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EPSRC Support by Research Area in Energy Networks

Research areas are used to describe EPSRC's portfolio of excellent long term research and high quality postgraduate training.

Grants are classified using one or more research areas. All the grants listed below have some relevance to this research area. The value of the investment is the total awarded by EPSRC and does not reflect the proportion assigned to this research area.

We always try to ensure that grants on the web contains the most recent information but it is possible that some might be slightly out of date.

Grant TitlePrincipal
OrganisationDepartmentTotal Grant
Value (£)
A Networked Market Platform for Electric Vehicle Smart ChargingMorstyn, Dr TUniversity of OxfordEngineering Science 317,743
Aggregative charging control of electric vehicle populationsMargellos, Professor KUniversity of OxfordEngineering Science 100,415
Agro-industries and clean energy in Africa (AGRICEN)Mulugetta, Professor YUCLScience, Tech, Eng and Public Policy 2,001,567
Building as a Power Plant: The use of buildings to provide demand responseWalker, Dr SLNewcastle UniversitySch of Engineering 167,088
Catalysing energy access in Africa through smarter energy storage managementHowey, Professor DUniversity of OxfordEngineering Science 98,450
Converter ArchitecturesYuan, Professor XUniversity of BristolElectrical and Electronic Engineering 1,259,400
Creating Resilient Sustainable Microgrids through Hybrid Renewable Energy SystemsLovett, Professor JUniversity of LeedsSch of Geography 1,259,750
Data-driven Intelligent Energy Management System for a Micro GridZhao, Professor XUniversity of WarwickSch of Engineering 609,660
Development and Evaluation of Sustainable Technologies for Flexible Operation of Conventional Power Plants.Hogg, Professor SIDurham, University ofEngineering 1,944,441
EPSRC 1st Grant: "Compact Modular Multilevel Converters for Offshore Wind Integration"Costabeber, Dr AUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 101,152
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Power Networks and Smart GridsMcArthur, Professor SUniversity of StrathclydeElectronic and Electrical Engineering 4,404,164
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Power Networks at The University of ManchesterCrossley, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, TheElectrical and Electronic Engineering 3,956,976
EPSRC Challenge Network in Automotive Power ElectronicsJohnson, Professor CMUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 843,022
FORTIS UNUM: CLUSTERING MINI-GRID NETWORKS TO WIDEN ENERGY ACCESS AND ENHANCE UTILITY NETWORK RESILIENCEBahaj, Professor ASUniversity of SouthamptonFaculty of Engineering & the Environment 1,019,193
Heat supply through Solar Thermochemical Residential Seasonal Storage (Heat-STRESS)Roskilly, Professor APNewcastle UniversitySch of Engineering 668,224
High Current Module and Technologies Optimised for HVDCPalmer, Dr PUniversity of CambridgeEngineering 1,016,809
Integrated Development of Low-Carbon Energy Systems (IDLES): A Whole-System Paradigm for Creating a National StrategyGreen, Professor TImperial College LondonEnergy Futures Lab 7,047,665
Joint UK-India Clean Energy Centre (JUICE)Thomson, Dr MLoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 5,094,437
Low Temperature Heat Recovery and Distribution Network Technologies (LoT-NET)Critoph, Professor REUniversity of WarwickSch of Engineering 5,388,928
Low Temperature Waste Heat to Power GenerationTassou, Professor SBrunel University LondonMechanical and Aerospace Engineering 322,730
MaxImiSing flexibility through multi-Scale IntegratiON of energy systems (MISSION)Qadrdan, Dr MCardiff UniversitySch of Engineering 628,872
NanocompEIM Phase 2 - Nanocomposite Advanced Electrical Insulation Systems for Enhanced HVAC and HVDC Energy NetworksVaughan, Professor AUniversity of SouthamptonElectronics and Computer Science 375,708
Nash equilibria for load balancing in networked power systemsBeck, Professor CQueen Mary University of LondonSch of Mathematical Sciences 497,381
Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading and Sharing - 3M (Multi-times, Multi-scales, Multi-qualities)Li, Professor FUniversity of BathElectronic and Electrical Engineering 980,362
Plug-and-play Low Voltage DC Microgrid for Cheap and Clean EnergyLin, Dr ZAston UniversitySch of Engineering and Applied Science 517,364
RCUK Catapult Researchers in Residence award (Energy Systems) - Consumer Challenges of Decarbonising HeatMallaband, Dr BAston UniversitySch of Engineering and Applied Science 50,000
Resilient Electricity Networks for a productive Grid Architecture (RENGA)Junyent-Ferre, Dr AImperial College LondonElectrical and Electronic Engineering 984,148
RHYTHM: Resilient Hybrid Technology for High-Value MicrogridsGreen, Professor TImperial College LondonElectrical and Electronic Engineering 985,244
Robust Extra Low Cost Nano-grids (RELCON)McCulloch, Professor MUniversity of OxfordEngineering Science 1,276,906
Street2Grid - An Electricity Blockchain Platform for P2P Energy TradingYang, Dr JAston UniversitySch of Engineering and Applied Science 569,980
Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018Taylor, Professor PCNewcastle UniversitySch of Engineering 5,100,772
TERSE: Techno-Economic framework for Resilient and Sustainable ElectrificationMancarella, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, TheElectrical and Electronic Engineering 1,024,786
The Active Building CentreWorsley, Professor DSwansea UniversityCollege of Engineering 35,947,427
Thermal Energy Challenge NetworkRoskilly, Professor APNewcastle UniversitySch of Engineering 303,989
Transforming electricity access through smart sensors and grid efficiency algorithmsPotter, Dr BAUniversity of ReadingBuilt Environment 110,492
Ultra-high voltage (>30KV) power devices through superior materials for HVDC transmissionShah, Dr VUniversity of WarwickSch of Engineering 726,523
Underpinning Power Electronics 2012: HubJohnson, Professor CMUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 4,108,787
Understanding biomass value chains and the environment-food-energy-water nexus in Malaysia through whole-systems analysis and optimisation (BEFEW)Samsatli, Dr SUniversity of BathChemical Engineering 197,426
Wide-Area Instrumentation of Power Networks using Existing InfrastructureNiewczas, Dr PUniversity of StrathclydeElectronic and Electrical Engineering 413,380

Total Number of Grants: 39
Total Value of Grants: £92,421,363

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).