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Recent Announcements

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
[EnAble]: Developing and Exploiting Intelligent Approaches for Turbulent Drag ReductionLaizet, Dr SImperial College London 498,547 07 Jan 2020
[EnAble]: Developing and Exploiting Intelligent Approaches for Turbulent Drag ReductionWhalley, Dr RNewcastle University 627,076 07 Jan 2020
Advanced Thermomagnetic Cooling for Ultrahigh Power Density Electrical MachinesLi, Dr GUniversity of Sheffield 461,859 08 Jan 2020
AFM-based nano-machining: developing and validating a novel modelling approach for effective process implementation in nanotechnology applicationsBrousseau, Dr EBCardiff University 692,656 19 Dec 2019
Cities of Roots: Indigenous knowledge, gender and digital preservation in African and Arabic CulturesLazem, Dr SCity of Sci Res and Tech Applications 143,783 14 Jan 2020
CORNERSTONE 2Reed, Professor GTUniversity of Southampton 1,494,157 19 Dec 2019
Cryogenic Ultrafast Scattering-type Terahertz-probe Optical-pump Microscopy (CUSTOM)Curry, Professor RJUniversity of Manchester, The 766,806 02 Jan 2020
Engineering halide perovskites for artificial leavesEslava, Dr SImperial College London 62,261 19 Dec 2019
EPI2SEM: EPItaxial growth and in-situ analysis of 2-dimensional SEMiconductorsPatane, Professor AUniversity of Nottingham 2,938,943 19 Dec 2019
Interaction Design with Functional PlasticsFraser, Professor MCUniversity of Bath 454,139 08 Jan 2020
Large Bulk (RE)BCO superconducting magnets for desktop NMR/MRICardwell, Professor DAUniversity of Cambridge 784,207 14 Jan 2020
Large Bulk (RE)BCO superconducting magnets for desktop NMR/MRISpeller, Professor SUniversity of Oxford 350,951 14 Jan 2020
Mapping class groups, curve complexes, and Teichmueller spacesWebb, Dr RCHUniversity of Manchester, The 38,370 19 Dec 2019
Newton Fund: Applying nature-based coastal defence to the world's largest urban area - from science to practiceWolf, Dr JNational Oceanography Centre 88,530 10 Jan 2020
Newton Fund: Salt intrusion: Understanding the Pearl River Estuary by Modelling and field Experiments (SUPREME)Amoudry, Dr LONational Oceanography Centre 168,011 10 Jan 2020
Prosperity Partnership Call 2 Strategic Students-Dyson and Imperial CollegeDavison, Professor AJImperial College London 416,592 09 Jan 2020
Prosperity Partnership Call 2 Strategic Students-Wrights Group and QUBDouglas, Professor RQueen's University of Belfast 329,392 09 Jan 2020
Prosperity Partnership Call 3 Strategic Students-JLR and University of OxfordDavy, Dr MHUniversity of Oxford 90,344 20 Dec 2019
Resilient Future Urban Energy Systems Capable of Surviving in Extreme Events (RESCUE)Booth, Professor CUniversity of Strathclyde 742,388 14 Jan 2020
Resilient Operation of Sustainable Energy Systems (ROSES)Pal, Professor BImperial College London 775,785 09 Jan 2020
Sustainable urban power supply through intelligent control and enhanced restoration of AC/DC networksLiang, Professor JCardiff University 604,562 15 Jan 2020
Technology Transformation to Support Flexible and Resilient Local Energy SystemsGreen, Prof. TImperial College London 808,759 10 Jan 2020
Thermal Energy Challenge NetworkRoskilly, Professor APDurham, University of 33,591 20 Dec 2019

Total Number of Grants: 24
Total Value of Grants: £13,658,205

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).