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Projects announced by EPSRC in the last five weeks
Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A dynamical systems analysis of high-Reynolds-number wall turbulenceHwang, Dr YImperial College London 414,597 06 Nov 2019
A new technology platform for neuro-regeneration: Next generation electroactive bioprostheses for spinal cord injury (SCI)Chari, Professor DMKeele University 154,933 05 Dec 2019
Atomic Layer Deposition for Lancaster Quantum Technology Centre CleanroomHeathwaite, Professor ALancaster University 150,000 05 Dec 2019
Biomimetic Crystallisation of Metal-Organic Materials for Protein Isolation and StabilizationRiddell, Dr IUniversity of Manchester, The 149,340 28 Nov 2019
Capital Award for Core Equipment at Durham UniversityBain, Professor CDurham, University of 275,000 05 Dec 2019
CBET-EPSRC: Enhancing the CSMHyK fluid dynamics calculations via the inclusion of a stochastic model of hydrate nucleation, agglomeration and growthStriolo, Professor AUCL 487,426 27 Nov 2019
Ceramic SHaping: extrusion of glAss Preforms for new fibres in hEalthcare (SHAPE)Seddon, Professor ABUniversity of Nottingham 770,396 21 Nov 2019
Continuously Monitored Quantum Sensors: Smart Tools and ApplicationsJensen, Dr KUniversity of Nottingham 253,860 19 Nov 2019
Control of free-surface flow morphologies in anisotropic liquidsMottram, Professor NJUniversity of Strathclyde 363,963 22 Nov 2019
Control of free-surface flow morphologies in anisotropic liquidsBrown, Professor CVNottingham Trent University 344,476 22 Nov 2019
Core Equipment at the University of LeedsLinfield, Professor EHUniversity of Leeds 550,000 04 Dec 2019
CsYb Droplets - Dilute Quantum Fluids Beyond the Mean-FieldParker, Dr NGNewcastle University 435,829 18 Nov 2019
DATA-CENTRIC: Developing AccounTAble Computational ENgineering Through Robust InferenCeDiaz De la O, Dr FUCL 244,313 06 Nov 2019
Dilute Quantum Fluids Beyond the Mean-FieldCornish, Professor SLDurham, University of 805,212 18 Nov 2019
Discipline Hopping: Colorectal Cancer TherapyCritchley, Dr KUniversity of Leeds 138,657 05 Dec 2019
Effective Diagnosis and Treatment of Age-related Disease Through Time-varying ModellingKillick, Dr RLancaster University 142,671 05 Dec 2019
Enabling industrial deployment of deep eutectic solvents through manufacturing toolsHevia, Professor EUniversity of Bern 154,867 25 Nov 2019
EPSRC Capital Award for Core EquipmentConstantinou, Professor CCUniversity of Birmingham 273,800 04 Dec 2019
EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment - University of WarwickThomas, Professor PAUniversity of Warwick 275,000 03 Dec 2019
EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment 2019McArthur, Professor SUniversity of Strathclyde 200,000 04 Dec 2019
EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment at University of SouthamptonSpearing, Professor SMUniversity of Southampton 449,518 05 Dec 2019
EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment, King's College LondonRazavi, Professor RKings College London 125,000 04 Dec 2019
EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment: Transformative Upgrade of NMR Facilitiesvan der Hoek, Professor WUniversity of Liverpool 250,000 04 Dec 2019
EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment: University of OxfordGrant, Professor PUniversity of Oxford 699,972 04 Dec 2019
EPSRC-SFI: Glycoconjugate tools for sensing endoglycosidase activity: a diagnostic sugar probe for heparanaseMiller, Dr GJKeele University 368,582 22 Nov 2019
