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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
"Computational spectral imaging in the THz band"Hendry, Professor EUniversity of Exeter 612,664 29 Aug 2019
A Moving Cracking Story: Designing against Hydrogen Embrittlement in TitaniumDye, Professor DImperial College London 652,823 12 Sep 2019
A Moving Cracking Story: Designing against Hydrogen Embrittlement in TitaniumGalindo-Nava, Dr EUniversity of Cambridge 266,043 12 Sep 2019
A multi-disciplinary network of social scientists, policy makers, and civil society to fight TB epidemic in the Post-Soviet countriesBornukova, Dr KBEROC Economic Research Centre Belarus 151,283 05 Sep 2019
A theory of type theoriesAhrens, Dr BUniversity of Birmingham 261,609 19 Aug 2019
Atomic and Molecular Endofullerenes: Spins in a boxLevitt, Professor MHUniversity of Southampton 1,179,731 22 Aug 2019
Bayesian model selection & calibration for computational imagingPereyra, Dr MHeriot-Watt University 244,528 30 Aug 2019
Building Cultures of Peace in Rwanda Schools - An inter-disciplinary network of research, policy and practiceNZAHABWANAYO, Dr SSUniversity of Rwanda 151,827 05 Sep 2019
CBET-EPSRC - Grown Engineered Materials (GEMs): synthetic consortia for biomanufacturing tunable compositesEllis, Dr TMImperial College London 441,638 13 Sep 2019
Circular4.0: Data Driven Intelligence for a Circular EconomyCharnley, Dr FUniversity of Exeter 727,934 22 Aug 2019
Computational spectral imaging in the THz bandMurphy, Professor JDUniversity of Warwick 234,311 29 Aug 2019
Constructions and properties of p-adic L-functions for GL(n)Williams, Dr CDUniversity of Warwick 310,002 05 Sep 2019
Designing a resilient relief supply network for natural disasters in West Java Indonesia using optimisation-via-simulation: Relief-OpSOnggo, Dr B S SUniversity of Southampton 305,088 30 Aug 2019
Designing soft engines and active solidsSouslov, Dr AUniversity of Bath 355,230 16 Aug 2019
Development of versatile liquid metal testing facility for lead-cooled fast reactor technologyCioncolini, Dr AUniversity of Manchester, The 376,416 30 Aug 2019
Dimer models with boundaryPressland, Dr MUniversity of Leeds 305,495 11 Sep 2019
Dimers and InteractionChhita, Dr SDurham, University of 770,628 12 Sep 2019
GCRF Anaemia Network (ANET)Phiri, Professor KSUniversity of Malawi 151,455 05 Sep 2019
GCRF Andean Network for Venezuelan MigrantsArroyo Laguna, Dr JPeruvian University Cayetano Heredia 148,092 05 Sep 2019
GCRF Caribbean Resilience and Recovery Knowledge NetworkCampbell, Dr DUniversity of the West Indies 146,730 05 Sep 2019
GCRF Clean Environment and Planetary Health in Asia (CEPHA) NetworkSM, Professor SIndian Institute of Technology Madras 151,776 05 Sep 2019
GCRF Gender and Violent Extremism NetworkAHMED ALI, Dr FUnited States International University 151,633 05 Sep 2019
GCRF Resilience to Coupled Human-Natural Multi-hazards NetworkQuoc Dinh, Dr NVIGMR 151,387 05 Sep 2019
GCRF Slavery Free Communities NetworkPinheiro, Dr S MPontifical Catholic Uni Rio de Janeiro 151,784 05 Sep 2019
GCRF Urban Violence & Climate Change NetworkAnwar, Dr NHInstitute of Business Administration 151,798 05 Sep 2019
GCRF Vector-borne disease control in Venezuela NetworkGrijalva, Dr MJPontifical Catholic Uni of Ecuador 151,773 05 Sep 2019
Higher-order Constrained Horn Clauses: A New Approach to Verifying Higher-order ProgramsRamsay, Dr S JUniversity of Bristol 366,931 15 Aug 2019
Higher-order Constrained Horn Clauses: A New Approach to Verifying Higher-order ProgramsOng, Professor CHLUniversity of Oxford 409,019 15 Aug 2019
Investigation of thermo-mechanical performance of PCM incorporated Geothermal Energy Pile (PCMinGEEP)Singh, Dr RUniversity of Surrey 214,354 23 Aug 2019
Liquid metal-cooled fast reactor instrumentation technology development - CFD model development and validationHe, Professor SUniversity of Sheffield 367,531 30 Aug 2019
Mathematical Modelling for Infectious Disease Dynamics and Control in East Africa (MMIDD-EA)Trotter, Dr CLUniversity of Cambridge 204,822 30 Aug 2019
Mixing of helium with air in reactor cavities following a pipe break in HTGRs - High fidelity and engineering CFD model development and validationHe, Professor SUniversity of Sheffield 367,531 23 Aug 2019
