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EPSRC Reference: GR/R62854/01
Title: JREI: Thermal Analysis Equipment to Underpin the Fuel Technology Programme Encompassing Clean Coal Research
Principal Investigator: Snape, Professor CE
Other Investigators:
Lester, Professor E Cloke, Dr M
Researcher Co-Investigators:
Project Partners:
British Coal Utilisation Res Assoc BCURA Coal Products Limited CPL E.ON E&P UK Ltd
Perkin Elmer Thermal Instruments Ltd TXU-Europe
University of Nottingham
Department: Sch of Chemical and Environmental Eng
Organisation: University of Nottingham
Scheme: JREI
Starts: 30 April 2002 Ends: 29 April 2005 Value (£): 65,256
EPSRC Research Topic Classifications:
Coal Technology
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Summary on Grant Application Form
The Fuel Technology Group within the School of Chemical, Mining and Environmental Engineering (SChEME) was formed recently following the professorial appointments of Snape and Patrick in 2000 and currently includes 4 other academics (Cloke, Lester, Large and Atkin). The four major themes of the expanding current research programme are carbon technology, geochemistry, fuel characterisation and cleaner coal technology. In each of these areas there is an urgent need for modern thermal analysis equipment where the TGA-MS system requested will provide compound-specific mass loss and reactivity data for research as diverse as understanding char burnout in PF combustion, the use of nitrogen stable isotopic measurements to resolve fuel and thermal NO,, from combustion, developing new catalyst regeneration strategies, understanding COZ sequestration in coal seams, characterising particulates in relation to source apportionment and developing coal as a novel tool for climatic reconstruction. For a number of topics, notably gaining a fundamental understanding of fluidity development during coal carbonization and mesophase formation from pitch, the condensed phase action of fire retardants during polymer degradation, the extended use of high temperature 1H NMR will provide unique insights into char forming processes.Is an application which includes this equipment currently being considered by any other organisation? NO If yes, please give details.Please give details of previous applications to the JREI and of other applications to JREI 2001. (Include title of proposal, equipment sought and, for previous years, success or failure of application.) GR/M29993, January 1999 Award to Prof. C.E. Snape for Solid state NMR spectrometer for coal, catalysis, polymer degradation, plant cell wall and organic geochemistry research , 124,200. Grant transferred from the University of Strathclyde to the University of Nottingham in July 2000.
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