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Researcher Details
Name: Professor PC Taylor
Organisation: University of Bristol
Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Current EPSRC-Supported Research Topics:
Aerodynamics Building Ops & Management
Catalysis & Applied Catalysis Chemical Biology
Chemical Synthetic Methodology Co-ordination Chemistry
Energy Efficiency Energy Storage
Materials Characterisation Robotics & Autonomy
Sustainable Energy Networks Sustainable Energy Vectors

Current EPSRC Support
EP/W52248X/1 Maths Research Associates 2021 Bristol(P)
EP/V036440/1 University of Bristol Core Equipment Award 2020(P)
EP/T517872/1 DTP 2020-2021 University of Bristol(P)
EP/S00078X/2 Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018(P)
EP/T021969/1 Multi-energy Control of Cyber-Physical Urban Energy Systems (MC2)(C)
EP/T023465/1 Capital award for core equipment 2019(P)
EP/S032622/1 Supergen Storage Network Plus 2019(C)
EP/R513179/1 DTP 2018-19 Univeristy of Bristol(P)
EP/S515310/1 University of Bristol NPIF 2018(P)
EP/R51245X/1 NPIF EPSRC Doctoral - University of Bristol 2017(P)
EP/R511663/1 Impact Acceleration Account - University of Bristol 2017(P)
EP/P001173/1 Centre for Energy Systems Integration(C)
EP/N032888/1 Multi-scale ANalysis for Facilities for Energy STorage (Manifest)(C)
EP/K035746/1 University of Bristol - Equipment Account(P)
Previous EPSRC Support
EP/S515309/1 University of Bristol Innov Placements(P)
EP/S00078X/1 Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018(P)
EP/R010501/1 Supergen Leaders - Energy Networks(P)
EP/I016953/2 Mathematical foundations for energy networks: buffering, storage and transmission(P)
EP/K002252/1 Energy Storage for Low Carbon Grids(C)
EP/J006297/1 Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage(C)
EP/I031650/1 The Autonomic Power System(C)
EP/I016953/1 Mathematical foundations for energy networks: buffering, storage and transmission(P)
EP/H045155/1 Multidisciplinary Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy at Durham University(P)
EP/F061811/1 Future reliable renewable energy conversion systems & networks: A collaborative UK-China project.(C)
EP/E003583/1 AURA-NMS: Autonomous Regional Active Network Management System(C)
EP/C523814/1 Intelligent active energy management for small scale energy zones(P)
Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator, (R)=Researcher Co-Investigator