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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
3D printing of micro-scale graded shape memory components for in-vivo actuated medical devicesHand, Professor DHeriot-Watt University 253,007 07 May 2019
Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope with atomic resolution spectroscopy under controlled environmental conditions: AC-eSTEMLazarov, Dr VUniversity of York 3,250,534 25 Apr 2019
AEGIS (Advanced EnerGy-Absorption polymer for Impact-resistant Smart composites)Pinto, Dr FUniversity of Bath 173,765 10 May 2019
Analytical Middleware for Informed Distribution Networks (AMIDiNe)Stephen, Dr BUniversity of Strathclyde 703,091 09 May 2019
BEST-Man - Bespoke Evolving Smart Technology for ManufacturingPaoletti, Dr PUniversity of Liverpool 247,243 03 May 2019
BIOHEAT: Husbanding biological heat to transform wastewater treatmentHeidrich, Dr ENewcastle University 304,131 08 May 2019
Biological metamaterials for enhanced noise control technologyHolderied, Dr MWUniversity of Bristol 1,271,343 13 May 2019
Biological physics of protein clustering in epigenetic memory and transcriptional controlDean, Professor Dame CJohn Innes Centre 718,575 13 May 2019
Biological physics of protein clustering in epigenetic memory and transcriptional controlLeake, Professor MCUniversity of York 430,701 13 May 2019
Boosting Reduction of Energy Intensity in cleaN STeelwork platfORMScott, Dr SAUniversity of Cambridge 424,196 03 May 2019
Boosting Reduction of Energy Intensity in cleaN STeelwork platfORMNorman, Dr J BUniversity of Leeds 23,982 03 May 2019
DAWNMANTLE - Decontamination and waste minimisation strategies for and using advanced molten salt nuclear technologiesSharrad, Dr CAUniversity of Manchester, The 381,041 01 May 2019
DecarboN8 - An integrated network to decarbonise transportMarsden, Professor GRUniversity of Leeds 1,013,725 16 May 2019
Designing for the Future: Optimising the structural form of regolith-based monolithic vaults in low-gravity conditionsKampas, Dr GUniversity of Greenwich 170,439 14 May 2019
Deterministic encapsulation of particles and cells through viscoelastic ordering in microfluidic devicesDel Giudice, Dr FSwansea University 262,835 16 May 2019
Digital twin-based Bilateral Teleautonomous System for Nuclear Remote OperationCarrasco, Dr JUniversity of Manchester, The 252,932 10 May 2019
Digital-twin-based Bilateral Tele-autonomous System for Nuclear Remote OperationBuckingham, Dr RCCFE/UKAEA 257,026 10 May 2019
Electrokinetic Separation for Enhanced Decontamination of Soils and Groundwater SystemsHarbottle, Dr DUniversity of Leeds 378,287 29 Apr 2019
Energy Harvesting Triboelectric Nano-Generators for the Internet-of-ThingsSilva, Professor SRPUniversity of Surrey 632,627 16 May 2019
Engineering Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation via Meso-Scale SimulationsOfiteru, Dr INewcastle University 604,550 01 May 2019
Engineering Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation via Meso-Scale SimulationsJefferson, Professor TCardiff University 54,008 01 May 2019
Engineering Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation via Meso-Scale SimulationsGebhard, Dr SUniversity of Bath 356,353 01 May 2019
Fundamental study of biofuel combustion: flame stabilisation and emissions using advanced optical diagnosticsYuan, Dr RLoughborough University 343,787 10 May 2019
Graphene Aerogel for Super Lightweight High-Performance Polymer Electrolyte Fuel CellsLiu, Dr TXNorthumbria, University of 214,706 09 May 2019
Health assessment across biological length scales for personal pollution exposure and its mitigation (INHALE)Pain, Professor CCImperial College London 2,793,915 17 May 2019
Innovative Light ELEctric Vehicles for Active and Digital TravEl (ELEVATE): reducing mobility-related energy demand and carbon emissionsBehrendt, Dr FUniversity of Brighton 1,395,162 25 Apr 2019
Isolation of 14C species from spent ion exchange resins and their stabilisationHyatt, Professor NUniversity of Sheffield 386,164 01 May 2019
Linear Stirling Engine with a Buffer TubeStone, Professor CRUniversity of Oxford 551,449 10 May 2019
Low-Dimensional Electronic Device Fabrication at Low Cost over Large AreasFlewitt, Professor AJUniversity of Cambridge 252,943 25 Apr 2019
Manufacture with Pulsed-Electric Mechano-Vibratory MachiningRoy, Professor ALoughborough University 250,463 03 May 2019
Mean curvature measure of free boundaryKarakhanyan, Dr AUniversity of Edinburgh 485,481 10 May 2019
MEGA-FLIM: quantum technologies for megapixel time-resolved imaging and control across biological scalesMachesky, Professor LUniversity of Glasgow 1,875,030 15 May 2019
Membrane distillation for sustainable desalination and water treatmentGorgojo, Dr PUniversity of Manchester, The 259,623 09 May 2019
Mirror Constructions: Develop, Unify, ApplyKelly, Dr T LUniversity of Birmingham 234,458 08 May 2019
Modelling radiation resistant low activation High Entropy AlloysDuff, Dr A ISTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 22,078 08 May 2019
Modelling radiation resistant low activation High Entropy AlloysSmith, Professor RLoughborough University 337,695 08 May 2019
Modular symbols and applicationsDiamantis, Dr NUniversity of Nottingham 331,558 09 May 2019
Multi-scale, circular economic potential of non-residential building stockDensley Tingley, Dr DUniversity of Sheffield 381,024 29 Apr 2019
New tool - a breakthrough in incremental sheet formingLong, Dr HUniversity of Sheffield 249,876 03 May 2019
Novel Brazing Filler Metals using High Entropy AlloysGoodall, Dr RUniversity of Sheffield 1,092,461 10 May 2019
Photovoltaic PaintBeattie, Dr NSNorthumbria, University of 239,723 29 Apr 2019
Privacy-Protected Human Identification in Encrypted/Transformed DomainsJiang, Dr RLancaster University 11,472 13 May 2019
Regenerative BioCrystallisationYang, Dr HLoughborough University 253,017 30 Apr 2019
Stochastic fluctuations during mammary development and breast cancer morphogenesisSalbreux, Dr GThe Francis Crick Institute 1,517,920 13 May 2019
Towards comprehensive multiphase flow modelling for nuclear reactor thermal hydraulicsColombo, Dr MUniversity of Leeds 345,425 17 May 2019
UK participation in IEA EBC Annex 79: Occupant behaviour-centric building design and operationBleil de Souza, Dr CCardiff University 26,495 08 May 2019
Unparameterised multi-modal data, high order signatures, and the mathematics of data scienceLyons, Professor TUniversity of Oxford 4,100,854 26 Apr 2019
Using Machine learning to enable feedback controlled manufacture of self-assembled patterned materialsEbbens, Dr SUniversity of Sheffield 252,938 30 Apr 2019
Vitrified nuclear waste durability in complex natural environmentsThorpe, Dr CLUniversity of Sheffield 396,224 16 May 2019

Total Number of Grants: 49
Total Value of Grants: £30,766,333

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).