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Researcher Details
Name: Professor IJ Fairlamb
Organisation: University of York
Department: Chemistry
Current EPSRC-Supported Research Topics:
Catalysis & Applied Catalysis Chemical Synthetic Methodology

Current EPSRC Support
EP/V048139/1 Stereospecific Csp3-Csp2 Cross-Coupling of Saturated Heterocyclic Boronates: A Transformative Disconnection for Drug Discovery(C)
EP/T01430X/1 Catalytic Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Amides in Water(C)
EP/S009965/1 A Fully-Automated Robotic System For Intelligent Chemical Reaction Screening(P)
Previous EPSRC Support
EP/K039660/1 Core Capability - University of York(C)
EP/E046754/1 Operando Studies of Palladium-Catalysed Cross-Coupling Surface Chemistry(C)
EP/D078776/1 Pd(II)/Pd(IV) Catalytic Cycles involving Pseudohalides in Cross-Coupling Processes: Mechanistic Studies and Synthetic Applications(P)
EP/E005152/1 Tuneable organometallic and organic carbon monoxide (CO) releasing molecules: controlling the rate and extent of CO release(P)
GR/S94926/01 Ruthenium-Catalysed Asymmetric Cycloisomerisation of 1,6-dienes and 1,6-enynes(P)
GR/R82241/01 High Throughput 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Sunthetic, Clean and Biological Organic Chemistry(R)
Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator, (R)=Researcher Co-Investigator