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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A bottom-up approach to the rational design of new bioluminescence emittersFielding, Professor HUCL 1,373,812 08 Oct 2019
A New Approach to Bernoulli Convolutions and Salem NumbersKempton, Dr TUniversity of Manchester, The 28,700 25 Sep 2019
Abstract Forward Models for Modern GamesPerez Liebana, Dr DQueen Mary University of London 305,207 19 Sep 2019
Accelerating the adoption of circular sanitation demonstration systems for improved health outcomes (ACTUATE)Barker, Professor PLancaster University 704,277 26 Sep 2019
Advancing School Performance: Indoor environmental quality, Resilience and Educational outcomes (ASPIRE)Mavrogianni, Dr AUCL 350,129 23 Sep 2019
Affordable Air Quality Monitoring for Improved Air Quality Management in West AfricaBrown, Professor CDUniversity of York 681,318 26 Sep 2019
ARGENT: ARgentinian GEnomics for TuberculosisApweiler, Dr REMBL Group 946,670 27 Sep 2019
Beyond cyanide: Future synthons based on the cyaphide and cyarside ions for the synthesis of designer magnetic coordination polymersGoicoechea, Professor JMUniversity of Oxford 417,021 15 Oct 2019
Bridgeland stability on Fukaya categories of Calabi-Yau 2-foldsJoyce, Professor DUniversity of Oxford 522,545 25 Sep 2019
CBET-EPSRC: Developing Standardized Cell-Free Platforms for Rapid Prototyping of Complex Synthetic Biology Circuits and PathwaysFreemont, Professor PSImperial College London 507,643 27 Sep 2019
CMMI-EPSRC: Modeling and Monitoring of Urban Underground Climate ChangeChoudhary, Dr RUniversity of Cambridge 420,171 16 Oct 2019
Community, Science and Education: An interdisciplinary perspective for facing ecological crises in Mexico and South AmericaSolares-Rojas, Dr ACtr for Res & Advan Studies (CINVESTAV) 148,755 10 Oct 2019
Concentration phenomena in nonlinear partial differential equations.Musso, Professor MUniversity of Bath 301,578 23 Sep 2019
Controlling photophysics and photochemistry via quantum superpositions of electronic states: towards attochemistryWorth, Professor GAUCL 479,550 15 Oct 2019
Controlling photophysics and photochemistry via quantum superpositions of electronic states: towards attochemistryMarangos, Professor JImperial College London 1,031,907 15 Oct 2019
Decarbonisation of oil: Microwave-catalytic production of clean hydrogen from fossil fuelsSlocombe, Dr DRCardiff University 238,589 14 Oct 2019
Deep Learning Reduced Basis Method for High-Dimensional Parametric Partial Differential Equations in FinanceGlau, Dr KQueen Mary University of London 199,605 24 Sep 2019
Development of a polymer-based sensing platform for the thermal detection of antimicrobial resistancePeeters, Dr MNewcastle University 134,074 20 Sep 2019
Development of multispecies validated serology protocols for complex ecosystems, focused on East Africa, in support of Global PPR eradicationKock, Professor RARoyal Veterinary College 697,673 26 Sep 2019
Dynamic, Real time, On-demand Personalisation for Scaling (DROPS)Parry, Professor GCUniversity of Surrey 84,851 18 Oct 2019
Dynamics of generalized Farey sequences with applications to equidistributionTseng, Dr JUniversity of Exeter 124,910 25 Sep 2019
Efficient Spectral Algorithms for Massive and Dynamic GraphsSun, Dr HUniversity of Edinburgh 1,205,706 25 Sep 2019
Engineering thermoresponsive materials via supracolloidal assembly in polymer-stabilised emulsions.Cook, Dr MTUniversity of Hertfordshire 149,046 14 Oct 2019
EXHIBIT : Expressive High-Level Languages for Bidirectional TransformationsWang, Dr MUniversity of Bristol 427,420 25 Sep 2019
Exploiting the interface between aromaticity and non-aromaticityDonohoe, Professor TUniversity of Oxford 390,108 15 Oct 2019
Flexoelectric Instabilities in Dielectric MaterialsGourgiotis, Dr PDurham, University of 201,093 16 Oct 2019
Food Security and Health for East AfricaWoollins, Professor JDUniversity of St Andrews 1,115,722 27 Sep 2019
GCRF Global Health and Clean Water NetworkMcGlade, Professor J MBritish Institute in Eastern Africa 151,732 02 Oct 2019
GCRF Translation AwardsThomas, Professor PAUniversity of Warwick 757,928 27 Sep 2019
Goal-Oriented Control Systems (GOCS): Disturbance, Uncertainty and ConstraintsChen, Professor WLoughborough University 1,599,964 16 Oct 2019
Health Resilience Interactive Technology: transforming self-management for individual and community health via inbodied interaction designschraefel, Professor mUniversity of Southampton 1,585,890 25 Sep 2019