Multilayer Algorithmics to Leverage Graph Structure (MultilayerALGS)Meeks, Dr KUniversity of Glasgow 765,538 27 Aug 2019
Multiscale modelling of mechanical deterioration in lithium-ion batteriesFoster, Dr J MUniversity of Portsmouth 310,610 05 Sep 2019
NEAT: NEtwork dATa plane measurements as first class primitiveAntichi, Dr GQueen Mary University of London 394,776 30 Aug 2019
New designs for thin film solar cellsDurose, Professor KUniversity of Liverpool 407,777 12 Sep 2019
Ni-based ODS alloys for Molten Salt ReactorsArmstrong, Dr DUniversity of Oxford 499,728 23 Aug 2019
Novel Unsteady Conjugate Cooling MechanismHe, Professor LUniversity of Oxford 172,612 05 Sep 2019
Novel Unsteady Conjugate Cooling MechanismZhang, Dr QCity, University of London 315,600 05 Sep 2019
Novel Unsteady Conjugate Cooling MechanismLuk, Professor PCCranfield University 227,836 05 Sep 2019
NSF-EPSRC:ShiRAS. Towards Safe and Reliable Autonomy in Sensor Driven Systems.Mihaylova, Professor LSUniversity of Sheffield 220,246 29 Aug 2019
Peptide-mimetic hydrogels as a long-acting multipurpose drug delivery platform for combined contraception and HIV preventionLaverty, Dr GQueen's University of Belfast 766,542 27 Aug 2019
Photonic Sensing and Dual-mode Bio-Imaging with Rare Earth Upconversion NanoparticlesJose, Professor GUniversity of Leeds 1,330,616 03 Sep 2019
Practical Submodular Optimisation Beyond the Standard Greedy AlgorithmWard, Dr J DQueen Mary University of London 121,643 27 Aug 2019
Programming as Conversation: Type-Driven Development in ActionBrady, Dr ECUniversity of St Andrews 367,276 30 Aug 2019
Quantitative arithmetic geometryLoughran, Dr DTUniversity of Bath 49,870 11 Sep 2019
Quantum Bio-inspired Energy harvesting (QuBE)Gauger, Dr EMHeriot-Watt University 358,171 20 Aug 2019
Reactors and Reproducibility: Advancing Electrochemistry for Organic SynthesisLennox, Dr AJJUniversity of Bristol 372,708 23 Aug 2019
Resources and co-resources: a junction between semantics and descriptive complexityDawar, Professor AUniversity of Cambridge 399,683 28 Aug 2019
Resources and co-resources: a junction between semantics and descriptive complexityAbramsky, Professor SUniversity of Oxford 400,336 28 Aug 2019
Robust and Efficient Analysis Approaches of Remote Imagery for Assessing Population and Forest Health in IndiaSchoenlieb, Professor CUniversity of Cambridge 552,554 30 Aug 2019
Shape, shear, search & strife; mathematical models of bacteriaBearon, Professor RNUniversity of Liverpool 361,730 27 Aug 2019
Simultaneous Corrosion/Irradiation Testing in Lead and Lead-Bismuth Eutectic: The Radiation Decelerated Corrosion Hypothesis (RC-3)Hofmann, Dr FUniversity of Oxford 543,314 28 Aug 2019
Spin physics in Two-Dimensional Layered FerromagnetsKurebayashi, Dr HUCL 582,936 19 Aug 2019
Supersymmetric Gauge Theory and Enumerative GeometryBullimore, Dr MDurham, University of 737,550 06 Sep 2019
Synthetic Antiferromagnetic SkyrmionsMarrows, Professor CHUniversity of Leeds 815,630 27 Aug 2019
Synthetic Antiferromagnetic SkyrmionsMcVitie, Professor SUniversity of Glasgow 733,742 27 Aug 2019
Targeted waveform enhanced plasma microreactor: Engineering Chemistry at the Interface of MicrobubblesZimmerman, Professor WUniversity of Sheffield 979,443 03 Sep 2019
The British Liquid Crystal Society Annual Training Workshops (2019-21)Chakrabarti, Dr DUniversity of Birmingham 61,808 20 Aug 2019
The Future is Remanufacturing: Composites for LifeSavage, Dr LUniversity of Exeter 448,363 29 Aug 2019
The GCRF Plastics Pollution Governance Framework NetworkOguge, Professor N OUniversity of Nairobi 151,789 05 Sep 2019
The Idealised Lung Clearance Index: tuning in to the silent years of cystic fibrosisRitchie, Professor GADUniversity of Oxford 461,345 16 Aug 2019
The Idealized Lung Clearance Index: tuning in to the silent years of cystic fibrosisDavies, Professor JCImperial College London 38,013 16 Aug 2019
Topological control of soft matter using novel nano-replication manufacturingJones, Professor CUniversity of Leeds 1,046,439 12 Sep 2019

Total Number of Grants: 64
Total Value of Grants: £25,630,090

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).