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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
2-Dimensional Materials for Novel Battery ElectrodesCullen, Dr PLQueen Mary University of London 418,627 11 Sep 2020
3D Laser Beam Shaping: The True Potential of Laser Based ManufacturingCarter, Dr RMHeriot-Watt University 585,983 15 Sep 2020
A regionally strategic NMR spectrometer with globally unique high pressure and reaction monitoring capabilityAdams, Dr RWUniversity of Manchester, The 1,698,226 24 Aug 2020
Advanced Signal Generation And Detection System For Next-generation Ultra-wideband Communication NetworksBayvel, Professor PUCL 989,901 24 Aug 2020
All-Optical Plasma Channels and Electron Injection with Spatio-temporal ControlHooker, Professor SUniversity of Oxford 1,556,977 09 Sep 2020
ASPIRE - Accelerated Supergene Processes in Repository EngineeringSapsford, Dr DJCardiff University 592,345 10 Sep 2020
ASPIRE - Accelerated Supergene Processes in Repository EngineeringStewart, Professor DIUniversity of Leeds 464,057 10 Sep 2020
ASPIRE - Accelerated Supergene Processes in Repository EngineeringSinnett, Dr DUniversity of the West of England 159,279 10 Sep 2020
ASUNDER - Adaptable Semiautonomous Underwater Decommissioning Sample Retrieval RobotCheneler, Dr DLancaster University 249,890 04 Sep 2020
Auto-Fungan: Automating the continuous anaerobic digestion of wheat straw by co-cultures of fungi and methanogensReilly, Dr MUniversity of York 169,447 11 Sep 2020
CaMELot: Catching and Mitigating Event-Loop Concurrency IssuesMarr, Dr SUniversity of Kent 209,756 08 Sep 2020
CAPcelerate: Capabilities for Heterogeneous AcceleratorsJones, Dr TMUniversity of Cambridge 1,199,866 22 Sep 2020
CBET-EPSRC: Surfactant impact on drag reduction of superhydrophobic surfaces in turbulent flowsJensen, Professor OUniversity of Manchester, The 340,492 15 Sep 2020
CHERI for Hypervisors and Operating Systems (CHaOS)Watson, Dr R N MUniversity of Cambridge 875,939 25 Aug 2020
CloudCAP: Capability-based Isolation for Cloud Native ApplicationsPietzuch, Professor PRImperial College London 879,242 25 Sep 2020
Cobalt-free Hard-facing for Reactor SystemsMoat, Dr R JOpen University 651,532 26 Aug 2020
Coherent pulse propagation and modelocking in terahertz quantum cascade lasersDean, Dr PUniversity of Leeds 1,127,385 22 Sep 2020
deeP redUced oRder predIctive Fluid dYnamics model (PURIFY)Xiao, Dr DSwansea University 315,689 17 Sep 2020
Delivering net zero - the role of researchBarrett, Professor JUniversity of Leeds 321,597 09 Sep 2020
Derived categories, stability conditions and geometric applications.Feyzbakhsh, Dr SImperial College London 405,383 27 Aug 2020
Development of a high performance laminated transparent top-electrode for emerging thin-film photovoltaicsHatton, Dr RAUniversity of Warwick 461,387 09 Sep 2020
Development of technology to reduce environmental problems via innovative water purification agentsHriljac, Dr JDiamond Light Source 283,148 07 Sep 2020
Development of technology to reduce environmental problems via innovative water purification agentsHyatt, Professor NUniversity of Sheffield 210,431 07 Sep 2020
DMS-EPSRC: Change Point Detection and Localization in High-Dimensions: Theory and MethodsYu, Dr YUniversity of Warwick 288,340 25 Sep 2020
ELECTROCHEMISTRY- QUO VADIS? Workshop Grant applicationDryfe, Professor RAWUniversity of Manchester, The 26,327 14 Sep 2020
Energise: Refactorings and Skeletons for Energy-Aware Applications on High-Performance Embedded SystemsBrown, Dr CMUniversity of St Andrews 382,865 01 Sep 2020
EPRSC Resource Only Strategic Equipment: the Warwick Analytical Science CentreBrown, Professor SPUniversity of Warwick 953,764 24 Aug 2020
EPSRC UK Acoustics Network PlusHoroshenkov, Professor KVUniversity of Sheffield 1,418,895 18 Sep 2020
EPSRC-SFI:Tailored Production and Utilisation of Sustainable Low Cost Lignocellulosic Advanced Biofuel Blends as Diesel and Petrol Substitutes:SusLABBTomlin, Professor ASUniversity of Leeds 1,097,396 17 Sep 2020
Exponential asymptotics for multi-dimensional systems in fluid mechanicsTrinh, Dr PUniversity of Bath 361,082 24 Sep 2020
