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Recent Announcements

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
2020 Core Equipment for UCLPrice, Professor DUCL 1,498,076 22 Oct 2020
A Facility for Cryo-Enabled Multi-microscopy for Nanoscale Analysis in the Engineering and Physical Sciences (Cryo-EPS)Giuliani, Dr FImperial College London 10,294,044 19 Oct 2020
A microCT scanner for tracing dynamic metabolism in hard and soft tissuesWastling, Professor JMKeele University 445,620 22 Oct 2020
A new low-complexity paradigm for analogue computation and hardware learningSporea, Dr RAUniversity of Surrey 1,120,652 06 Oct 2020
A platform for studying the role of haemodynamics in microvascular diseaseSherwood, Dr JMImperial College London 313,245 30 Sep 2020
Addressing Interdisciplinary challenges through Raman Microscopy - a new facility for UEALettice, Professor FUniversity of East Anglia 537,500 21 Oct 2020
Baskerville: a national accelerated compute resourceStyles, Professor IBUniversity of Birmingham 4,027,649 08 Oct 2020
Blast and Impact Diagnostics LaboratoryClarke, Dr SDUniversity of Sheffield 1,367,625 01 Oct 2020
CAPcelerate: Capabilities for Heterogeneous AcceleratorsJones, Dr TMUniversity of Cambridge 1,199,866 22 Sep 2020
Capital Equipment in Support of the National Research Facility for Lab X-ray CTBurnett, Dr TUniversity of Manchester, The 457,414 21 Oct 2020
CloudCAP: Capability-based Isolation for Cloud Native ApplicationsPietzuch, Professor PRImperial College London 879,242 25 Sep 2020
Coherent Chemistry: Ultrabroadband Two-dimensional Electronic SpectroscopyMeech, Professor SUniversity of East Anglia 880,259 28 Sep 2020
Coherent pulse propagation and modelocking in terahertz quantum cascade lasersDean, Dr PUniversity of Leeds 1,127,385 22 Sep 2020
Control of free-surface flow morphologies in anisotropic liquidsMottram, Professor NJUniversity of Glasgow 385,574 22 Oct 2020
Core Equipment Award 2020 - Imperial College LondonJennings, Professor NImperial College London 1,500,024 21 Oct 2020
Core Equipment to underpin the National Crystallography Service 2020-Coles, Professor SJUniversity of Southampton 421,230 21 Oct 2020
CSEC-Based Facility for Advanced X-ray Characterisation of MaterialsMount, Professor AUniversity of Edinburgh 1,050,000 23 Oct 2020
Development of ultra-compact combustors for low-carbon technology using trapped vortex conceptsLangella, Dr I IDelft University of Technology 266,782 20 Oct 2020
DMS-EPSRC Sharp Large Deviation Estimates of Fluctuations in Stochastic Hydrodynamic SystemsGrafke, Dr TUniversity of Warwick 121,402 27 Sep 2020
DMS-EPSRC: Change Point Detection and Localization in High-Dimensions: Theory and MethodsYu, Dr YUniversity of Warwick 288,340 25 Sep 2020
DMS-EPSRC: Fast martingales, large deviations and randomised gradients for heavy-tailed target distributionsMijatovic, Professor AUniversity of Warwick 662,611 28 Sep 2020
Engineering Personalised Cutaneous Hypobaric Microchambers that Deliver Antifungal Gas into the Human Nail to Treat OnychomycosisBolhuis, Dr AUniversity of Bath 261,722 29 Sep 2020
Engineering Personalised Cutaneous Hypobaric Microchambers to Facilitate the Treatment of Local Infectious Diseases with Gaseous Signalling MoleculesJones, Dr SAKings College London 342,057 29 Sep 2020
Ensuring the Future of Multi-User "Hands-On" NMR Spectroscopy at BathKnight, Professor JUniversity of Bath 612,500 22 Oct 2020
EPR NRF Core Equipment BidCollison, Dr DUniversity of Manchester, The 444,543 21 Oct 2020
EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment 2020/21Calder, Professor MUniversity of Glasgow 1,089,500 22 Oct 2020
EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment 2020/21Rothberg, Professor SJLoughborough University 675,448 21 Oct 2020
EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment 2020/21Head, Professor INewcastle University 619,600 21 Oct 2020
EPSRC Core Capital University of YorkFulton, Professor BUniversity of York 648,245 20 Oct 2020
