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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
18F-Fluorodeamination through Pyridinium Salts: Innovation, Mechanism, and User GuidelinesGouverneur, Professor VUniversity of Oxford 591,197 26 Sep 2023
A Dual-Laser Additive Manufacturing System for Novel Materials (Green3D)Attallah, Professor MMUniversity of Birmingham 488,300 21 Sep 2023
Active Integrated Antenna for Intelligent Arrays in 6G Non-Terrestrial NetworksWang, Dr LHeriot-Watt University 166,484 08 Sep 2023
Adaptive Multi-Source Transfer Learning Approaches for Environmental ChallengesWang, Dr SUniversity of Birmingham 164,555 08 Sep 2023
Additive Manufacturing of Precious Metals with Improved Resilience and Multi FunctionalityCai, Dr BUniversity of Birmingham 623,882 05 Sep 2023
Advanced Alloy Development by High Performance ProcessingJones, Dr TUniversity of Dundee 584,250 05 Sep 2023
aeon: a toolkit for machine learning with time seriesBagnall, Professor AUniversity of Southampton 403,617 21 Sep 2023
All Analogue Full-duplex Dual-receiver Radio for Wideband Mm-wave CommunicationsBudimir, Dr DUniversity of Westminster 465,349 30 Aug 2023
All Analogue Full-duplex Dual-receiver Radio for Wideband Mm-wave CommunicationsMirshekar, Professor DUniversity of Essex 567,861 30 Aug 2023
Aluminium alloy design strategy for sustainable manufacturingNadendla, Professor HBrunel University London 524,520 05 Sep 2023
BEAR - Bioleaching and Electrodialytic Applications for metal Recovery from wastesGomes, Dr HUniversity of Nottingham 165,517 26 Sep 2023
CANDISE: Change-Oriented Assessments for Net-Zero Digital ServicesSchien, Dr DUniversity of Bristol 480,750 05 Sep 2023
Capability for wafer-level sub-nanometre scale imagingMashanovich, Professor GUniversity of Southampton 1,633,565 20 Sep 2023
Catalytic Chemical Sorting of Intractably Mixed PlasticsDove, Professor APUniversity of Birmingham 512,185 06 Sep 2023
Catalytic Chemical Sorting of Intractably Mixed PlasticsBuchard, Professor AUniversity of Bath 404,011 06 Sep 2023
CBET-EPSRC: TECAN - Telemetry-Enabled Carbon Aware NetworkingZilberman, Professor NUniversity of Oxford 435,640 12 Sep 2023
Closed Loop Digitalised Data Analytics and Analysis Platform (DAAP) for Intelligent Design and Manufacturing of Power Electronic ModulesHu, Dr YKings College London 158,561 19 Sep 2023
Co-creating a digital platform for the rapid development of sustainable polymer productsWindows-Yule, Dr C R KUniversity of Birmingham 624,188 05 Sep 2023
Combining Mechanistic Modelling with Machine Learning for Diagnosis of Acute Respiratory Distress SyndromeSaffaran, Dr SUniversity of Warwick 137,662 15 Sep 2023
Computational Studies of Ambient Catalytic Dinitrogen Reduction by Electropositive Metal Tetraphenolate ComplexesKaltsoyannis, Professor NUniversity of Manchester, The 494,966 15 Sep 2023
Cross-Layer Uncertainty-Aware Reinforcement Learning for Safe Autonomous DrivingHuang, Dr CUniversity of Liverpool 162,851 18 Sep 2023
Crystal growth of new research materials: a high gas pressure laser furnace at UCL-HarwellPerry, Professor RSUCL 880,671 19 Sep 2023
Cyclobutadiene Reloaded: A Generally Applicable Approach to Functionalised Four-Membered HeterocyclesCoote, Dr S CUniversity of Bath 520,944 19 Sep 2023
