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EPSRC Reference: EP/K004689/1
Title: GLOBAL - Sustainable Energy through China-UK Research Engagement (SECURE)
Principal Investigator: Roskilly, Professor AP
Other Investigators:
Tao, Professor L Graham, Professor DW Woodward, Dr MD
Harvey, Professor AP Bell, Professor MC Namdeo, Professor AK
Viola, Professor I Wang, Dr Y Pendlebury, Professor J R
Davoudi, Professor S Siller, Professor L Tian, Dr G
Researcher Co-Investigators:
Project Partners:
Department: NIRES Newcastle Inst for Res on Env &Sus
Organisation: Newcastle University
Scheme: Standard Research
Starts: 01 April 2012 Ends: 31 March 2013 Value (£): 483,547
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In order to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, and to meet the UK's commitment of reduction of 80% by 2050, it is necessary make major advances in efficient, clean and secure energy conversion and use. These advances will only be realised if concentrated international effort is made and the 'best' minds, facilities and equipment are brought together to tackle this global challenge. In order to tackle global greenhouse gas emissions, it is necessary and important to develop collaborations between developed countries and developing/emerging economic countries, such as China, to help them control and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and their rapidly increasing energy consumption. In 2010, China became the 2nd largest global economy and also overtook the US in terms of energy use and greenhouse gas emitter (approx. 20% global final energy consumption). The projection is for this to continue to grow and this is a concern not only China but to the UK and the rest of the world. Over the last few decades China has acknowledge that this situation is not sustainable and they have invested heavily to make a step change in their capability in clean energy related research and taking significant measures to address security of supply. Large investment has been made in their research intensive universities and national institutes resulting in the development of internationally leading research groups with some of the best facilities and equipment now in place.

Collaboration and research engagement between the China and the UK is strategically important and mutually beneficial.

The Sustainable Energy through China-UK Research Engagement (SECURE) project will research innovative sustainable energy solutions to address these challenges and will bring together collaborating teams of international researchers with significant experience and expertise in a wide range of complimentary disciplines spanning engineering, physical science and social science. This will be achieved by strengthening existing research collaborations and also building new engagement activities between the Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research (SWAN) and a number of leading researchers and centres of excellence in China. In engagement terms, the objective is to foster long-term collaboration between outstanding research teams in the UK and China and to ensure there is a two way transfer of knowledge during the project. The aim is to coordinate targeted research and engagement addressing a number of important challenge themes building on exceptional capability. The specific objectives of the project will be to coordinate 10 research teams, brought together from the best research groups in SWAN with those from a limited number of outstanding research groups in China.

Enhanced research engagement between SWAN and the collaborating Institutions in China will be achieved through a series of research activities supported by workshops, and networking activities such as staff, postdoctoral and student exchanges. This engagement will be managed thematically and involve activities formulated to address specific research challenges facing secure, clean and efficient energy conversion and use.

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Project URL: http://research.ncl.ac.uk/globalsecure/
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Organisation Website: http://www.ncl.ac.uk