FractalBlast: Understanding and predicting the interaction of blast waves with multi-scale obstacles.Rigby, Dr SEUniversity of Sheffield 195,565 04 Dec 2019
Future-proofing SEM excellence at the University of BathKnight, Professor JUniversity of Bath 225,000 04 Dec 2019
GW4 Tier-2 HPC Centre for Advanced ArchitecturesMcIntosh-Smith, Professor SNUniversity of Bristol 4,108,144 03 Dec 2019
Heavy element delayed luminescence in novel emittersCredgington, Dr DJNUniversity of Cambridge 398,585 03 Dec 2019
Heriot-Watt University EPSRC Core Equipment Funding AwardPender, Professor GHeriot-Watt University 250,000 03 Dec 2019
Hex-PORTMAN: Heat Flux Splitting in Porous Materials for Thermal ManagementMAHMOUDI LARIMI, Dr YQueen's University of Belfast 203,265 26 Nov 2019
High Temperature Zirconium Alloys for Nuclear Fusion and Generation IV Fission ReactorsKnowles, Dr A JUniversity of Birmingham 301,748 15 Nov 2019
Hybrid Perovskite HeterojunctionsDocampo, Dr PNewcastle University 645,862 07 Nov 2019
Impact on Renewable Energy Sources on Harmonic Levels in the Future UK Power Grid: Modelling, Assessment and Mitigating SolutionsTodeschini, Dr GSwansea University 243,951 27 Nov 2019
IMPacts of Cooking and Cleaning on indoor Air quality: towards healthy BuiLdings for the futurE: IMPeCCABLECarslaw, Dr NUniversity of York 550,861 26 Nov 2019
IMPacts of Cooking and Cleaning on indoor Air quality: towards healthy BuiLdings for the futurE: IMPeCCABLEJones, Dr BMUniversity of Nottingham 164,620 26 Nov 2019
IMPacts of Cooking and Cleaning on indoor Air quality: towards healthy BuiLdings for the futurE: IMPeCCABLEPhillips, Dr GJUniversity of Chester 198,128 26 Nov 2019
iNEED (including Non-destructive Evaluation in Engineered Design)Mulholland, Professor AUniversity of Bristol 167,249 18 Nov 2019
JADE: Joint Academic Data science Endeavour - 2Armour, Professor WGUniversity of Oxford 5,539,933 04 Dec 2019
Kelvin-2Woods, Professor RFQueen's University of Belfast 2,103,957 29 Nov 2019
Loughborough University EPSRC Capital Award for Core EquipmentRothberg, Professor SJLoughborough University 200,000 05 Dec 2019
MEFA: Mapping and Enabling Future AirspacePetrovskii, Professor SUniversity of Leicester 34,973 28 Nov 2019
MEFA: Mapping and Enabling Future AirspaceBaker, Professor CUniversity of Birmingham 879,278 28 Nov 2019
Mirror symmetry, quantum curves and integrable systemsBrini, Dr AUniversity of Sheffield 833,984 07 Nov 2019
Multidisciplinary Research Equipment Investment: Coherence Scanning Interferometer (CSI) and Vector Network Analyser (VNA)Towns-Andrews, Dr EUniversity of Huddersfield 150,000 04 Dec 2019
Multimaterial Stereolithography by Crosslinking through Luminescence ExcitationMarques-Hueso, Dr JHeriot-Watt University 278,350 11 Nov 2019
Multiplexed Scleral Lens Sensors for Monitoring Ocular PhysiologyYetisen, Dr AImperial College London 462,436 05 Dec 2019
Multi-User X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Core EquipmentMeenan, Professor BJUniversity of Ulster 100,000 04 Dec 2019
Nanostar Sieving for Oligonucleotides Manufacture (NanoSieveOligo)Livingston, Professor AImperial College London 562,145 03 Dec 2019
Next Generation Fibre-Reinforced Composites: a Full Scale Redesign for CompressionShaffer, Professor MImperial College London 6,205,244 04 Dec 2019
Nikon-UCL Prosperity Partnership on Next-Generation X-Ray ImagingOlivo, Professor AUCL 2,283,598 26 Nov 2019
Nitrogen- and Oxygen-Radicals-Based Strategies for the Divergent Assembly of Novel Building Blocks by Strain-ReleaseLeonori, Dr DUniversity of Manchester, The 391,803 19 Nov 2019