Developing technology and specifications for metakaolin-based geopolymers as robust and promising stabilisers for fuel debris removalWalkley, Dr BUniversity of Sheffield 410,985 26 Sep 2023
Development of a biohybrid microrobotic system: Future drug deliveryGhanbari, Dr AUniversity of Central Lancashire 140,288 26 Sep 2023
Development of an In-Silico Research Framework for Accelerating the Translation of Quantitative Photon-Counting Spectral Imaging to the ClinicDarambara, Dr DGInstitute of Cancer Research 687,731 19 Sep 2023
EDIBLES: Environmentally Driven Body-Scale Electromagnetic Co-SensingWagih, Dr MUniversity of Glasgow 164,265 08 Sep 2023
Effective methods in o-minimality and diophantine geometryJones, Dr GUniversity of Manchester, The 545,697 08 Sep 2023
Efficient Integrated Photonic Phase Shifters for Data/Telecom and Quantum ApplicationsAbadia, Dr NCardiff University 165,732 18 Sep 2023
Electro-fermentation process design for efficient CO2 conversion into value-added productsBommareddy, Dr RNorthumbria, University of 165,295 26 Sep 2023
Enhancing Group Search with Graph TechniquesHoffmann, Dr RUniversity of St Andrews 165,165 08 Sep 2023
EPX0401861 Turing AI World Leading Researcher Fellowship StudentshipNoble, Professor AUniversity of Oxford 110,541 19 Sep 2023
Evolving Sequences for Beyond-5G Machine-Type Communications (SORT)Liu, Dr ZUniversity of Essex 160,465 08 Sep 2023
Exploring Causality in Reinforcement Learning for Robust Decision MakingDu, Dr YKings College London 164,651 18 Sep 2023
Exploring Theories and Semantics in Event-BFarrell, Dr MUniversity of Manchester, The 165,304 08 Sep 2023
Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Tape Development CellFrias, Dr C CUniversity of Sheffield 1,786,360 19 Sep 2023
From single-cell transcriptomic to single-cell fluxomic: characterising metabolic dysregulations for breast cancer subtype classificationOcchipinti, Dr ATeesside University 154,078 18 Sep 2023
Fungi-Biopolymer synergistic application in soil stabilisationMuguda Viswanath, Dr SDurham, University of 165,360 26 Sep 2023
GAIA: Ground-Aerial maps Integration for increased Autonomy outdoorsPolvara, Dr RUniversity of Lincoln 164,678 08 Sep 2023
Games for GoodTotzke, Dr PUniversity of Liverpool 493,930 29 Aug 2023
GlioPrevent: PiezoMagnetic Nanoparticles to Prevent Glioma Invasion in Human Brain OrganoidsRAMACHANDRA KURUP SASIKALA, Dr AUniversity of Bradford 161,913 08 Sep 2023
KUber: Knowledge Delivery System For Machine Learning At ScaleMohamed Abdelmoniem Sayed, Dr AQueen Mary University of London 522,781 13 Sep 2023
Label-Free Chemical Imaging with High Temporal Resolution for Application in Advanced MaterialsEvans, Professor SUniversity of Leeds 1,698,037 22 Sep 2023
Language Embeddings for Proof EngineeringKavvos, Dr AUniversity of Bristol 97,448 08 Sep 2023
Large-N limit of horizontal Brownian motions on Lie groupsHabermann, Dr KUniversity of Warwick 56,725 08 Sep 2023
Mechanics of plastic pollutants in riversMaldonado, Dr SUniversity of Southampton 125,706 26 Sep 2023
Mechanochemistry of gram-positive bacterial adhesins - towards the rational design of anti-invasive strategiesTapia-Rojo, Dr RKings College London 158,072 08 Sep 2023
MSKDamage - Image-driven damage characterisation of musculoskeletal tissues for in silico medicineMengoni, Dr MUniversity of Leeds 1,866,647 18 Sep 2023
