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EPSRC Support by Research Area in Combustion Engineering

Research areas are used to describe EPSRC's portfolio of excellent long term research and high quality postgraduate training.

Grants are classified using one or more research areas. All the grants listed below have some relevance to this research area. The value of the investment is the total awarded by EPSRC and does not reflect the proportion assigned to this research area.

We always try to ensure that grants on the web contains the most recent information but it is possible that some might be slightly out of date.

Grant TitlePrincipal
OrganisationDepartmentTotal Grant
Value (£)
A Zero-Emission Closed-loop linear-Joule CYcle (ZECCY) engine generatorRoskilly, Professor APNewcastle UniversitySch of Engineering 897,057
Combustor thermoacoustics for multi-burner low emissions gas turbines (CHAMBER)Morgans, Professor AImperial College LondonAeronautics 757,129
Enhancement and Control of Turbulent Reactive Flows via Electrical Fields - A Mesoscopic PerspectiveLuo, Professor KHUCLMechanical Engineering 357,032
FACE - Novel Integrated Fuel Reformer-Aftertreatment System for Clean and Efficient Road VehiclesTsolakis, Professor AUniversity of BirminghamMechanical Engineering 890,290
FACE - Novel Integrated Fuel Reformer-Aftertreatment System for Clean and Efficient Road VehiclesMegaritis, Professor TBrunel University LondonInstitute of Energy Futures 536,640
FractalBlast: Understanding and predicting the interaction of blast waves with multi-scale obstacles.Rigby, Dr SEUniversity of SheffieldCivil and Structural Engineering 195,565
Fundamental study of biofuel combustion: flame stabilisation and emissions using advanced optical diagnosticsYuan, Dr RLoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 343,787
Geothermally Sourced Combined Power and Freshwater Generation for Eastern Africa (Combi-Gen)Yu, Professor ZUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Engineering 1,341,748
In-situ Chemical Measurement and Imaging Diagnostics for Energy Process EngineeringMcCann, Professor HUniversity of EdinburghSch of Engineering 1,023,516
Linear Stirling Engine with a Buffer TubeStone, Professor CRUniversity of OxfordEngineering Science 551,449
Numerical exploration and modelling of a novel environmentally friendly combustion technique: droplet-laden MILD combustionSwaminathan, Professor NUniversity of CambridgeEngineering 448,012
Numerical exploration and modelling of novel environmentally friendly combustion technique: droplet-laden MILD combustionChakraborty, Professor NNewcastle UniversitySch of Engineering 342,941
Supercritical fuel jets - resolving controversyLinne, Professor M AUniversity of EdinburghSch of Engineering 354,166
The role of chemical formatting structures in biomass on the formation of dioxins and furans in soot deposits from the combustion of biomassWilliams, Professor PUniversity of LeedsChemical and Process Engineering 478,180

Total Number of Grants: 14
Total Value of Grants: £8,517,512

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).