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Researcher Details
Name: Professor S Bose
Organisation: UCL
Department: Physics and Astronomy
Current EPSRC-Supported Research Topics:
Artificial Intelligence Cold Atomic Species
Condensed Matter Physics Fundamentals of Computing
Optical Devices & Subsystems Optoelect. Devices & Circuits
Quantum Optics & Information

Current EPSRC Support
EP/W000520/1 Measurement-based entanglement of single-dopant As spin qubits(C)
EP/S021582/1 EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Delivering Quantum Technologies(C)
EP/R029075/1 Non-Ergodic Quantum Manipulation(C)
EP/S000267/1 Laser refrigeration on the nanoscale: From nanocryostats to quantum optomechanics(C)
EP/L015242/1 EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Delivering Quantum Technologies(C)
Previous EPSRC Support
EP/N031105/1 Quantum Cavity Optomechanics of Levitated Nanoparticles: from Foundations to Technologies(C)
EP/J014664/1 Nonclassicalities and Quantum Control at the Nanoscale(P)
EP/K004077/1 Nanoelectronic Based Quantum Physics- Technology and Applications.(C)
EP/J007137/1 Hybrid Superconductor-Semiconductor Devices for Majorana Fermion Detection(C)
EP/F049145/1 Developing coherent states as a resource in quantum technology(P)
EP/D073421/1 Spin Chain Connectors, Entanglement by Measurements and Mesoscopic Quantum Coherence(P)
GR/S62796/01 Quantum Computation & Communication using Spin Chains & Related Systems(P)
Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator, (R)=Researcher Co-Investigator