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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
6G Metasurfaces: Signal Processing and Wireless Communications by Coding on MetamaterialsWong, Professor KUCL 933,826 26 May 2021
A computational design of lower limb amputee rehabilitation using functional electrical stimulationDing, Dr ZUniversity of Birmingham 301,388 14 Jun 2021
A direct method for solving matrix Wiener-Hopf equationsThompson, Dr IUniversity of Liverpool 79,198 15 Jun 2021
A hybrid precision manufacturing platform for next-generation of nanoscale productsLuo, Professor XUniversity of Strathclyde 766,513 25 May 2021
A National Focused Ion Beam Facility for Active MaterialsScott, Professor TBUniversity of Bristol 396,634 16 Jun 2021
A NATIONAL FOCUSED ION BEAM FACILITY FOR ACTIVE MATERIALSKuksenko, Dr VCulham Centre for Fusion Energy 3,166,216 16 Jun 2021
A Radical Amination Approach to Aliphatic AminesCuthbertson, Dr JUniversity of Nottingham 406,784 10 Jun 2021
A Scalable Process for the Chemical Recycling of PET using Ionic OrganocatalystsWood, Professor JUniversity of Birmingham 941,411 16 Jun 2021
A stochastic finite element modelling framework to predict effect sizes on bone mechanics in preclinical studiesBhattacharya, Dr PUniversity of Sheffield 354,870 09 Jun 2021
ABC: Adaptive Brokerage for the CloudElkhatib, Dr YUniversity of Glasgow 117,047 14 Jun 2021
Advancing Probabilistic Machine Learning to Deliver Safer, More Efficient, and Predictable Air Traffic ControlDodwell, Professor T JThe Alan Turing Institute 3,064,554 14 Jun 2021
AIOLOS: Artificial Intelligence powered framework for OnLine prOduction SchedulingLI, Dr JUniversity of Manchester, The 833,312 10 Jun 2021
Algorithms, Dynamics and Connections with Phase TransitionsEfthymiou, Dr CUniversity of Warwick 309,801 02 Jun 2021
Automotive electric powertrain whistling and whining: fundamental root cause analysis to novel solutionsTheodossiades, Professor SLoughborough University 427,577 16 Jun 2021
Bangor University Fuel Fabrication Facility (BUFFF)Middleburgh, Dr SBangor University 845,853 07 Jun 2021
Behaviour and design of stainless steel structures in fireKucukler, Dr MUniversity of Warwick 327,364 07 Jun 2021
Beyond direct-write: Dynamically reconfigurable holographic multibeam interference lithography for high-throughput nanomanufacturingJoyce, Dr H JUniversity of Cambridge 506,444 15 Jun 2021
Boronic Acid-Catalysed Dehydrative SynthesisTaylor, Dr JEUniversity of Bath 314,716 10 Jun 2021
CELLCOMP: Data-driven Mechanistic Modelling of Scalable Cellular Composites for Crash Energy AbsorptionTan, Dr WQueen Mary University of London 392,388 11 Jun 2021
CodeCPS: Correct-by-Design Estimation and Control of Cyber-Physical SystemsSoudjani, Dr SNewcastle University 388,069 25 May 2021
Community Detection And Dynamics in Temporal NetworksLambiotte, Professor RRUniversity of Oxford 403,371 14 Jun 2021
Composites: Made Faster - Rapid, physics-based simulation tools for composite manufactureHallett, Professor SRUniversity of Bristol 812,735 20 May 2021
ConCur: Knowledge Base Construction and CurationHorrocks, Professor IUniversity of Oxford 1,131,073 28 May 2021
DAFNI-ROSEMatthews, Dr BMSTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 1,083,755 10 Jun 2021
Defining a Draft for a Zero Power Reactor Experiment for Molten Salt ReactorsMerk, Professor BUniversity of Liverpool 1,284,485 10 Jun 2021
Development of an in-situ characterisation facility for both proton and neutron irradiationChiu, Dr YUniversity of Birmingham 1,296,308 10 Jun 2021
Digital navigation of chemical space for functionRosseinsky, Professor MUniversity of Liverpool 8,699,373 26 May 2021
Directed Molecular Recognition through Next-Generation Hybrid Molecular ImprintingFulton, Dr DANewcastle University 308,037 15 Jun 2021
