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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A capability for patterning beyond-CMOS devices at atomic scaleProdromakis, Professor TUniversity of Southampton 3,141,000 16 Jul 2021
A nitrenoid strategy to access sp3-rich nitrogen heterocyclesDavies, Dr PWUniversity of Birmingham 444,751 14 Jul 2021
A smart, multi-purpose technology for diagnostics, analytics and drug deliveryGoldberg Oppenheimer, Dr PUniversity of Birmingham 128,568 20 Jul 2021
A smart, multi-purpose technology for diagnostics, analytics and drug deliveryWall, Professor IAston University 174,286 20 Jul 2021
A Soft Endorobot (SoftEn) for autonomous colonoscopy screening and treatmentManfredi, Dr LUniversity of Dundee 302,874 20 Jul 2021
Adaptive Laser Induced Phased Arrays (ALIPA)Stratoudaki, Dr TUniversity of Strathclyde 1,072,241 29 Jun 2021
AI and Data Science for Engineering, Health, and Government - Strategic Priorities FundRowe, Professor JEThe Alan Turing Institute 24,215,921 14 Jul 2021
AMBITION: AI-driven biomedical robotic automation for research continuityKing, Professor RUniversity of Cambridge 302,752 23 Jul 2021
AmmoSpray: fundamental spray and combustion data for a zero-carbon futureLeach, Dr FCPUniversity of Oxford 505,381 23 Jul 2021
An Aberration Corrected STEM with Integrated Science Driven AI to Quantify Dynamic Functionality in Advanced Energy Technologies and BiomaterialsBrowning, Professor NDUniversity of Liverpool 4,847,945 28 Jun 2021
Beyond drugs: Non-invasive focused ultrasound brain stimulation as a novel intervention for mental healthKaiser, Professor MUniversity of Nottingham 293,510 22 Jul 2021
Bio-CO2: Power Generation and Heat Recovery from Biomass with Advanced CO2 Thermodynamic Power Cycles and Novel Heat Exchanger DesignsGe, Professor YLondon South Bank University 37,408 15 Jul 2021
Biofilm Resistant Liquid-like Solid Surfaces in Flow SituationsMcHale, Professor GUniversity of Edinburgh 477,843 30 Jun 2021
Biofilm Resistant Liquid-like Solid Surfaces in Flow SituationsChen, Dr JNewcastle University 457,503 30 Jun 2021
Body-Worn Sensor for Point-of-Care Vascular Access MonitoringSu, Dr LQueen Mary University of London 302,920 20 Jul 2021
CageTag: Caged Tharanostics as a Universal Platform for Nuclear MedicineLusby, Dr PJUniversity of Edinburgh 396,516 29 Jun 2021
CageTag: Caged Theranostics as a Universal Platform for Nuclear MedicineArchibald, Professor SUniversity of Hull 481,520 29 Jun 2021
CBET-EPSRC: Analysis and Optical Control of Surfactant Effects for Increased Lubrication of Liquid Flows in the Cassie StatePapageorgiou, Professor DImperial College London 457,329 30 Jun 2021
CMMI-EPSRC - Right First Time Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals (RiFTMaP)Litster, Professor JDUniversity of Sheffield 1,543,633 30 Jun 2021
Compressive Population Health: Cost-Effective Profiling of Prevalence for Multiple Non-Communicable Diseases via Health Data ScienceWang, Dr JCoventry University 225,837 29 Jun 2021
Controlled Creation and Dynamics of non-Abelian Vortices and Topological Processes in spinor Bose-Einstein condensatesBorgh, Dr MOUniversity of East Anglia 378,760 01 Jul 2021
Covariance regularization in data assimilation for coupled dynamical systemsLawless, Dr ASUniversity of Reading 80,595 29 Jun 2021
Electron Microscopy of Selected Proteins and Protein Complexes Through Preparative Mass SpectrometryRauschenbach, Professor SUniversity of Oxford 367,126 19 Jul 2021
Engineering Precision Medicine for the 21st CenturyStride, Professor EUniversity of Oxford 302,948 20 Jul 2021
Engineering with Nature: combining Artificial intelligence, Remote sensing and computer Models for the optimum design of coastal protection schemesLeonardi, Dr NUniversity of Liverpool 761,220 22 Jul 2021
FAIR: Framework for responsible adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the financial seRvices industrySzpruch, Dr LThe Alan Turing Institute 3,166,201 01 Jul 2021
