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"Grants on the Web" (GOW) allows on-line searching of EPSRC's research, training and public engagement grants.

Please note that GoW is a dynamic tool and the information is updated accordingly. Therefore, while the data displayed is as accurate and up to date as possible, care should be taken when making comparisons with static data held elsewhere on the EPSRC website.

How to use Grants on the Web


On the Grants on the Web home page you can choose to access a number of searches:

"Current Grant Portfolio" allows you to browse or search current EPSRC research, training and public engagement grants. Use the menu that appears on each screen to start a 'top level' search by EPSRC research areas, research topic, industrial sector, scheme, socio-economic theme, region, organisation or project partners.

You can select an item in the table of results for each search and 'drill down' (refine the search) to obtain screens with successively more detail. For example, if you begin a search by Organisation and choose Aston University from the list, you can then 'drill down' through a list of departments to see the individual grants held in each department.

From all screens, you can also shortcut to other searches by clicking on the appropriate link (on the blue menu bar).

"Researcher" allows you to type in all or part of a surname to get a list of researchers with that text in their surname. Select a researcher to display research grants held by them, both current and in the past.

"Panel Information" gives outcomes of panel meetings together with a summary of recently awarded grants.

"Recent Announcements" displays all grants announced by EPSRC within the previous five weeks. Selecting the individual grant allows full details to be displayed.

Search Starting Points

The available starting points for a search are:

Current Grant Portfolio

Type in all or part of a surname to get a list of researchers with that text in their name. Please note that this search is not case sensitive. The system will apply a "wildcard" before and after the text you type (for example, entering "ith" or "Smi" will return the surname "Smith"). Select a researcher to display research grants held by them, both current and in the past. Grants are annotated to show whether the researcher was the Principal or Co-Investigator. Further details of each grant are available by 'drilling down'.

Panel Information
Enter the panel name (if known) or search using panel date as the parameter. Selecting a panel will show details of funding decisions and, one month after the panel, details of panel membership. For those grants that have been funded, further drill downs are available giving further details of the award. Please note that this is a dynamic tool and the funding rates may changes until all decisions are finalised, usually within a month of the panel having taken place.

Quarterly Summaries
This gives a breakdown of the overall success rate statistics by selected quarter.

Gow Search
Currently, this will allow searches by keyword. However, the resulting information is somewhat comprehensive in nature and thus not always that clear or useful. Consequently, further developments are planned to allow users to select (and deselect) various filters to obtain more focused, and hence useful, search results.

Je-S pre-award Tracker
The Progress Checker functionality in Grants on the Web has not be restored, as this functionality is now available through the Pre-Award Tracker in JeS. If you want to comment on the Pre-Award Tracker, please post your comments on the JeS Discussion Forum. For other queries about it, please contact the JeS HelpDesk.

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Sorting Search Results

On most tables, the results can be re-sorted by clicking the column headings. This will sort alphabetically or numerically as appropriate.

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Current grant
the definition used by Grants on the Web includes announced grants that have not yet started and grants up to their actual end date (NB : completed grants where financial reconciliation is still to take place are now excluded). Please note that grants that are under revision are also excluded.

this it the total announced amount awarded to the grant holding organisation over the lifetime of the grant. In some cases, funds are awarded to cover the costs of access to facilities. These funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation and are thus not displayed on Grants on the Web.

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Personal Contact Information

Grants on the Web is one of the tools EPSRC uses to promote interaction between researchers, industry, other users and the public. It therefore includes contact details for grant holders. This includes business email address, telephone and fax numbers where these are held by EPSRC. EPSRC recognises the growth and problems associated with unsolicited e-mails (otherwise known as "SPAM") and, wherever possible, will use software or other approaches to limit "email harvesting" from Grants on the Web. Notwithstanding this, individuals may request that EPSRC withhold their e-mail details from Grants on the Web.

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Caveats and Feedback

The EPSRC database which Grants on the Web utilises holds text (titles and abstracts) as provided by applicants with minimal modification. The "Free Text" search will only identify grants where an exact match is found.

Other caveats are shown on the appropriate search screen and elsewhere in this User Guide, in particular where summing the number and values of awards is not appropriate and will lead to false information.

A number of links on Grants on the Web lead to external websites over which EPSRC has no control. We do not accept responsibility for the information contained on these websites.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information held on Grants on the Web is accurate. However we would be pleased to hear from you if you identify possible errors or instances where the information appears to be inaccurate or misleading. In addition, we welcome feedback on the type of information you want to be able to access, as well as the overall utility of the service.

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; your feedback will be used to inform future developments of Grants on the Web.