Directed Molecular Recognition through Next-Generation Hybrid Molecular ImprintingTurner, Dr NWDe Montfort University 269,828 15 Jun 2021
Displacement Talbot Lithography: accelerating a versatile and low-cost patterning technique for precision manufacturingShields, Dr PAUniversity of Bath 727,375 19 May 2021
Domain decomposition methods based on proper generalized decomposition for parametric heterogeneous problemsDiscacciati, Dr MLoughborough University 244,479 15 Jun 2021
Dynamic physicochemical nanoscale imaging at the solid-liquid interfaceGeorge, Professor MUniversity of Nottingham 1,171,682 15 Jun 2021
Enhancing Materials Irradiations through Thoughtful Shielding (EMITS)Currell, Professor FUniversity of Manchester, The 685,615 09 Jun 2021
Establishing adaptive ultrasonics through shape memory materialsFeeney, Dr AUniversity of Glasgow 474,044 10 Jun 2021
Expanded access to the Exeter time resolved magnetism (EXTREMAG) facilityHicken, Professor RUniversity of Exeter 186,020 14 Jun 2021
Explicit Methods for non-holomorphic Hilbert Modular FormsStromberg, Dr F KUniversity of Nottingham 356,966 15 Jun 2021
Fano cone singularities and their linksSuess, Dr HUniversity of Manchester, The 351,787 15 Jun 2021
HEAP: Human-Guided Learning and Benchmarking of Robotic Heap SortingNeumann, Professor GUniversity of Nottingham 403,985 02 Jun 2021
HUman-machine teaming for Maritime Environments (HUME)Hastie, Professor HFHeriot-Watt University 1,099,367 10 Jun 2021
Interrogating the nisin:lipid II interaction: a chemical biology approachTabor, Professor AUCL 759,213 10 Jun 2021
Interrogating the Nisin:lipid II Interaction: A Chemical Biology ApproachCochrane, Dr SQueen's University of Belfast 243,690 10 Jun 2021
Machining metre-sized gratings with nanometre accuracyBuscher, Dr DFUniversity of Cambridge 758,973 15 Jun 2021
Maths DTP 2021/22 University of LeicesterGarrett, Professor SJUniversity of Leicester 92,785 10 Jun 2021
Maths Research Associates 2021 LancasterHeathwaite, Professor ALancaster University 500,000 14 May 2021
Maths Research Associates 2021 LeicesterGarrett, Professor SJUniversity of Leicester 100,000 10 Jun 2021
Maths Research Associates 2021 OxfordGiles, Professor MUniversity of Oxford 700,000 14 May 2021
Metrics and Completions of Triangulated CategoriesGratz, Dr S HUniversity of Glasgow 237,646 15 Jun 2021
MINT: Masonry in-situ testing and material identificationAcikgoz, Dr SUniversity of Oxford 430,697 11 Jun 2021
Model theoretic and topos theoretic view of difference algebra and applications to dynamicsTomasic, Dr IQueen Mary University of London 473,594 15 Jun 2021
MOLSImage: Combining Simulations and Imaging to Deliver Next Generation Tools for Studying Bacterial Cell Envelopes.Khalid, Professor SUniversity of Southampton 1,465,014 16 Jun 2021
MUltiphase Fluid Flow In Nuclear systems (MUFFIN)Hanson, Professor BCUniversity of Leeds 2,853,516 10 Jun 2021
Nanoscale photophysics at defects and interfaces in organic semiconductorsCollins, Dr SMUniversity of Leeds 413,360 17 May 2021
New bounds towards Fourier coefficients of Siegel modular formsSaha, Dr AQueen Mary University of London 80,624 16 Jun 2021
New direction in high temperature dielectrics: unlocking performance of doped tungsten bronze oxides through mechanistic understandingHall, Dr DAUniversity of Manchester, The 231,813 10 Jun 2021
New directions in high temperature dielectrics: unlocking performance of doped tungsten bronze oxides through mechanistic understandingSinclair, Professor DUniversity of Sheffield 147,351 10 Jun 2021
New directions in high temperature dielectrics: unlocking performance of doped tungsten bronze oxides through mechanistic understandingMilne, Professor SJUniversity of Leeds 432,804 10 Jun 2021
