources and an inability to reproduce and compare results.

As part of this project, we plan to provide the scientific community with:

(a) Publicly accessible and expandable datasets and infrastructure that include structured, daily updated blockchain transaction data. Researchers will be able to access raw transaction data and community-maintained, enriched datasets in a uniform and open manner, promoting the availability and reuse of these complex data.

(b) An open-source software framework and standardized data access APIs that enable effective querying, annotating, and referencing of data, and building well-described reusable workflows and pipelines that will facilitate the exchange and replication of scientific results

according to the FAIR principles of open science.

This project also aims to provide an effective solution and tool for the European Commission to certify blockchain transactions as required by the recently voted (08/12/2022) European tax rules, also known as the eighth Directive on Administrative Cooperation (DAC8), and for which a public and generally accepted solution does not yet exist.
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