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EPSRC Reference: GR/T26610/01
Title: RENEWAL of Platform Grant to Support the Leeds Health Air Quality Noise and Emissions Research Network (LANTERN)
Principal Investigator: Bell, Professor MC
Other Investigators:
Tomlin, Professor AS
Researcher Co-Investigators:
Dr N S Dixon Professor AK Namdeo Dr R Smalley
Dr JE Tate
Project Partners:
Department: Institute for Transport Studies
Organisation: University of Leeds
Scheme: Platform Grants (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 05 January 2005 Ends: 04 January 2009 Value (£): 441,898
EPSRC Research Topic Classifications:
Transport Ops & Management Urban & Land Management
EPSRC Industrial Sector Classifications:
Transport Systems and Vehicles
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The current PG, along with substantial additional funding from other sources, has facilitated a broad programme of research in the areas of micro-scale traffic simulation and air and noise emissions modelling, coupled with detailed models describing the turbulent dispersion of pollutants and noise within varying complex urban street geometries. Detailed multi-disciplinary field campaigns have been carried out in order to evaluate the micro-scale models, providing valuable information on the key factors influencing emissions and pollution and noise hot-spots within urban environments. Influences on high road-side pollution concentrations were found to include the interaction of background meteorological conditions with street topologies, as well as levels of traffic congestion within the streets. The results provide useful insights for urban planners and demonstrate that substantial benefits to air quality could be achieved by preventing traffic from queuing within streets that exhibit poor dispersion characteristics. The tools developed have already been and will continue to be of use in the assessment of changes to traffic management plans. In addition to the planned research, the expertise of PG researchers and the JIF funded infrastructure have allowed the seeding of new research activities in the areas of driver behaviour, important chemical transformations in urban environments and the influence of traffic on the character of road-side noise levels particularly during the evening and night as well as particulates distributions and compositions, including their toxicological effects. These ideas will be taken forward with renewed PG funding and research will focus on the following areas: i) to assess the variability of driver behaviour within urban environments and its influence on junction design and emissions ii) to provide an integrated modelling platform and to extend the micro-simulation models to the prediction of secondary pollutants, iii) to utilise the tools developed to investigate the influence of a range of traffic management and intelligent transport strategies, whilst including the influence of model uncertainties on the confidence of predictions made iv) to investigate the factors influencing the toxicological effects of urban particulates matter and their dependence on traffic sources and atmospheric processes, v) to develop noise modelling tools that are capable of representing individual noise sources within the urban environment and therefore of informing methods for noise abatement.
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