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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A Catalytic Asymmetric Cross-Coupling Approach to the Synthesis of CyclobutanesFletcher, Professor SPUniversity of Oxford 410,560 09 Nov 2021
A novel biohybrid electronic device architecture for environmental and physiological sensingPilizota, Professor TUniversity of Edinburgh 1,514,120 16 Nov 2021
Agent-based Memory Prosthesis to Encourage Reminiscing (AMPER)Aylett, Professor RHeriot-Watt University 449,447 16 Nov 2021
Agent-based Memory Prosthesis to Encourage Reminiscing (AMPER))Parra Rodriguez, Dr MAUniversity of Strathclyde 397,226 16 Nov 2021
Alkyl(aryl)iodonium Reagents for Late-Stage AlkylationO'Duill, Dr MUniversity of Nottingham 423,010 25 Nov 2021
Assuring Responsibility for Trustworthy Autonomous SystemsHabli, Dr IUniversity of York 703,616 10 Nov 2021
C-band quantum-dot lasers on monolithically grown Si platformLiu, Professor HUCL 729,747 27 Oct 2021
C-band quantum-dot lasers on monolithically grown Si platformLi, Dr QCardiff University 744,083 27 Oct 2021
Classification of Insulation Defects in High Voltage Equipment Using Computer VisionZachariades, Dr CUniversity of Liverpool 226,434 18 Nov 2021
Computational Agent ResponsibilityFisher, Professor MUniversity of Manchester, The 642,185 02 Nov 2021
Data for Digital Decarbonisation (3D): A FAIR approach to energy demand data in buildingsFirth, Dr SKLoughborough University 46,656 25 Nov 2021
DEMSIS: Digital energy management services in supermarket buildings via cloud-based solutionsShah, Professor NImperial College London 50,218 24 Nov 2021
Digitalisation for operational efficiency and GHG emission reduction at container portsSong, Professor DUniversity of Liverpool 42,605 24 Nov 2021
Electric Fleets with On-site Renewable Energy Sources (EFORES): Data-driven Dynamic Dispatching and Charging under UncertaintiesDai, Dr XNorthumbria, University of 50,382 25 Nov 2021
Electrostatic CatalysisDuarte, Professor FUniversity of Oxford 375,976 25 Nov 2021
Enhanced Methodologies for Advanced Nuclear System Safety (eMEANSS)Middleburgh, Dr SBangor University 854,923 12 Nov 2021
Graphical causal models for random networksSadeghi, Dr KUCL 64,334 27 Oct 2021
Harnessing Electrostatics to Unlock Cage Catalysis: A Combined Experimental Computational ApproachLusby, Dr PJUniversity of Edinburgh 422,912 25 Nov 2021
Hypocoercivity-Preserving DiscretisationsGeorgoulis, Professor EHUniversity of Leicester 421,893 16 Nov 2021
Hysteresis of two-phase flows in porous and fractured media: From micro-scale Haines jumps to macro-scale pressure-saturation curvesHoltzman, Dr RCoventry University 288,791 17 Nov 2021
Impact on Renewable Energy Sources on Harmonic Levels in the Future UK Power Grid: Modelling, Assessment and Mitigating SolutionsTodeschini, Dr GKings College London 113,139 10 Nov 2021
Local-global principles: arithmetic statistics and obstructionsNewton, Dr RDKings College London 28,992 22 Nov 2021
Making Systems Answer: Dialogical Design as a Bridge for Responsibility Gaps in Trustworthy Autonomous SystemsVallor, Professor SUniversity of Edinburgh 559,682 03 Nov 2021
Mathematical modelling of the electric potential from cochlear implants for a new diagnosis toolNewman, Dr TAUniversity of Southampton 41,436 29 Oct 2021
Mathematical modelling of the electric potential from cochlear implants for a new diagnosis toolRogers, Dr KOpen University 38,223 29 Oct 2021
Music and HCI Network (CHIME)Holland, Dr SOpen University 46,929 08 Nov 2021
Optimisation-centric Generalisations of Bayesian InferenceKnoblauch, Mr JUCL 325,660 23 Nov 2021
Reasoning about Structured Story RepresentationsSchockaert, Professor SCardiff University 1,280,944 12 Nov 2021
RESINators - Miniature Acoustic Resonator SystemsFeeney, Dr AUniversity of Glasgow 22,939 25 Nov 2021
RESINators - Miniature Acoustic Resonator SystemsJackson, Dr JCUniversity of Strathclyde 422,394 25 Nov 2021
Responsible AI for Long-term Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (RAILS): Integrating Responsible AI and Socio-legal GovernanceKunze, Dr LUniversity of Oxford 710,089 04 Nov 2021
Robust manufacturable antibacterial surfaces enabled by superhard plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic materials.Oulton, Professor RFMImperial College London 762,406 22 Nov 2021
Robust manufacturable antimicrobial surfaces enabled by superhard plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic materialsEhiasarian, Professor APSheffield Hallam University 779,069 22 Nov 2021
Schubert calculus via cluster categoriesGrabowski, Dr JELancaster University 33,573 29 Oct 2021
Securing the Next Billion Consumer Devices on the EdgeHaddadi, Dr HImperial College London 1,283,043 12 Nov 2021
Self-learning robotics for industrial contact-rich tasks (ATARI): enabling smart learning in automated disassemblyWang, Dr YUniversity of Birmingham 298,263 17 Nov 2021
SiemensEPSRC Digital Twin with Data-Driven Predictive Control: Unlocking Flexibility of Industrial Plants for Supporting a Net Zero Electricity SystemZhou, Dr YCardiff University 50,378 25 Nov 2021
Siemens-EPSRC: Blockchain-enabled cloud-edge coordination for demand side manangementTeng, Dr FImperial College London 50,345 25 Nov 2021
Siemens-EPSRC: Cloud-based solar forecasting for improved grid managementWu, Professor YUniversity of Nottingham 50,372 25 Nov 2021
Strong subconvexity and an optimal large sieve inequality for PGL(2)Petrow, Dr IUCL 360,853 16 Nov 2021
The UK High-End Computing Consortium for Biomolecular SimulationKhalid, Professor SUniversity of Oxford 132,343 16 Nov 2021
Topological phases by momentum space braidingSlager, Dr RUniversity of Cambridge 261,256 25 Nov 2021
Ultra-fast three and four-electron dynamics in intense electro-magnetic laser fieldsEmmanouilidou, Professor AUCL 430,851 25 Nov 2021
Unlocking the pre-nucleation state as a route to materials discovery in MOFsYeung, Dr H HUniversity of Birmingham 424,762 08 Nov 2021
Using Robust Graph Clustering to Detect Fake NewsMallmann-Trenn, Dr FKings College London 295,373 03 Nov 2021

Total Number of Grants: 45
Total Value of Grants: £17,662,429

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).