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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A solid-state NMR instrument for Northern IrelandManesiotis, Dr PQueen's University of Belfast 956,055 10 Jan 2022
Anomalous diffusion via self-interaction and reflectionMijatovic, Professor AUniversity of Warwick 457,337 14 Jan 2022
Anomalous diffusion via self-interaction and reflectionWade, Dr ARDurham, University of 448,461 14 Jan 2022
Baskerville 2.0: Enhanced Provision for High End and On-Demand UsersStyles, Professor IBUniversity of Birmingham 490,988 21 Dec 2021
Characteristic polynomials for symmetric formsDotto, Dr EUniversity of Warwick 186,588 20 Dec 2021
Decarbonised Clean Marine: Green Ammonia Thermal Propulsion (MariNH3)Cairns, Professor AUniversity of Nottingham 5,508,861 20 Dec 2021
DIADEM: debugging made dependable and measurableKell, Dr S RKings College London 324,823 17 Dec 2021
DRI Professional Skills Pilot ProgrammeBain, Professor CDDurham, University of 147,701 21 Dec 2021
Dynamics on Calabi--Yau and abelian varietiesPrendergast, Dr ALoughborough University 80,635 04 Jan 2022
Electromagnetically Induced Transparency with Rydberg Atoms - Towards an Atomic Radio for Wireless CommunicationsPopoola, Dr WOUniversity of Edinburgh 128,145 20 Dec 2021
Extremely Wideband Optical Fibre Communication SystemsKilley, Professor RIUCL 738,958 06 Jan 2022
FREEpHRI: Flexible, Robust and Efficient physical Human-robot Interaction with iterative learning and self-triggered role adaptionLi, Dr ZUniversity of Leeds 331,094 10 Jan 2022
Green flexible organic photovoltaics for energy-autonomous electronicsPanidi, Dr JImperial College London 378,139 17 Dec 2021
High throughput 2D-IR analysis of biomolecules under physiological conditionsHunt, Professor NTUniversity of York 1,006,129 13 Jan 2022
Isambard 2 expansion to add new testbeds and expand user baseMcIntosh-Smith, Professor SNUniversity of Bristol 301,396 21 Dec 2021
Local Mirror Symmetry and Five-dimensional Field TheoryClosset, Dr CUniversity of Birmingham 366,143 04 Jan 2022
MCPS-VeriSec: Model-based Security of Medical Cyber-Physical SystemsPaoletti, Dr NRoyal Holloway, Univ of London 424,397 20 Dec 2021
MOMENTUM+HYPER Magnetic Particle Imaging + Localised Hyperthermia PlatformGiardiello, Dr MUniversity of Liverpool 900,427 10 Jan 2022
Nervous SystemsHarkin, Professor JUniversity of Ulster 614,711 20 Dec 2021
Nervous SystemsTrefzer, Dr M AUniversity of York 859,395 20 Dec 2021
Next generation particle filters for stochastic partial differential equationsCotter, Professor CImperial College London 304,745 21 Dec 2021
Next-generation mass spectrometry of protein structure and interactionsBenesch, Professor JUniversity of Oxford 601,538 05 Jan 2022
Novel Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity for Use as Photonic MaterialsCooke, Professor GUniversity of Glasgow 356,122 20 Dec 2021
Novel Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity for use as photonic materialsMcKeown, Professor NUniversity of Edinburgh 355,840 20 Dec 2021
Novel Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity for use as photonic materialsSamuel, Professor IUniversity of St Andrews 430,748 20 Dec 2021
Oncological Engineering - A new concept in the treatment of bone metastasesHall, Professor RMUniversity of Leeds 5,608,939 20 Dec 2021
QC:SCALE - Quantum Circuits: Systematically Controlling And Linking Emitters for integrated solid state photonics platformsCoimbatore Balram, Dr KUniversity of Bristol 857,537 07 Jan 2022
SAMBAS - Sustainable and Adaptive Ultra-High Capacity Micro Base StationsWalker, Professor SUniversity of Essex 309,404 17 Dec 2021
Spatiotemporal statistical machine learning (ST-SML): theory, methods, and applicationsFlaxman, Dr SUniversity of Oxford 1,175,699 05 Jan 2022
Stopped-Flow NMR Spectroscopy for the Physical and Life SciencesPulis, Dr A PUniversity of Leicester 808,397 10 Jan 2022
Sustainable Computing and Communication at the Edge (SONATA)Gunduz, Professor DImperial College London 202,258 17 Dec 2021
The underpinning mathematics for a novel wave energy converter: the FlexSlosh WECAlemi Ardakani, Dr HUniversity of Exeter 79,437 14 Jan 2022
Towards universality of delayed and quickened bifurcations in biological signallingDalwadi, Dr MUCL 75,451 04 Jan 2022
UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Node in VerifiabilityMousavi, Professor MKings College London 2,573,936 13 Jan 2022

Total Number of Grants: 34
Total Value of Grants: £28,390,433

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).