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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A Photonic-Electronic non-von Neumann Processor Core for Highly Efficient Computing (APT-NuCOM)Wright, Professor CDUniversity of Exeter 1,148,382 09 Sep 2022
AI-informed decision making based on decision field theoryTamborrino, Dr MUniversity of Warwick 77,705 15 Sep 2022
Angular Cherednik Algebras and IntegrabilityFeigin, Professor MUniversity of Glasgow 412,154 23 Sep 2022
Automatic quality assessment of waste plastic bales through hybrid sensing and data driven modellingWang, Dr LUniversity of Kent 401,037 14 Sep 2022
Boolean functions with optimal stability of their cryptographic indicators under restriction of the inputsSalagean, Dr ALoughborough University 335,434 25 Aug 2022
CBET-EPSRC: Deep Learning Closure Models for Large-Eddy Simulation of Unsteady AerodynamicsSirignano, Professor JUniversity of Oxford 354,523 22 Sep 2022
Charge-Transfer Triplet Chromophores: Adding Efficiency to Organic PhotosensitisersWu, Dr YCardiff University 305,174 06 Sep 2022
Conformational control of the structure and properties of synthetic porous materialsRosseinsky, Professor MUniversity of Liverpool 843,625 13 Sep 2022
Deterministic quantum gate between photons in a next-generation light-matter interfaceGangloff, Dr DUniversity of Oxford 394,474 06 Sep 2022
Distributed gas sensing using hollow core optical fibreWheeler, Dr NUniversity of Southampton 548,711 22 Sep 2022
Distributed gas sensing using hollow core optical fibreHodgkinson, Dr JCranfield University 860,841 22 Sep 2022
EFRI-EPSRC "ENG-EPSRC EFRI ELiS: Developing probiotic interventions to reduce the emergence and persistence of pathogens in built environments"Beckett, Mr RUCL 669,856 26 Aug 2022
Electrolysis at scale: a pathway to lower precious metal content electrolysersKing, Dr LManchester Metropolitan University 391,366 20 Sep 2022
Elucidation of unusual nano-effects on dissolution, aggregation and denaturation processes of alpha particles generated by fuel debris retrievalAngeli, Professor PUCL 483,167 06 Sep 2022
Enabling Transient Computing for Unreliable Internet of Things: A Paradigm Shift for Sensor Systems (PROCEEDING)Balsamo, Dr DNewcastle University 393,416 31 Aug 2022
Energy Demand Research ChampionMartiskainen, Dr MUniversity of Sussex 103,611 25 Aug 2022
EVacuAted OptiCal Fibres for Ultimate UV-to-Infrared Light TransMission (VACUUM)Slavik, Professor RUniversity of Southampton 860,116 12 Sep 2022
Fast Switching Zincblende GaN LEDsOliver, Professor RAUniversity of Cambridge 586,130 21 Sep 2022
Fast Switching Zincblende GaN LEDsBinks, Dr DJUniversity of Manchester, The 473,432 21 Sep 2022
Fast Switching zincblende-GaN LEDsWallis, Professor DJCardiff University 483,562 21 Sep 2022
From signal detection to quantum dynamics in biologyBrody, Professor DUniversity of Surrey 71,931 15 Sep 2022
Fundamental science and technology with levitated cavity optomechanicsBarker, Professor PFUCL 745,510 06 Sep 2022
Fundamental Studies of the Drying of Complex Multiphase Aerosol DropletsReid, Professor JPUniversity of Bristol 405,634 14 Sep 2022
Fundamental Studies of the Drying of Complex Multiphase Aerosol DropletsArmes, Professor SPUniversity of Sheffield 429,410 14 Sep 2022
Gaussian process regression for Bayesian inverse problemsTeckentrup, Dr AUniversity of Edinburgh 267,665 16 Sep 2022
Hardware Security for Approximate ComputingGU, Dr CQueen's University of Belfast 298,063 09 Sep 2022
Hitching the subcritical branch of convectionPotherat, Professor ACoventry University 71,436 15 Sep 2022
