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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A LEAP 5000 XS for the UK National Atom Probe FacilityMoody, Professor MPUniversity of Oxford 2,914,083 20 Dec 2018
A Multi-Component Strategy for the Synthesis of Complex Aliphatic Amines using Photo-redox CatalysisGaunt, Professor MUniversity of Cambridge 703,740 10 Jan 2019
Advancing Creative Circular Economies for Plastics via Technological-Social Transitions (ACCEPT Transitions)Rooney, Professor DQueen's University of Belfast 860,684 19 Dec 2018
Applied Off-site and On-site Collective Multi-Robot Autonomous Building ManufacturingStuart-Smith, Mr RUCL 1,201,254 18 Dec 2018
Automating Concrete Construction (ACORN)Shepherd, Dr PUniversity of Bath 1,243,062 18 Dec 2018
BIANDA: Bayesian Deep Atlases for Cardiac Motion Abnormality Assessment from Imaging and MetadataGooya, Dr AUniversity of Leeds 135,402 19 Dec 2018
Bridging Frameworks via Mirror SymmetryKelly, Dr T LUniversity of Birmingham 77,456 20 Dec 2018
Bridging the Gap Between Lattice Coding and Lattice Cryptography - Post-Quantum CryptographyLing, Dr CImperial College London 436,303 13 Dec 2018
Bridging the Gap Between Lattice Coding and Lattice Cryptography - Post-Quantum CryptographyAlbrecht, Dr MRoyal Holloway, Univ of London 379,964 13 Dec 2018
Chemobots: Digital-Chemical-Robotics to Convert Code to Molecules and Complex SystemsCronin, Professor LUniversity of Glasgow 5,034,017 13 Dec 2018
Complex-bearing Metal-Organic Frameworks: Snapshots of ReactionsChampness, Professor NRUniversity of Nottingham 1,508,484 18 Dec 2018
CONEXS: COllaborative NEtwork for X-ray SpectroscopyDiaz-Moreno, Dr SDiamond Light Source 29,237 08 Jan 2019
CONEXS: COllaborative NEtwork for X-ray SpectroscopyPenfold, Dr TJNewcastle University 103,012 08 Jan 2019
Co-operative Models for Evidence-based Healthcare Redistribution (CoMEHeRe)Brown, Professor A WUniversity of Exeter 184,160 13 Dec 2018
Correlative Mapping of Crystal Orientation and Chemistry at the NanoscaleHaigh, Dr SJUniversity of Manchester, The 1,385,872 09 Jan 2019
CRISPR ChemistryBrown, Professor TUniversity of Oxford 254,184 02 Jan 2019
Discovering twisted bilayer materials with strong electron correlationsLischner, Dr JImperial College London 445,157 09 Jan 2019
Discrete element modelling of clayMcDowell, Professor GUniversity of Nottingham 508,049 04 Jan 2019
Engineering Microbial Consortia for IndustryPandhal, Dr JUniversity of Sheffield 18,443 14 Dec 2018
EPSRC-SFI:Energy Efficient M Communication using Combs (EEMC)Ellis, Professor ADAston University 634,133 20 Dec 2018
Exponentially Algebraically Closed FieldsKirby, Dr PJUniversity of East Anglia 319,862 17 Dec 2018
High resolution, cryogenic analytical and transfer scanning electron microscope (HR-CAT-SEM)Khlobystov, Professor AUniversity of Nottingham 1,564,542 19 Dec 2018
InfoTestSS: Information theory and Test Suite SelectionHierons, Professor RUniversity of Sheffield 294,170 17 Dec 2018
Injury & Reconstruction Biomechanics Test SuiteMasouros, Dr SImperial College London 1,281,963 04 Jan 2019
In-situ NMR-based methodology for screening and optimisation of heterogenised organocatalytic systemsD'Agostino, Dr CUniversity of Manchester, The 187,839 09 Jan 2019
Integrable turbulence and rogue waves: semi-classical nonlinear Schrödinger equation frameworkEl, Professor GNorthumbria, University of 194,233 14 Dec 2018
Integrating Conversational AI and Augmented Reality with BIM for faster and collaborative on-site Construction Assemblage (Conversational-BIM)Oyedele, Professor LOUniversity of the West of England 1,219,545 18 Dec 2018
Looking and Listening in Complex MediaFaccio, Professor DFAUniversity of Glasgow 649,146 04 Jan 2019
Looking and listening through complex mediaBertolotti, Dr JUniversity of Exeter 360,268 04 Jan 2019
Manufacturing integrated building components using digital hybrid Concrete Printing (HCP) technologyBuswell, Dr RALoughborough University 1,222,952 18 Dec 2018
MIDAS - Mechanistic understanding of Irradiation Damage in fuel AssembliesPreuss, Professor MUniversity of Manchester, The 7,226,655 07 Jan 2019
Modelling removal and re-introduction data for improved conservationMcCrea, Dr RUniversity of Kent 357,827 17 Dec 2018
Modern Linear Algebra for PDE-Constrained Optimisation Models for Huge-Scale Data AnalysisPearson, Dr JWUniversity of Edinburgh 231,608 14 Dec 2018
NAMS: Native ambient mass spectrometryCooper, Professor HJUniversity of Birmingham 1,241,472 08 Jan 2019
New Reagents for Protein ModificationBaud, Dr MUniversity of Southampton 195,281 07 Jan 2019
NEXT GENERATION RUTHENIUM-CATALYSTS FOR LATE STAGE C-H FUNCTIONALISATIONLarrosa, Professor IUniversity of Manchester, The 479,276 09 Jan 2019
Non-Ergodic Quantum ManipulationPepper, Professor Sir MUCL 7,032,540 18 Dec 2018
Pressure-dependent In-Situ Monitoring of Granular MaterialsFlorence, Professor AJUniversity of Strathclyde 519,464 19 Dec 2018
Signal Sensing, Design and Delivery for Electronic WarfareClerckx, Dr BImperial College London 520,757 08 Jan 2019
Signal Sensing, Design and Delivery for Electronic WarfareGriffiths, Professor HUCL 492,220 08 Jan 2019
Stable Prediction of Defect-Inducing Software Changes (SPDISC)Minku, Dr LUniversity of Birmingham 47,775 17 Dec 2018
Support for the UKCP consortiumTeobaldi, Dr GSTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 6,500 11 Jan 2019
THz metamaterial/graphene optoelectronic modulatorsDegl'Innocenti, Dr RLancaster University 213,606 17 Dec 2018
UK FIRES: Locating Resource Efficiency at the heart of Future Industrial Strategy in the UKAllwood, Professor JMUniversity of Cambridge 5,176,328 07 Jan 2019
Underpinning Mechanistic Studies of NHC-Organocatalysis: A Breslow Intermediate Reactivity ScaleO'Donoghue, Dr ACDurham, University of 435,967 09 Jan 2019
Underpinning Mechanistic Studies of NHC-Organocatalysis: A Breslow Intermediate Reactivity ScaleSmith, Professor ADUniversity of St Andrews 398,308 09 Jan 2019
Writing nanomagnets: Investigation of new magnetic nanostructures fabricated by focussed electron and ion beamsFernandez-Pacheco, Dr AUniversity of Glasgow 189,738 02 Jan 2019

Total Number of Grants: 47
Total Value of Grants: £50,116,539

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).