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  Fellowship Proposal Processing Panel
Panel Name:  LSI Postdoctoral Research Fellowships 2008
Date of Panel:  11 February 2008
Panel Contact:  Dr Caroline Batchelor

In exceptional circumstances, panel membership may change at a late stage. Such changes may not be reflected in the membership below.
The research organisations listed are current and are not necessarily those that the panel member was affiliated with at the time of the panel.
Under no circumstances should the panel members be contacted to discuss meeting details or outcomes.
All enquiries must be directed to the EPSRC panel contact.
 Panel Members:
Professor H OsbornUniversity of ReadingPanel Chairperson
Professor S CoombesUniversity of Nottingham 
Dr JL CunninghamUniversity of Bath 
Professor HC HailesUCL 
Dr S HarrisUniversity of Leeds 
Professor AR PittUniversity of Manchester, The 
Professor AJ QuantockCardiff University 
Professor A RodgerMacquarie University 
Professor R TwarockUniversity of York 
Dr Caroline BatchelorEngineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilPanel Contact

 Deferred Fellowship Grants
The following proposals were deferred to be considered at a subsequent meeting
EP/F041950/1 Link to Panel
EP/F042248/1 Link to Panel
EP/F042590/1 Link to panel
EP/F042647/1 Link to Panel
EP/F04268X/1 Link to Panel
EP/F042868/1 Link to panel
EP/F042981/1 Link to Panel
EP/F043112/1 Link to Panel
EP/F043325/1 Link to panel
EP/F043376/1 Link to Panel
EP/F043465/1 Link to Panel
EP/F043511/1 Link to panel
EP/F043562/1 Link to Panel
EP/F043783/1 Link to Panel
EP/F043996/1 Link to panel
EP/F044011/1 Link to Panel

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