New directions in high temperature dielectrics: unlocking performance of doped tungsten bronze oxides through mechanistic understandingBeanland, Professor RUniversity of Warwick 376,462 10 Jun 2021
New directions in high temperature dielectrics: unlocking performance of doped tungsten bronze oxides through mechanistic understandingBristowe, Dr NDurham, University of 77,006 10 Jun 2021
NMR over nine orders of magnitude in the magnetic fieldLevitt, Professor MHUniversity of Southampton 930,844 15 Jun 2021
NNUF2a: Facility for Radioactive Materials Surfaces (FaRMS)Springell, Dr RSUniversity of Bristol 922,271 10 Jun 2021
NNUF2a: Plasma FIB for UK Nuclear Development (PFUND)Moody, Professor MPUniversity of Oxford 31,007 16 Jun 2021
NUclear Fission REactor Thermal-Hydraulics (NUFRETH)Cioncolini, Dr AUniversity of Manchester, The 25,393 15 Jun 2021
Nuclear Fission Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics (NUFRETH) - UKAEAHarrington, Mr CCulham Centre for Fusion Energy 3,882,391 15 Jun 2021
Permutation groups, totally disconnected locally compact groups, and the local isomorphism relation.Smith, Dr S MUniversity of Lincoln 442,084 15 Jun 2021
Photocapacitors for Ambient Energy ApplicationsFreitag, Dr MNewcastle University 330,993 18 May 2021
Plasma Microreactors: a Manufacturing Platform for Nanoscale Metal OxidesMariotti, Professor DUniversity of Ulster 679,601 08 Jun 2021
Platform for Long-term Experimental Investigation of Alteration in Disposal Environments and Storage - PLEIADESCorkhill, Dr CUniversity of Sheffield 597,981 09 Jun 2021
Quantum and Many Body Physics Enabled by Advanced Semiconductor NanotechnologySkolnick, Professor MUniversity of Sheffield 6,146,505 24 May 2021
Quantum optics using Rydberg polaritonsAdams, Professor CSDurham, University of 667,023 14 Jun 2021
RadIAEM: Analytical Electron Microscope with In Situ Capability for beta, gamma Active MaterialsLim, Dr JCulham Centre for Fusion Energy 2,658,964 08 Jun 2021
RadIAEM:Analytical Electron Microscope with in situ capability for beta, gamma active materialsBurke, Professor MUniversity of Manchester, The 562,874 08 Jun 2021
Ramsey theory: an extremal perspectiveLo, Dr SAUniversity of Birmingham 313,513 15 Jun 2021
ReproHum: Investigating Reproducibility of Human Evaluations in Natural Language ProcessingBelz, Professor AUniversity of Brighton 227,202 26 May 2021
Separating Invariants of QuiversElmer, Dr JPMiddlesex University 23,760 15 Jun 2021
Severe Storm Wave Loads on Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations (SEA-SWALLOWS)Zang, Dr JUniversity of Bath 794,581 07 Jun 2021
Simple-mindedness in triangulated categoriesPauksztello, Dr DLancaster University 344,093 14 Jun 2021
State-of-the-art magnetometry for quantum matter, functional materials, topological magnets and superconductorsLancaster, Professor TDurham, University of 659,401 14 Jun 2021
Sustainable Catalysis for Clean GrowthWass, Professor DCardiff University 2,677,823 15 Jun 2021
Towards 100 Gigabit Wireless Networking by Light (Go-by-Light) (Ext.)Haas, Professor HUniversity of Strathclyde 240,960 16 Jun 2021
Transfer operators and emergent dynamics in hyperbolic systemsBahsoun, Dr WLoughborough University 390,414 16 Jun 2021
Transformative Imaging for Quantitative Biology (TIQBio) PartnershipMahajan, Professor SUniversity of Southampton 1,626,518 26 May 2021
Transient tomography for defect detectionLesnic, Professor DUniversity of Leeds 75,994 14 Jun 2021
Ultrafast Photochemical Dynamics in Complex EnvironmentsOrr-Ewing, Professor AUniversity of Bristol 8,055,186 11 Jun 2021
Untargeted Attacks in (Password-Based) CryptographyFarshim, Dr PUniversity of York 265,225 15 Jun 2021

Total Number of Grants: 84
Total Value of Grants: £79,811,397

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).