EPSRC Core Equipment 2020 - King's College LondonRazavi, Professor RKings College London 503,000 22 Oct 2020
EPSRC Core Equipment at Southampton 2020Spearing, Professor SMUniversity of Southampton 704,500 23 Oct 2020
EPSRC Core Equipment Award 2020van der Hoek, Professor WUniversity of Liverpool 594,430 21 Oct 2020
EPSRC Core Equipment Award 2020 - University of OxfordGrant, Professor PUniversity of Oxford 1,667,855 21 Oct 2020
EPSRC Core Equipment Award 2020: University of WarwickThomas, Professor PAUniversity of Warwick 875,000 22 Oct 2020
EPSRC Core Equipment Call 2020 - Cranfield UniversityStephenson, Professor TCranfield University 423,022 22 Oct 2020
EPSRC Core Equipment for Aston UniversityGreen, Professor SOAston University 390,000 22 Oct 2020
EPSRC-SFI: Blockchain transactions in the electricity industry: beyond tokenised energyMorstyn, Dr TUniversity of Edinburgh 176,553 08 Oct 2020
Equipment for Quantum Science and TechnologyNormington, Professor CRoyal Holloway, Univ of London 465,575 21 Oct 2020
Exeter Biomaterials Optical Characterisation Suite - EBOCGow, Professor NUniversity of Exeter 632,086 22 Oct 2020
Exponential asymptotics for multi-dimensional systems in fluid mechanicsTrinh, Dr PUniversity of Bath 361,082 24 Sep 2020
From Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0: Additive ManufacturabilityPanwisawas, Dr CUniversity of Leicester 212,917 23 Oct 2020
From Sensing to Collaboration: Engineering, Exploring and Exploiting the Building Blocks of Embodied Intelligence - An EPSRC Programme GrantPosner, Professor IUniversity of Oxford 5,994,620 29 Sep 2020
Guiding, Localizing and IMaging confined GHz acoustic waves in GaN Elastic waveguides and Resonators for monolithically integrated RF front-endsCoimbatore Balram, Dr KUniversity of Bristol 962,654 22 Sep 2020
Heriot-Watt University EPSRC Core Equipment Award 2020Pender, Professor GHeriot-Watt University 655,000 21 Oct 2020
High Energy Powder X-ray Diffraction for Advanced Materials CharacterisationBrown, Professor CTAUniversity of St Andrews 726,498 21 Oct 2020
Hybrid pixel detector upgrade for electron energy loss spectrometerRamasse, Professor QUniversity of Leeds 500,000 21 Oct 2020
Invited Resource Only Strategic Equipment bid for Rapid Alloy ProcessingDavis, Professor CUniversity of Warwick 63,311 06 Oct 2020
Isolobal Solutions to the Hysteresis Challenge in Single-Molecule MagnetismLayfield, Professor RAUniversity of Sussex 743,707 28 Sep 2020
Making Cubature on Wiener Space WorkLitterer, Dr CUniversity of York 105,205 27 Sep 2020
Mathematical theory of polycrystalline materialsBall, Professor Sir JHeriot-Watt University 576,848 28 Sep 2020
Metal halide semiconductors: materials discovery beyond ABX3 perovskitesHerz, Professor LMUniversity of Oxford 1,366,328 08 Oct 2020
Mirror Symmetry for Cluster VarietiesRietsch, Professor KKings College London 465,294 28 Sep 2020
Mirror Symmetry for Fibrations and DegenerationsThompson, Dr AMLoughborough University 238,263 28 Sep 2020
Multidisciplinary Underpinning Instrumentation investmentTowns-Andrews, Professor EUniversity of Huddersfield 394,000 22 Oct 2020
Multimodal Video Search by ExamplesGales, Professor MUniversity of Cambridge 694,679 23 Sep 2020
Multimodal Video Search by Examples (MVSE)Kittler, Professor JUniversity of Surrey 863,565 23 Sep 2020
Multimodal Video Search by Examples (MVSE)Wang, Professor HUniversity of Ulster 720,502 23 Sep 2020
Multi-User Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Core EquipmentMeenan, Professor BJUniversity of Ulster 415,000 22 Oct 2020
Multi-user Equipment at the University of LeedsPlant, Professor NUniversity of Leeds 1,072,000 23 Oct 2020
National Dark Fibre Facility- Equipment EnhancementSeeds, Professor AJUCL 437,481 22 Oct 2020
New minimally invasive technologies for the treatment of pancreatic cancerHarris, Professor RAUniversity of Leeds 1,522,148 30 Sep 2020
