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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A network for hydrogen-fuelled transportation (Network-H2)Roskilly, Professor APNewcastle University 966,316 22 May 2019
ACE-OPS: From Autonomy to Cognitive assistance in Emergency OPerationSTrigoni, Dr NUniversity of Oxford 1,215,068 24 May 2019
ActiveAI - active learning and selective attention for robust, transparent and efficient AIPhilippides, Professor AUniversity of Sussex 953,584 24 May 2019
Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing in Clinical PracticeGoodridge, Dr RUniversity of Nottingham 158,430 07 Jun 2019
Atomic structure and dynamics of barocaloric frameworks for solid-state coolingWalker, Dr H CSTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 35,961 30 May 2019
Atomic structure and dynamics of barocaloric frameworks for solid-state coolingPhillips, Dr AEQueen Mary University of London 378,473 30 May 2019
Cambridge-AMOLF Collaboration on Photonic and Optoelectronic Control of Thin-Film LEDs and Solar CellsFriend, Professor Sir RUniversity of Cambridge 1,266,718 22 May 2019
Capital funding for Helical TomographyNaismith, Professor JHThe Rosalind Franklin Institute 5,884,413 04 Jun 2019
Capital funding for NMRNaismith, Professor JHThe Rosalind Franklin Institute 777,840 31 May 2019
Capital funding for SpotitonNaismith, Professor JHThe Rosalind Franklin Institute 183,000 31 May 2019
Centre for Spatial Computational LearningConstantinides, Professor GAImperial College London 1,211,769 20 May 2019
Chemical biology tools for investigating the chemistry of cellular REDOX stressConway, Professor SJUniversity of Oxford 5,334,387 13 Jun 2019
CHEMIFY: A System to Produce Universal Digital Chemical SynthesisCronin, Professor LUniversity of Glasgow 1,084,544 22 May 2019
Combining the Strengths of Mid-IR and Raman Spectroscopies on Single Chip for Rapid Bedside Biomarker DiagnosticsGanapathy, Dr SUniversity of Southampton 805,209 20 May 2019
Composite material hollow core fibres for active photonicsSazio, Dr PUniversity of Southampton 782,767 10 Jun 2019
Connected Everything II: Accelerating Digital Manufacturing Research Collaboration and InnovationSharples, Professor SUniversity of Nottingham 1,065,313 11 Jun 2019
DecarboN8 - An integrated network to decarbonise transportMarsden, Professor GRUniversity of Leeds 1,013,725 16 May 2019
Decarbonising the UK's Freight TransportSmith, Dr TUCL 856,235 10 Jun 2019
Decarbonising Transport through Electrification, a Whole System Approach (DTE)CIPCIGAN, Dr LMCardiff University 915,858 23 May 2019
Design and direct metal laser sintering of replacement heart valvesBressloff, Professor NWUniversity of Southampton 474,978 07 Jun 2019
Deterministic encapsulation of particles and cells through viscoelastic ordering in microfluidic devicesDel Giudice, Dr FSwansea University 262,835 16 May 2019
Electrochromic Gels for Smart Windows (ChromGels)Draper, Dr ERUniversity of Glasgow 231,643 07 Jun 2019
Enantioselective C-H C-H Coupling of Alcohols with HeteroarenesPhipps, Dr RJUniversity of Cambridge 355,413 11 Jun 2019
Energy Harvesting Triboelectric Nano-Generators for the Internet-of-ThingsSilva, Professor SRPUniversity of Surrey 632,627 16 May 2019
EPSRC NetworkPlus In Digitalised Surface Manufacturing: Towards "World's Best" ProcessesMatthews, Professor AUniversity of Manchester, The 1,015,120 12 Jun 2019
EPSRC-SFI: Emergent Magnetism and Spin Interactions in Metallo-Molecular InterfacesCespedes, Dr OUniversity of Leeds 648,440 05 Jun 2019
EPSRC-SFI: Emergent Magnetism and Spin Interactions in Metallo-Molecular InterfacesTeobaldi, Dr GSTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 487,233 05 Jun 2019
Evaluation of beta-Ga2O3 for high power RF device applicationsMoran, Dr DAJUniversity of Glasgow 254,750 06 Jun 2019