High Dimensional Wireless Passive Optical Networking for Access Deployment (PON-HD)Ellis, Professor ADAston University 562,149 27 Sep 2019
High Dimensional Wireless Passive Optical Networking for Access Deployment (PON-HD)Lavery, Dr M P JUniversity of Glasgow 730,355 27 Sep 2019
Improved prediction of cohesive sediment erosion based on inter-particle forcesGrabowski, Dr RCranfield University 240,136 19 Sep 2019
Innovative data services for aquaculture, seismic resilience and drought adaptation in East AfricaCanagarajah, Professor NUniversity of Bristol 809,142 26 Sep 2019
Isotropic motives and affine quadricsVishik, Dr AUniversity of Nottingham 357,856 25 Sep 2019
IWOTA Lancaster 2020: International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications to be held at Lancaster from 17th to 21st August 2020Blower, Professor GLancaster University 39,557 25 Sep 2019
Layered copper oxychalcogenides for next generation p-type transparent conductorsHyett, Dr GUniversity of Southampton 394,165 10 Oct 2019
Meeting the SDGs: creating innovative infrastructures and policy solutions to support sustainable development in Global South communities (GS-DEV)Lettice, Professor FUniversity of East Anglia 1,359,465 27 Sep 2019
New varieties of direct seeded rice for farmers in Lower Middle Income CountriesKurup, Dr SRothamsted Research 602,712 26 Sep 2019
PlomBoxear: A Device for Open Source Metrology to Fight Lead Contamination in Drinking WaterBoogert, Professor STRoyal Holloway, Univ of London 882,086 01 Oct 2019
POST: Protocols, Observabilities and Session TypesYoshida, Professor NImperial College London 1,462,802 19 Sep 2019
Power to the People: Democratising energy through decentralised manufacture and production of affordable, reliable, sustainable solar powerWorsley, Professor DSwansea University 808,236 27 Sep 2019
Pseudorandom majorants over number fields with applications in arithmetic geometryFrei, Dr CUniversity of Manchester, The 124,537 24 Sep 2019
Quantitative reduction theory and Diophantine geometryOrr, Dr MUniversity of Warwick 113,509 24 Sep 2019
Radiation tolerant rapid criticality monitoring (REACTION)Aspinall, Dr M DLancaster University 249,991 18 Sep 2019
Riemann-Hilbert Problems, Toeplitz Determinants and ApplicationsVirtanen, Dr JUniversity of Reading 62,932 25 Sep 2019
Robust, Scalable Sequential Monte Carlo with Application To Urban Air QualityJohansen, Dr AMUniversity of Warwick 621,930 20 Sep 2019
Safe, efficient cementation of challenging radioactive wastes using alkali activated materials with high-flowability and high-anion retention capacityProvis, Professor JLUniversity of Sheffield 253,538 18 Sep 2019
SAFEWATER Devices Translation and Implementation (SAFEWATER Translate)McLaughlin, Professor JAUniversity of Ulster 836,675 27 Sep 2019
Self-recovery housing for development: scaling up crisis preparedness and humanitarian shelter responseBrun, Professor COxford Brookes University 690,143 27 Sep 2019
Silicon-rich silicon nitride Nonlinear Integrated Photonic ciRcuits & Systems (juNIPeRS)Petropoulos, Professor PUniversity of Southampton 1,123,975 30 Sep 2019
Solar Powered Horticulture Cold Chains (Sol-Tech)Tassou, Professor SBrunel University London 779,377 27 Sep 2019
Stabilisation of exact coherent structures in fluid turbulenceLucas, Dr DKeele University 208,587 24 Sep 2019
Stability of Organic Solar Cells based on Non-Fullerene AcceptorsLi, Dr ZQueen Mary University of London 400,712 24 Sep 2019
Towards a physical theory of computer science.Chu, Dr DUniversity of Kent 49,181 25 Sep 2019
Translating GeoNutrition (TGN): Reducing mineral micronutrient deficiencies (MMNDs) in ZimbabweLangley-Evans, Professor SUniversity of Nottingham 813,300 27 Sep 2019
Translation to policy, practice and product for low and middle income countriesBaylis, Professor MUniversity of Liverpool 658,972 26 Sep 2019
University of Exeter GCRF Global Research Translation Award: Sustainable Solutions to Food Security ChallengesGow, Professor NUniversity of Exeter 621,951 26 Sep 2019
Using drones to protect biodiversity and spur economic growth in MadagascarLongmore, Professor SLiverpool John Moores University 574,039 26 Sep 2019
Workshop: UK Probability Meeting 2020Gaunt, Dr REUniversity of Manchester, The 18,752 25 Sep 2019

Total Number of Grants: 61
Total Value of Grants: £33,734,354

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).