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Researcher Details
Name: Professor OK Matar
Organisation: Imperial College London
Department: Chemical Engineering
Current EPSRC-Supported Research Topics:
Chemical Biology Complex fluids & soft solids
Design of Process systems Fluid Dynamics
Heat & Mass Transfer Microsystems
Multiphase Flow Plasmas - Laser & Fusion

Current EPSRC Support
EP/X015351/1 Spray cooling high power dissipation Applications (SANGRIA): From fundamentals to Design(P)
EP/X025373/1 Inertial Fusion Energy: Optimising High Energy Density Physics in Complex Geometries(C)
EP/V056891/1 ANTENNA - Advanced tools for predictive cleaning in a world of resource scarcity(C)
EP/T03338X/1 BOiliNg flows in SmAll and mIcrochannels (BONSAI): From Fundamentals to Design(C)
EP/T000414/1 PREdictive Modelling with QuantIfication of UncERtainty for MultiphasE Systems (PREMIERE)(P)
Previous EPSRC Support
EP/V048996/1 Extreme volumetric imaging using single-shot optical tomography with compressive sensing(C)
EP/V036777/1 Risk EvaLuatIon fAst iNtelligent Tool (RELIANT) for COVID19(C)
EP/S019545/1 Enhanced Multiscale Boiling Surfaces (EMBOSS): From Fundamentals to Design(P)
EP/P033180/1 MUltiphase Flow-induced Fluid-flexible structure InteractioN in Subsea applications (MUFFINS)(P)
EP/R005761/1 Smart-GeoWells: Smart technologies for optimal design, drilling, completion and management of geothermal wells(C)
EP/M012794/1 Reactor core-structure re-location modelling for severe nuclear accidents(C)
EP/L020564/1 Multiscale Analysis of Complex Interfacial Phenomena (MACIPh): Coarse graining, Molecular modelling, stochasticity, and experimentation(C)
EP/L022176/1 FPP3D: Coupling frontal photopolymerisation and interfacial wrinkling for single shot 3D patterning(C)
EP/L016230/1 EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics across Scales(C)
EP/J010502/1 Engineering and control of surfactant-laden flows: multi-scale analysis and experiments(P)
EP/K003976/1 Multi-scale Exploration of MultiPhase Physics In FlowS (MEMPHIS)(P)
EP/E056466/1 Dynamics of liquids spreading on compliant substrates(P)
EP/E046029/1 Predictive Analysis of Complex Interfacial Flows (PACIF)(P)
EP/F009194/1 Advanced experimental and numerical methods for te prediction of complex gas liquid annular flows(P)
EP/E027156/1 Dynamics and stability of thin liquid films and slender jets: workshop proposal(P)
EP/E021468/1 Interfacial behaviour in stratified and stratifying annular flows(C)
EP/E027393/1 Symmetry breaking via amplifying autocatalysis probed by microflow engineering(C)
EP/D503051/1 Fouling in heat exchangers of crude distillation units(C)
EP/D50371X/1 Nonlinear Bubble-Sound Interaction Phenomena(C)
GR/S35660/01 Efficient and Reliable Computation of Technologically Important Thin Film Flows(C)
GR/R63295/01 Multiscale Investigation of phase inversion in concentrated liquid-liquid dispersions(R)
GR/R56044/01 Multi-Scale Investigation of Phase Inversion in concentrated liquid-liquid dispersions.(C)
GR/R56044/01 Multi-Scale Investigation of Phase Inversion in concentrated liquid-liquid dispersions.(R)
GR/R54699/01 Multi-scale Investigation of phase inversion in concentrated liquid-liquid dispersions.(C)
GR/R04676/01 IMI: Spinning Disc Reactor For Desktop Drug Manufacture(C)
GR/R16853/01 The Application of Boundary Integral Methods To Free-Surface Problems: Visit of Prof. C. Pozrikidis (Ucsd)(P)
Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator, (R)=Researcher Co-Investigator