Frictional flow patterns shaped by viscous and capillary forces (FriicFlow)Sandnes, Dr BSwansea University 658,382 21 May 2019
Health assessment across biological length scales for personal pollution exposure and its mitigation (INHALE)Pain, Professor CCImperial College London 2,793,915 17 May 2019
Hijacking prenyl and geranyl transferases - A route to carry out click modifications and to enhance cellular permeability of peptidesHoussen, Dr WUniversity of Aberdeen 1,032,570 12 Jun 2019
Light-matter interactions and quantum photonics in nano-scale semiconductor structures and devicesTartakovskii, Professor AUniversity of Sheffield 1,433,121 14 Jun 2019
Luminescent Host Molecules for Multisite Recognition of Polyphosphate AnionsButler, Dr SJLoughborough University 247,277 07 Jun 2019
Micro-Power CMOS Mid-infrared spectrometer-on-a-chipUdrea, Professor FUniversity of Cambridge 454,810 24 May 2019
Micro-Power CMOS Mid-infrared Spectrometer-on-a-chipGardner, Professor JWUniversity of Warwick 429,193 24 May 2019
Molecular Mechanics of EnzymesVollmer, Professor FUniversity of Exeter 2,086,999 29 May 2019
New trimetallic nanoparticles as catalysts for the conversion of carbon dioxide to renewable fuelsHutchings, Professor GCardiff University 1,530,291 22 May 2019
Nickel Superalloy Design for Corrosion ResistancePedrazzini, Dr SImperial College London 741,689 23 May 2019
Perovskite PhotonicsHealy, Dr NNewcastle University 502,113 22 May 2019
Photonics @ Interface: Heterogeneous Integrations for Generation, Detection, Conversion, and ModulationSaito, Professor SUniversity of Southampton 1,143,280 29 May 2019
Plugging the 1 eV band gap gap: GaAsBiN as a highly mismatched alloy for multi-junction photovoltaics.Richards, Dr RDUniversity of Sheffield 198,076 04 Jun 2019
Quantitative Hall Voltage mapping at conducting Ferroelectric domain walls: A novel approach to extracting conduction mechanisms on the nanoscaleKumar, Dr AQueen's University of Belfast 49,693 05 Jun 2019
Scrolling, Braiding and Branching in Fibrous Soft MaterialsSteed, Professor JWDurham, University of 408,332 22 May 2019
String Constraint Solving with Real-World Regular ExpressionsHague, Dr MRoyal Holloway, Univ of London 393,618 04 Jun 2019
Sub-THz Radar sensing of the Environment for future Autonomous Marine platforms - STREAMGashinova, Professor MUniversity of Birmingham 854,175 21 May 2019
Sub-THz Radar sensing of the Environment for future Autonomous Marine platforms (STREAM)Robertson, Dr DAUniversity of St Andrews 658,895 21 May 2019
SWIFT: Smart Wearable Intelligent Fibre-based TechnologyTorrisi, Dr FImperial College London 18,057 03 Jun 2019
The development and implementation of a six-axis bioreactor for regenerative therapies of the intervertebral discHolsgrove, Dr T PUniversity of Exeter 222,239 14 Jun 2019
The Physics of Antimicrobial ResistanceHobbs, Professor JUniversity of Sheffield 2,158,027 21 May 2019
Theory and Applications of Dynamic AlgorithmsBhattacharya, Dr SUniversity of Warwick 246,483 23 May 2019
Towards comprehensive multiphase flow modelling for nuclear reactor thermal hydraulicsColombo, Dr MUniversity of Leeds 345,425 17 May 2019
TRANSCRIPTION AND NUCLEAR PHASE TRANSITIONSHebenstreit, Dr DUniversity of Warwick 1,747,030 30 May 2019
Tripping the light fantastic: elucidating global protein structural change correlated with chemical change across the femtosecond to second timescaleScrutton, Professor NSUniversity of Manchester, The 1,419,928 06 Jun 2019
UK Manufacturing Symbiosis NetworkPlus (UKMSN+)Batista, Dr LCAston University 892,577 10 Jun 2019
Van der Waals Heterostructures of 2D MaterialsNovoselov, Professor KUniversity of Manchester, The 1,572,966 20 May 2019
Vitrified nuclear waste durability in complex natural environmentsThorpe, Dr CLUniversity of Sheffield 396,224 16 May 2019

Total Number of Grants: 56
Total Value of Grants: £53,888,033

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).