Imperative programs from proofsPowell, Dr T R JUniversity of Bath 310,442 30 Aug 2022
i-PREDICT: Integrated adaPtive pRocEss DesIgn and ConTrolPapathanasiou, Dr MImperial College London 423,322 23 Sep 2022
Kac-Moody quantum symmetric pairs, KLR algebras and generalized Schur-Weyl dualityPrzezdziecki, Dr TUniversity of Edinburgh 299,742 16 Sep 2022
Koszul duality and the singularity category for the enhanced group cohomology ringGreenlees, Professor JUniversity of Warwick 461,981 15 Sep 2022
Layered Materials Research FoundryFerrari, Professor ACUniversity of Cambridge 1,871,126 23 Sep 2022
New directions in AMD codes over Galois fields and related structuresHuczynska, Dr SUniversity of St Andrews 33,422 22 Sep 2022
Nonlinear systems: algebraic structures and integrabilityMalham, Dr SJAHeriot-Watt University 49,682 15 Sep 2022
Nuclear Data Measurements for Advanced Nuclear TechnologiesWright, Dr T JUniversity of Manchester, The 851,897 14 Sep 2022
Pervasive Wireless Intelligence Beyond the Generations (PerCom)Hanzo, Professor LUniversity of Southampton 471,731 05 Sep 2022
Pervasive Wireless Intelligence Beyond the Generations (PerCom)Musavian, Professor LUniversity of Essex 397,482 05 Sep 2022
Pervasive Wireless Intelligence Beyond the Generations (PerCom)Derakhshani, Dr MLoughborough University 430,184 16 Sep 2022
PKC-Sec: Security Analysis of Classical and Post-Quantum Public Key Cryptography AssumptionsGranger, Dr RUniversity of Surrey 297,923 01 Sep 2022
Precise deposition of complex particles for structured functional productsHare, Dr CLNewcastle University 218,888 05 Sep 2022
Radiation Hardened robotics for remote INspectiOn - RHINOAspinall, Dr MDLancaster University 504,103 06 Sep 2022
Scalable Hybrid Architecture for Wireless Collaborative Federated LearningDing, Professor ZUniversity of Manchester, The 429,366 08 Sep 2022
Scalable Hybrid Architecture for Wireless Collaborative Federated Learning (SHAFT)Nallanathan, Professor AQueen Mary University of London 445,428 08 Sep 2022
sigma-Aromatic Actinide-Actinide Bonding: A New Frontier in f-Block ChemistryLiddle, Professor STUniversity of Manchester, The 897,904 15 Sep 2022
Stability in Model Theory and Category TheoryTomasic, Dr IQueen Mary University of London 80,612 15 Sep 2022
Stochastic processes on random graphs with clusteringWang, Dr MUniversity of Sussex 254,240 15 Sep 2022
Supramolecular charge transfer emitters: increasing efficiency in the near-infraredBarendt, Dr T AUniversity of Birmingham 424,422 06 Sep 2022
Taut foliations, representations, and the computational complexity of knot genusYazdi, Dr MKings College London 224,022 14 Sep 2022
The Moduli Space of Foliated SurfacesCascini, Professor PImperial College London 80,647 22 Sep 2022
Tropical geometry and the moduli space of Prym varietiesLen, Dr YUniversity of St Andrews 350,667 22 Sep 2022
Turing AI Fellowship: Adaptive, Robust, and Resilient AI Systems for the FuturETyukin, Professor IYKings College London 1,301,722 20 Sep 2022
Ultrafast Nanodosimetry - the role of the nanoscale in radiation interactions in matter.Dromey, Professor BQueen's University of Belfast 1,101,302 16 Sep 2022
Unlocking Photoswitchable Main-group Catalysis Using AzophosphinesJupp, Dr ARUniversity of Birmingham 356,560 09 Sep 2022
Validated numerics for Iterated Function Schemes, Dynamical Systems and Random WalksPollicott, Professor MUniversity of Warwick 405,125 15 Sep 2022

Total Number of Grants: 54
Total Value of Grants: £25,390,303

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).