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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
3D Nanoscale chemical analysis: a FIBSEM-SIMS facility optimised for soft and composite materialsBrydson, Professor RMDUniversity of Leeds 1,726,123 05 Jan 2021
A new concept for compact radiation shielding: Reactive sintered tungsten borocarbidesMarshall, Dr J MUniversity of Warwick 1,118,023 18 Dec 2020
A Platform for Chemical Probe Identification and Optimization Facilitating Interrogation of Biological MechanismsWilson, Professor AJUniversity of Leeds 1,147,345 07 Jan 2021
A single-crystal X-ray diffractometer for the structural analysis of molecular compounds, macromolecules and materialsGoicoechea, Professor JMUniversity of Oxford 688,056 18 Dec 2020
Additional Funding for Mathematical Sciences: Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical ResearchGrimmett, Professor GUniversity of Bristol 20,000,000 22 Dec 2020
Additional Funding for Mathematical Sciences: Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical SciencesAbrahams, Professor IDUniversity of Cambridge 10,000,000 18 Dec 2020
Advanced Functional Materials Spectroscopy: Lab-based X-ray AdsorptionBeaumont, Dr SKDurham, University of 690,857 04 Jan 2021
Algebraic spline geometry: towards algorithmic shape representationVillamizar, Dr NSwansea University 307,189 18 Dec 2020
ATLAS - Automated high-throughput platform suite for accelerated molecular systems discoveryPetit, Dr CImperial College London 1,281,110 05 Jan 2021
Centre for Rapid Online Analysis of Reactions (ROAR), Phase IIHii, Professor KK(Imperial College London 231,296 18 Dec 2020
Dial-up Engineered Microstructures for Advanced Additively Manufactured Metals (DEMAMM)Tuck, Professor CJUniversity of Nottingham 1,809,056 18 Dec 2020
Exact Coherent Structures in Viscoelastic TurbulenceKerswell, Professor RUniversity of Cambridge 466,610 18 Dec 2020
Expanding the Horizons of Imaging: Real-time Tracking of Drugs in the BrainGriffiths, Dr RUniversity of Nottingham 202,382 18 Dec 2020
Geometry from Donaldson-Thomas invariantsBridgeland, Professor TUniversity of Sheffield 615,457 18 Dec 2020
Graph theory in higher dimensionsGeorgakopoulos, Dr AUniversity of Warwick 377,948 18 Dec 2020
Higher Algebra and Quantum ProtocolsVicary, Dr JOUniversity of Cambridge 234,355 18 Dec 2020
Intermediate range order effects in radioactive waste glasses: implications for aqueous durability and mechanical propertiesPatel, Dr M KUniversity of Liverpool 863,375 18 Dec 2020
INTUIT: 'Interaction Design for Trusted Sharing of Personal Health Data to Live Well with HIV'Durrant, Professor ACNewcastle University 395,170 18 Dec 2020
Laser-PEEM/LEEM Facility for Multidisciplinary Nanoscience ImagingDhesi, Dr SSDiamond Light Source 805,845 05 Jan 2021
Limit shapes for square ice and tails of the KPZ equationBothner, Dr T JUniversity of Bristol 265,588 17 Dec 2020
Microstructural engineering of piezoelectric compositesRoscow, Dr J IUniversity of Bath 256,337 21 Dec 2020
Midlands Mag-Lab: A versatile magnetometry facility for advanced materials characterisationClark, Dr LUniversity of Birmingham 767,527 07 Jan 2021
Modelling anomalous transport of nanoparticles and DNA repair to improve radiotherapyFedotov, Professor SUniversity of Manchester, The 702,576 17 Dec 2020
New challenges in robust statistical learningCannings, Dr T IUniversity of Edinburgh 266,366 21 Dec 2020
Non-volatile programmable components for the superconducting computerBurnell, Dr GUniversity of Leeds 513,531 11 Jan 2021
QUERY: Integrated quantum and electron microscopy for nanoscale imaging and sensingMather, Professor MUniversity of Nottingham 202,357 18 Dec 2020
Re-Imagining Engineering Design: Growing Radical Cyber-Physical-Socio PhenotypesPrice, Professor MQueen's University of Belfast 7,355,902 18 Dec 2020
Self-limiting Growth Mechanisms for Stable Monolayer Films of Non-van-der-Waals OxidesHofmann, Professor SUniversity of Cambridge 202,154 17 Dec 2020
Solution Processed Inorganic Thin-Film Photovoltaic Devices (SolPV)Bowers, Dr JLoughborough University 496,079 11 Jan 2021
Solution-Processed Inorganic Thin-Film Photovoltaic Devices (SolPV)Fermin, Professor DJUniversity of Bristol 862,980 11 Jan 2021
Solution-processed inorganic Thin-Film photovoltaic devices (SolPV)Tiwari, Dr DNorthumbria, University of 607,164 11 Jan 2021
Statistical Network Analysis: Model Selection, Differential Privacy, and Dynamic StructuresYao, Professor QLondon School of Economics & Pol Sci 501,156 08 Jan 2021
Strategy Logics for the Verification of Security ProtocolsBelardinelli, Dr FImperial College London 8,996 11 Jan 2021
Studies in Computing to enable research and teaching on Electronic Literature and Digital CultureFülöp, Dr ELancaster University 119,839 14 Jan 2021
Tomo-SAXS: Imaging full-field molecular-to-macroscale biophysics of fibrous tissuesTerrill, Dr NJDiamond Light Source 91,291 18 Dec 2020
Tomo-SAXS: Imaging full-field molecular-to-macroscale biophysics of fibrous tissuesGupta, Dr HQueen Mary University of London 451,557 18 Dec 2020
Tomo-SAXS: Imaging full-field molecular-to-macroscale biophysics of fibrous tissuesLee, Professor PUCL 323,799 18 Dec 2020
Tomo-SAXS: Imaging full-field molecular-to-macroscale biophysics of fibrous tissuesSherratt, Dr MUniversity of Manchester, The 48,100 18 Dec 2020

Total Number of Grants: 38
Total Value of Grants: £57,003,494

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).