Growth of hexagonal boron nitride for deep ultraviolet photonics, quantum emitters and van der Waals substratesBeton, Professor PUniversity of Nottingham 1,027,022 22 Jul 2021
Hex-PORTMAN: Heat Flux Splitting in Porous Materials for Thermal ManagementMAHMOUDI LARIMI, Dr YUniversity of Manchester, The 164,303 14 Jul 2021
Hidden haemodynamics: A Physics-InfOrmed, real-time recoNstruction framEwork for haEmodynamic virtual pRototyping and clinical support (PIONEER)Balabani, Professor SUCL 302,553 21 Jul 2021
Hybrid Deterministic/Statistical Multi-scale Modelling Techniques for 3D Woven CompositesEl Said, Dr B S FUniversity of Bristol 254,679 21 Jul 2021
ICE-PICK: Installation effects on cyclic axial and lateral performance of displacement piles in chalkCiantia, Dr M OUniversity of Dundee 310,664 21 Jul 2021
Imaging the brain with ultrasound full-waveform inversionWarner, Professor MRImperial College London 300,278 23 Jul 2021
Ionic Liquid Ion Sources: the Flexible Ion Beamryan, Dr cUniversity of Southampton 465,507 30 Jun 2021
Measurement-based entanglement of single-dopant As spin qubitsBuitelaar, Dr MRUCL 1,366,814 22 Jul 2021
Mechanobiology-based medicineSalmeron-Sanchez, Professor MUniversity of Glasgow 302,860 21 Jul 2021
Molecular Models for III-V Quantum DotsMatthews, Dr P DKeele University 177,374 01 Jul 2021
Molecularly aware robotics for surgery (MARS)Takats, Professor ZImperial College London 302,310 22 Jul 2021
Multiplexed AKI biomarker detection with a single molecule biosensorActis, Dr PUniversity of Leeds 299,972 20 Jul 2021
Multiscale Metrology Suite for Next-Generation Health NanotechnologiesRattray, Dr ZUniversity of Strathclyde 853,129 29 Jun 2021
Narrating Complexity: Exploring Multi-Actor TimelinesAbdul-Rahman, Dr AKings College London 268,922 29 Jun 2021
New Horizons in Multivariate Preprocessing (MULTIPROCESS)Maadapuzhi Sridharan, Dr RUniversity of Warwick 545,674 30 Jun 2021
Non-invasive Electrical Deep Brain Stimulation TechnologyGrossman, Dr NImperial College London 302,810 20 Jul 2021
Novel Characterisation of Nanoparticles as Lung Surfactant Protein Substitutes towards New Treatments for Infant Respiratory Distress SyndromeCampbell, Dr RAUniversity of Manchester, The 288,308 19 Jul 2021
PREDICTOR - PRE-symptomatic DIagnosis through adaptive optiCal Tomographic sensing Of the RetinaBooth, Professor MUniversity of Oxford 302,932 21 Jul 2021
Revolutionizing Medical Imaging (ReImagine) through Ubiquitous, Low-Dose, Automated Computed Tomography Diagnostic SystemsStranks, Dr SDUniversity of Cambridge 302,379 20 Jul 2021
Self-propelled soft robotic endoscopes for next-generation gastrointestinal surgery (ROBOGAST)Rodriguez y Baena, Professor FMImperial College London 298,586 20 Jul 2021
Shapeshifting MoleculesMcGonigal, Dr P RDurham, University of 1,194,270 20 Jul 2021
Shining a New Light on Photoredox Catalysis and Small Molecule ActivationScott, Dr DUniversity of Oxford 943,705 20 Jul 2021
Symbiotic Intrabody Networks for Bioelectronic TherapeuticsDegenaar, Professor PNewcastle University 302,148 20 Jul 2021
Technologies for an in-vitro carbon copy of lung diseaseCicuta, Professor PUniversity of Cambridge 302,804 23 Jul 2021
The noise is the signal: exploring physico-chemical fluctuations with multiscale experimental modelsThorneywork, Dr AUniversity of Cambridge 1,262,167 21 Jul 2021
The shadow of turbulence: algorithms and applicationsLasagna, Dr DUniversity of Southampton 432,506 29 Jun 2021
The shadow of turbulence: algorithms and applicationsPapadakis, Dr GImperial College London 519,096 29 Jun 2021
Towards Performance Portability in HPC applications for GPUs: An Autonomous ApproachReano, Dr CQueen's University of Belfast 177,818 30 Jun 2021
UK Institute of Microbiome EngineeringBarnes, Professor CUCL 247,749 22 Jul 2021

Total Number of Grants: 55
Total Value of Grants: £58,685,924

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).