Next Generation Helix Mimetics - Probes for Target SelectivityBarnard, Dr AImperial College London 480,447 12 Oct 2020
Noise-avoidance and Simulation in Quantum Information TechnologiesJennings, Dr DUniversity of Leeds 401,471 06 Oct 2020
Peptide adsorption on metal oxide surfaces. Investigating the biomaterial/biological interface with synchrotron radiation.THOMAS, Dr AGUniversity of Manchester, The 36,052 05 Oct 2020
Plasma-activated antimicrobial hydrogel therapy (PAHT) for combating infections in diabetic foot ulcersJenkins, Professor AUniversity of Bath 407,563 13 Oct 2020
Plasma-activated antimicrobial hydrogel therapy (PAHT) for combatting infections in diabetic foot ulcersShort, Professor RDLancaster University 568,330 13 Oct 2020
Plasma-activated antimicrobial hydrogel therapy (PAHT) for combatting infections in diabetic foot ulcersRamage, Professor GUniversity of Glasgow 369,080 13 Oct 2020
Porous 3D Silica Nanoparticle Assemblies as Post-surgical Drug Delivery Implants to Reduce Glioblastoma RecurrenceOng, Dr ZUniversity of Leeds 393,882 29 Sep 2020
QMUL EPSRC Core Equipment Bid: Q-Arena - a multidisciplinary research environment for human-centred robotics and interactive engineeringWang, Professor WQueen Mary University of London 497,496 22 Oct 2020
Reducing the Global ICT Footprint via Self-adaptive Large-scale ICT SystemsGarraghan, Dr PLancaster University 832,044 16 Oct 2020
Reliability analysis, diagnosis and prognosis of direct drive and medium speed generatorsCarroll, Dr JUniversity of Strathclyde 269,385 30 Sep 2020
Revealing the 3D nanoscale structure and composition of healthy and diseased bone and teethKroeger, Professor RUniversity of York 42,298 29 Sep 2020
Single crystal X-ray diffractometerPurnell, Professor MUniversity of Leicester 473,286 21 Oct 2020
Stoichiometric rare-earth crystals for novel integrated quantum memoriesMazzera, Dr MHeriot-Watt University 379,192 21 Sep 2020
Strategic equipment bid: Ultra high-resolution 3D and 4D X-ray imagingBlack, Dr KUniversity of Liverpool 1,865,575 30 Sep 2020
Strategic investment in Cardiff University's functional material capabilitiesGraham, Professor KCardiff University 577,868 21 Oct 2020
Sulis: An EPSRC platform for ensemble computing delivered by HPC Midlands+Quigley, Professor DUniversity of Warwick 3,000,000 08 Oct 2020
Supporting World-Class Labs at the University of ManchesterFlavell, Professor WRUniversity of Manchester, The 1,270,234 23 Oct 2020
Surrey Multi-User Transmission Electron Microscope with X-ray Analysis and TomographySampson, Professor DDUniversity of Surrey 662,000 22 Oct 2020
Swansea University Core Equipment Award 2020: An Advanced Electro-Physical Surface Analysis SuiteWilks, Professor SSwansea University 649,790 22 Oct 2020
The UK High-Field Solid-State NMR National Research Facility: EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment 2020/21Brown, Professor SPUniversity of Warwick 250,000 21 Oct 2020
UK Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Test Facility (UKFOWTT)Hann, Dr M RUniversity of Plymouth 1,066,834 07 Oct 2020
UK National Ion Beam Centre Core Equipment 20/21Webb, Professor RPUniversity of Surrey 425,000 21 Oct 2020
Underpinning Equipment Enhancing Semiconductor Characterisation Capabilities in the EPSRC National Epitaxy FacilityHeffernan, Professor JUniversity of Sheffield 381,158 21 Oct 2020
University of Bristol Core Equipment Award 2020Taylor, Professor PCUniversity of Bristol 773,320 23 Oct 2020
University of Lincoln Core Equipment 2020Hunter, Professor AUniversity of Lincoln 455,056 21 Oct 2020
ViTac: Visual-Tactile Synergy for Handling Flexible MaterialsLuo, Dr SUniversity of Liverpool 402,545 29 Sep 2020
Wetting of Auxetic MetamaterialsAlderson, Professor ASheffield Hallam University 318,566 24 Sep 2020
Wetting of Auxetic MetamaterialsMcHale, Professor GUniversity of Edinburgh 439,269 24 Sep 2020

Total Number of Grants: 89
Total Value of Grants: £76,749,021

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).