Multiscale modelling of the microstructural evolution of nervous tissues through high-performance computingRamirez Torres, Dr AUniversity of Glasgow 77,600 18 Sep 2023
MyUnderwaterWorld: Intelligent Underwater Scene RepresentationAnantrasirichai, Dr NUniversity of Bristol 164,681 08 Sep 2023
Nano-structured RC Networks - A Pathway To Artificial SkinAmit, Dr IDurham, University of 165,557 26 Sep 2023
New High Performance Bioinks for 3D Extrusion BioprintingFulton, Dr DANewcastle University 462,738 18 Sep 2023
NIA - Carbon Dioxide Activation and Valorisation at Copper-Phosphorus BondsLiptrot, Dr DJUniversity of Bath 472,664 19 Sep 2023
Nuclear Fuel-debris Characterisation via Multimodal Spectroscopy and Analytics (NuFAMSA)Murray, Dr PUniversity of Strathclyde 495,110 26 Sep 2023
Optimisation for Game Theory and Machine LearningGoldberg, Professor PUniversity of Oxford 624,351 30 Aug 2023
OVERCOMP: Interface Formation and Bond Strength Prediction in Composite Injection OvermouldingAravand, Dr MQueen's University of Belfast 270,842 31 Aug 2023
PAPIER - Plasma Assisted Printing of Metal Inks with Enhanced ResistivityKnapp, Dr CEUCL 164,310 08 Sep 2023
PIONEER: An Adaptation Approach for Resilient Coastal Infrastructure Against Sea Level RiseSutman, Dr MHeriot-Watt University 142,906 26 Sep 2023
Probabilistic Inference Based Utility Evaluation and Path Generation for Active Autonomous Exploration of USVs in Unknown Confined Marine EnvironmentsLiu, Dr YUCL 164,455 26 Sep 2023
Probing the mechano-biology of cell-cell adhesion in a novel single cell assayKoester, Dr DVUniversity of Warwick 165,354 08 Sep 2023
Process design of new reduced activation ferrite martensite (RAFM) steels for nuclear fusion reactorsGong, Dr PNewcastle University 480,738 19 Sep 2023
Quantum GaN-O-PhotonicsSapienza, Dr LUniversity of Cambridge 660,117 12 Sep 2023
Quantum GaN-O-PhotonicsOliver, Professor RAUniversity of Cambridge 448,792 12 Sep 2023
Quantum GaN-O-PhotonicsBennett, Professor AJCardiff University 530,236 12 Sep 2023
Reliable computational modelling of boiling for high-void and the critical heat fluxColombo, Dr MUniversity of Sheffield 317,417 21 Sep 2023
Research Hub for Decarbonised Adaptable and Resilient Transport Infrastructures (DARe)Blythe, Professor PTNewcastle University 10,568,485 31 Aug 2023
Robust and Efficient Model-based Reinforcement LearningBogunovic, Dr IUCL 398,101 29 Aug 2023
Roll-2-Roll (R2R) Manufacture Of Multilayer Solid-state BatteriesHolmes, Dr CUniversity of Southampton 1,050,233 05 Sep 2023
Scalable Manufacturing of Single-Crystal Perovskite Optical and Electronic Devices: Follow-OnSu, Dr LQueen Mary University of London 941,955 13 Sep 2023
Secure, Privacy-aware, and Trusted Data Share in Smart MobilitySharma, Dr P KUniversity of Aberdeen 165,901 15 Sep 2023
Sheffield-Phlux Advance Research Collaboration (SPARC)Ng, Professor JUniversity of Sheffield 529,593 30 Aug 2023
Smart Cues Toolkit: Supporting Physical Activity at Home with Interactive Contextual CuesStawarz, Dr KMCardiff University 626,833 13 Sep 2023
Solution-based Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Flexible Neuromorphic ElectronicsHuang, Dr RUniversity of Southampton 159,901 26 Sep 2023
