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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
"In-Crystallo" Solid-State Molecular Organometallic Chemistry of Methane, Ethane and Propane. Synthesis, Structures and Catalysis in Single-CrystalsMacgregor, Professor SAUniversity of St Andrews 204,783 13 Jun 2024
Adaptive Point-of-Use Electronics ManufacturingJoyce, Professor HJUniversity of Cambridge 244,953 18 Jun 2024
Adaptive Point-of-Use Electronics ManufacturingChristopher, Dr PJUniversity of Nottingham 11,070 18 Jun 2024
Autonomous Reactors for Accelerating the route from Bench-to-Shelf for Sustainable High-Value Polymer MaterialsWarren, Dr N JUniversity of Leeds 258,134 21 Jun 2024
BATNav: Bioinspired Acoustic Tactical NavigationVarcoe, Professor BUniversity of Leeds 1,152,306 04 Jun 2024
CCPBioSim: Biomolecular Simulation at the Life Science InterfaceHarris, Dr SUniversity of Sheffield 194,918 20 Jun 2024
Dealing with Evolving Constraints In Design Systems for Net Zero (DECIDE for Net Zero)Price, Professor MQueen's University of Belfast 1,965,519 12 Jun 2024
DNA barges for nano-scale force sensing and regulation in biological membranesPaez Perez, Dr MMImperial College London 487,283 29 May 2024
Enhancing maritime safety: developing an accessible real-time semantic wave imaging analyser for seakeepingHuang, Dr YUniversity of Portsmouth 627,071 18 Jun 2024
EPSRC Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Hub for a Sustainable FutureSmowton, Professor PMCardiff University 11,884,843 20 Jun 2024
EPSRC Manufacturing Research Hub in Robotics, Automation & Smart Machine Enabled Sustainable Circular Manufacturing & Materials (RESCu-M2)Nefti-Meziani, Prof.OBE SUniversity of Birmingham 11,839,509 19 Jun 2024
EPSRC MediForge Hub: Industry 5.0 Medicines Manufacturing Research HubFlorence, Professor AJUniversity of Strathclyde 11,895,078 19 Jun 2024
EPSRC-SFI: Supercoiling-driven gene control in synthetic DNA circuitsHarris, Dr SUniversity of Sheffield 249,636 03 Jun 2024
ExCALIBUR HES VAST Storage Interoperability With High Performance Networks/Evaluating Prerequisites for Stable Performant Exascale Ecosystem WorkflowsAlam, Dr SUniversity of Bristol 430,179 06 Jun 2024
Flame quenching and Lean blow-off limits of new zero/low-carbon fuels towards delivering a green Aviation; a combined Modelling & Experimental studyYuan, Dr RUniversity of Sheffield 630,420 11 Jun 2024
granWoods, Professor RFQueen's University of Belfast 516,508 23 May 2024
Hearing LightMills, Dr BUniversity of Southampton 252,818 18 Jun 2024
Industrial CASE Account - University of Bristol 2024Taylor, Professor PCUniversity of Bristol 980,000 10 Jun 2024
Industrial CASE Account - University of Edinburgh 2024Maciocia, Professor AUniversity of Edinburgh 392,000 07 Jun 2024
Influence of Fracture Heterogeneity on Rock Deformation and Failure (INFORM): A Mechanics-based Multi-scale Framework for Radioactive Waste DisposalShang, Dr JUniversity of Manchester, The 275,434 07 Jun 2024
IntentMAPS: Anticipating Intent facilitated by Multi-scale Adaptive Passive RF SensingMcCann, Professor JImperial College London 1,254,299 14 Jun 2024
Investigating electrochemically induced uranium redox cyclingNeill, Dr TUniversity of Manchester, The 463,431 23 May 2024
Investigation of the influence of extinction strain rates and heat release rate on the stability of swirl stabilised hydrogen premixed flamesAhmed, Dr UNewcastle University 385,259 14 Jun 2024
Lubrication by Lamellar Liquid Crystals - An in-situ investigation of thin films with Brewster Angle microscopy technologyRatoi, Dr MUniversity of Southampton 673,436 18 Jun 2024
Mechanism and Structure of Functional Materials by Solid-state NMRHope, Dr MAUniversity of Warwick 1,435,590 13 Jun 2024
Mesh-free methods for turbulent reacting flows: the next generation of DNSLind, Dr S JCardiff University 36,291 06 Jun 2024
METALS: die-less Mesoscale Electroforging Technology for Additive Layer manufacturing of high performing alloysChaharsooghi, Dr ASUniversity of Bath 258,124 20 Jun 2024
MUSE: Multi-Modal Software EvolutionDash, Dr SKUniversity of Surrey 311,024 12 Jun 2024
Network Plus for Sustainable Solar Energy Systems (SES)Barth, Professor KLoughborough University 425,409 11 Jun 2024
Net-Zero Enabling Electrical Engineering (N-ZEEE) NetworkCrabtree, Professor CJDurham, University of 392,503 22 May 2024
New High Performance and Productivity Magnetic Core Coating Process (MAGCoat)Lavery, Professor NPSwansea University 256,030 21 Jun 2024
Novel Strategies for the Assembly of Carbon-Boron Bonds via the Photoinduced Generation of Boryl-RadicalsMehta, Dr MUniversity of Oxford 79,824 11 Jun 2024
Oncological Engineering - A new concept in the treatment of bone metastasesHall, Professor RMUniversity of Birmingham 4,127,559 20 Jun 2024
Peptide Manufacturing- Merrifield Synthesis 2.0Williams, Dr DImperial College London 255,520 21 Jun 2024
Pioneering Enzymatic Halogenation + ChemoCatalysed Cross-Coupling in FlowGoss, Professor RJMUniversity of St Andrews 257,452 17 Jun 2024
Portable Luminescent Chemical CompassButler, Dr SJLoughborough University 1,102,608 13 Jun 2024
Proof of Concept (PoC) Project ProgrammeKitney, Professor RImperial College London 3,000,000 12 Jun 2024
Quantum Algorithms for Gravitational Wave Data AnalysisCroke, Dr SUniversity of Glasgow 937,242 07 Jun 2024
REnewable Energy access for Future UK Net-Zero Cooling (Reef-UKC)Rezk, Dr AAston University 414,886 30 May 2024
Robotic skill transfer and augmentation for contact-rich tasks in manufacturing (STAMAN)Wang, Dr YUniversity of Birmingham 1,035,397 11 Jun 2024
Spontaneous spin-polarisation of plasmas and their emission of highly polarised gamma-ray pulses in strong electromagnetic fieldsRidgers, Professor CPUniversity of York 477,327 21 May 2024
Supergen Network Plus in Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy (SuperAIRE)Zhao, Professor XUniversity of Warwick 414,947 04 Jun 2024
The Future Advanced Metrology Hub for Sustainable ManufacturingJiang, Professor Dame XUniversity of Huddersfield 11,857,653 20 Jun 2024
The Sustainable Chemicals and Materials Manufacturing Hub SCHEMAWilliams, Professor CKUniversity of Oxford 11,884,843 20 Jun 2024

Total Number of Grants: 44
Total Value of Grants: £86,229,113

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).