Novel computational routes to materials discoveryBartok-Partay, Dr LLUniversity of Warwick 686,288 28 Nov 2019
Novel Models for Haemodynamics and Transport in Complex Media: Towards Precision Healthcare for Placental DisordersKrueger, Dr TUniversity of Edinburgh 327,223 06 Dec 2019
Novel Models for Haemodynamics and Transport in Complex Media: Towards Precision Healthcare for Placental DisordersChernyavsky, Dr IUniversity of Manchester, The 722,924 05 Dec 2019
Optimal transport and geometric analysisMondino, Dr AUniversity of Oxford 16,699 07 Nov 2019
Powders by design for additive manufacture through multi-scale simulationsHaeri, Dr SUniversity of Strathclyde 383,591 11 Nov 2019
Prosperity Partnership Call 3 Strategic Students-Eli Lilly and Imperial College LondonAdjiman, Professor CSImperial College London 655,000 26 Nov 2019
Prosperity Partnership Call 3 Strategic Students-Toshiba and University of BristolBeach, Professor MUniversity of Bristol 157,632 26 Nov 2019
QuICHE: Quantum information and communication with high-dimensional encodingWalmsley, Professor IAImperial College London 253,659 13 Nov 2019
Redistributed Manufacturing in Deployed Medical Care Network PlusPhillips, Professor WEUniversity of the West of England 1,741,421 28 Nov 2019
Robust 3D functional imaging of the living, breathing brainChiew, Dr MUniversity of Oxford 352,921 05 Dec 2019
Scalable Qubit Arrays for Quantum Computing and OptimisationPritchard, Dr JDUniversity of Strathclyde 2,177,072 15 Nov 2019
Secure Wireless Agile Networks (SWAN)Beach, Professor MUniversity of Bristol 2,235,743 19 Nov 2019
Smart Environments Research FacilityLettice, Professor FUniversity of East Anglia 99,665 04 Dec 2019
Spontaneous Induction and Amplification of Macroscopic Homochirality in Isotropic Liquid and Liquid CrystalsZeng, Dr XUniversity of Sheffield 412,149 12 Nov 2019
Storage of Ammonia For Energy (SAFE) - AGT PilotValera-Medina, Dr ACardiff University 1,477,882 02 Dec 2019
Sulfoxides as substrate activators: New cross-couplings for making materials and medicinesProcter, Professor DJUniversity of Manchester, The 730,401 07 Nov 2019
Supporting World-Class Labs at the University of ManchesterFlavell, Professor WRUniversity of Manchester, The 600,000 03 Dec 2019
Surface Engineered Nanocrystals: EPR Radical Detection of PhotoactivityRichards, Dr ECardiff University 304,043 26 Nov 2019
TGA/FTIR as a Core Equipment for Delivering Research on Energy System Compound StabilityStephenson, Professor TCranfield University 99,903 05 Dec 2019
The Materials and Molecular Modelling HubMichaelides, Professor AUCL 4,510,208 03 Dec 2019
Transforming synthetic drug manufacturing: novel processes, methods and toolsAdjiman, Professor CSImperial College London 4,073,142 20 Nov 2019
Understanding and engineering dissipation in nanoscale quantum devicesGauger, Dr EMHeriot-Watt University 326,619 05 Dec 2019
Understanding and engineering dissipation in nanoscale quantum devicesLovett, Dr BWUniversity of St Andrews 423,082 05 Dec 2019
Understanding barriers to accurate early laboratory diagnosis and patient centric control of Gestational Diabetes MellitusKhovanova, Dr NUniversity of Warwick 86,472 05 Dec 2019
Von Neumann techniques in C*-algebrasWhite, Professor SAUniversity of Oxford 146,969 07 Nov 2019
What happens when you cross LEGO and a Star Trek Replicator?Pope, Dr S AUniversity of Sheffield 237,248 25 Nov 2019

Total Number of Grants: 78
Total Value of Grants: £59,394,049

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).