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Researcher Details
Name: Professor S Sezer
Organisation: Queen's University of Belfast
Department: Sch of Electronics, Elec Eng & Comp Sci
Current EPSRC-Supported Research Topics:
Computer Sys. & Architecture Mobile Computing

Current EPSRC Support
EP/W020408/1 SPRITE+ 2: The Security, Privacy, Identity and Trust Engagement Networkplus (phase 2).(C)
Previous EPSRC Support
EP/S035869/1 SPRITE+: The Security, Privacy, Identity, and Trust Engagement NetworkPlus(C)
EP/N508664/1 CSIT 2(C)
EP/M002837/1 Converged Approach towards Resilient Industrial control systems and Cyber Assurance (CAPRICA)(P)
EP/K003445/1 Network in Internet and Mobile Malicious Software (NIMBUS)(P)
EP/J020540/1 Accelerated Real-Time Information Extraction System (ARIES)(P)
EP/J012149/1 Providing Autonomous Capabilities for Evolving SCADA (PACES)(C)
EP/J006238/1 Centre for Secure Information Technologies - Tranche 2 Proposal(C)
EP/H049606/1 Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT)(C)
EP/G034303/1 Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT)(C)
EP/E028640/1 ISIS - An Integrated Sensor Information System for Crime Prevention(C)
Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator, (R)=Researcher Co-Investigator