Spectral embedding methods and subsequent inference tasks on dynamic multiplex graphsSanna Passino, Dr FImperial College London 164,345 08 Sep 2023
Subcube Conditional Samples And Testing Properties Of Probability DistributionsBhattacharyya, Dr RUniversity of Birmingham 158,175 18 Sep 2023
Submarine mass movements and their interaction with critical offshore infrastructureLeonardi, Dr AUniversity of Sheffield 164,877 26 Sep 2023
SUPERCAT: Super Catalysts - from CO2 to Net-ZeroKousi, Dr KUniversity of Surrey 342,888 27 Sep 2023
Sustainable Responsive Hybrid Ionic Liquid-Polymer Gel Electrolyte MaterialsDerry, Dr MJAston University 443,058 19 Sep 2023
Sustainable Sludge Valorisation Technology for Closed-Loop Resource RecoveryPhan, Professor ANewcastle University 601,081 01 Sep 2023
Sustainable, Low-cost and Durable Polymers for Green Hydrogen Conversion TechnologiesIsmail, Dr MUniversity of Hull 165,679 08 Sep 2023
Test Engines to Accelerate Net Zero Shipping and Power Generation (TITANZ)Cairns, Professor AUniversity of Nottingham 3,485,954 27 Sep 2023
The Higman-Thompson groups, their generalisations, and automorphisms of shift spacesOlukoya, Dr FUniversity of St Andrews 298,344 30 Aug 2023
The Robot ExperimentalistKing, Professor RUniversity of Cambridge 881,228 13 Sep 2023
The Robot ExperimentalistSoldatova, Professor LGoldsmiths College 331,560 13 Sep 2023
Thermally Responsive Supports for Enhanced Efficiency in PET DepolymerisationWood, Professor JUniversity of Birmingham 923,700 18 Sep 2023
Three-Dimensional Multilayer Nanomagnetic Arrays for Neuromorphic Low-Energy Magnonic ProcessingC. Gartside, Dr JImperial College London 165,107 08 Sep 2023
Towards Motion-Robust and Efficient Functional MRI Using Implicit Function LearningQin, Dr CImperial College London 162,813 08 Sep 2023
Towards Sustainable Superplastic Forming: An ITP Aero/Strathclyde Prosperity PartnershipWynne, Professor BPUniversity of Strathclyde 261,913 04 Sep 2023
Transforming flexibles for a green packaging futureLee, Professor KImperial College London 513,744 15 Sep 2023
Tuneable short-wavelength infrared mode-locked fibre lasersPerego, Dr A MAston University 165,300 08 Sep 2023
Turing AI Fellowship: AI for Intelligent Neurotechnology and Human-Machine SymbiosisCoyle, Professor DHUniversity of Bath 1,199,266 01 Sep 2023
Turing AI Fellowship: Geometric and Topological ML for Next-generation Drugs and FoodBronstein, Professor MUniversity of Oxford 4,227,356 19 Sep 2023
TYPDSEC: TYPe-based information Declassification and its SEcure CompilationRajani, Dr VUniversity of Kent 160,392 08 Sep 2023
UK National Clean Maritime Research HubRoskilly, Professor APDurham, University of 7,813,341 29 Aug 2023
UNIfying Grid-FOllowing And Grid-foRMing Control In Inverter-based Resources (UNIFORM)Batzelis, Dr EUniversity of Southampton 165,138 26 Sep 2023
Unifying Probabilistic Computation for PDEs and Linear SystemsCockayne, Dr JPUniversity of Southampton 142,852 08 Sep 2023
Validating the Use of Point-Of-Care Diagnostics for Early Detection of Human PapillomavirusOla, Dr OUniversity of Nottingham 165,844 26 Sep 2023
Zero-Magnets Electric Drive for Electric Vehicles (Z-M Drive)Pickert, Professor VNewcastle University 627,150 13 Sep 2023

Total Number of Grants: 99
Total Value of Grants: £65,760,886

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).