Guiding, Localizing and IMaging confined GHz acoustic waves in GaN Elastic waveguides and Resonators for monolithically integrated RF front-endsCoimbatore Balram, Dr KUniversity of Bristol 962,654 22 Sep 2020
ICED: Intensified Cooling of Electronic DevicesLaw, Dr RNewcastle University 248,863 16 Sep 2020
Light-Driven Multicomponent C-C Couplings: New Avenues to Bioactive MoleculesSilvi, Dr MUniversity of Nottingham 403,633 09 Sep 2020
LISI - Learning to Imitate Nonverbal Communication Dynamics for Human-Robot Social InteractionCeliktutan Dikici, Dr OKings College London 284,291 08 Sep 2020
Measuring Nanoscale Exciton Motion & Annihilation in Single Molecules with Photon StatisticsHedley, Dr GUniversity of Glasgow 278,086 14 Sep 2020
Monoidal bicategories, linear logic and operadsGambino, Dr NUniversity of Leeds 395,817 16 Sep 2020
Monoidal bicategories, linear logic and operadsFiore, Professor MUniversity of Cambridge 105,894 16 Sep 2020
Multi-dimensional electron spectroscopy with photonsVerlet, Professor JRRDurham, University of 627,993 14 Sep 2020
Multimodal Video Search by ExamplesGales, Professor MUniversity of Cambridge 694,679 23 Sep 2020
Multimodal Video Search by Examples (MVSE)Wang, Professor HUniversity of Ulster 720,502 23 Sep 2020
Multimodal Video Search by Examples (MVSE)Kittler, Professor JUniversity of Surrey 863,565 23 Sep 2020
New Frontiers in Parameterizing Away from TrivialityMaadapuzhi Sridharan, Dr RUniversity of Warwick 264,598 08 Sep 2020
Nitridic and Carbidic Interstitial Pd Nanoparticles for Directed CatalysisWells, Dr PUniversity of Southampton 1,258,044 10 Sep 2020
Personalised approach to restoration of arm function in people with high-level tetraplegiaChadwick, Dr EKJUniversity of Aberdeen 268,665 24 Aug 2020
Practice and theory in the design of martensitic steelsRainforth, Professor WMUniversity of Sheffield 446,772 24 Aug 2020
Practice and theory in the design of martensitic steelsPaxton, Professor ATKings College London 378,451 24 Aug 2020
Putting A Spin On Machine Learning, Atom by AtomMoriarty, Professor PJUniversity of Nottingham 1,796,877 27 Aug 2020
QUIET AEROFOIL WITH ADAPTIVE POROUS SURFACESPinelli, Professor ALCity, University of London 323,961 14 Sep 2020
QUIET AEROFOIL WITH ADAPTIVE POROUS SURFACES (QUADPORS)Joseph, Professor PUniversity of Southampton 365,600 14 Sep 2020
QUIET AEROFOIL WITH ADAPTIVE POROUS SURFACES (QUADPORS)Chong, Dr TPBrunel University London 346,034 14 Sep 2020
Quiet aerofoil with adaptive porous surfaces (QUADPORS)Choi, Professor KUniversity of Nottingham 531,142 14 Sep 2020
REcoVER: Learning algorithms for REsilient and VErsatile RobotsCully, Dr AImperial College London 285,285 27 Aug 2020
Regularisation theory in the data driven settingKorolev, Dr YUniversity of Cambridge 351,613 16 Sep 2020
Silicon Carbide Power Conversion for Telecommunications Satellite ApplicationsGammon, Dr PMUniversity of Warwick 746,426 14 Sep 2020
Spatiotemporal statistical machine learning (ST-SML): theory, methods, and applicationsFlaxman, Dr SImperial College London 1,373,776 10 Sep 2020
Stoichiometric rare-earth crystals for novel integrated quantum memoriesMazzera, Dr MHeriot-Watt University 379,192 21 Sep 2020
TAPS: Assessing, Mitigating and Raising Awareness of the Security and Privacy Risks of Thermal ImagingKhamis, Dr MUniversity of Glasgow 262,119 11 Sep 2020
The Green Ammonia Demonstrator - a National Net-Zero ProjectHalliday, Dr JASTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 202,113 25 Aug 2020
Transforming molecular biophysics with mass photometryKukura, Professor PUniversity of Oxford 1,768,065 09 Sep 2020
UK Aerospace Research Consortium NetworkGray, Professor I GCranfield University 900,994 15 Sep 2020
Unveiling electron motion at surfaces and interfaces on ultrashort length and ultrafast time scalesJohnston, Professor MBUniversity of Oxford 1,855,113 27 Aug 2020
Wetting of Auxetic MetamaterialsAlderson, Professor ASheffield Hallam University 318,566 24 Sep 2020
Wetting of Auxetic MetamaterialsMcHale, Professor GUniversity of Edinburgh 439,269 24 Sep 2020
Workshop "Twistor Theory and Beyond", 29 June - 1 July 2020, CambridgeMonteiro, Dr RQueen Mary University of London 5,323 25 Aug 2020

Total Number of Grants: 64
Total Value of Grants: £39,149,226

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).