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Researcher Details
Name: Professor G McHale
Organisation: University of Edinburgh
Department: Sch of Engineering
Current EPSRC-Supported Research Topics:
Bioenergy Biomaterials
Biophysics Energy - Marine & Hydropower
Fluid Dynamics Materials Characterisation
Materials Processing Materials Synthesis & Growth
Materials testing & eng. Solar Technology
Surfaces & Interfaces Wind Power

Current EPSRC Support
EP/V049348/1 Biofilm Resistant Liquid-like Solid Surfaces in Flow Situations(P)
EP/T025158/1 Wetting of Auxetic Metamaterials(P)
EP/S023836/1 EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (ReNU)(P)
Previous EPSRC Support
EP/R036837/2 Dynamic Dewetting: Designing and Breaking Novel Morphologies of Liquid Films(P)
EP/P005896/2 New Engineering Concepts from Phase Transitions: A Leidenfrost Engine(P)
EP/R036837/1 Dynamic Dewetting: Designing and Breaking Novel Morphologies of Liquid Films(P)
EP/P005896/1 New Engineering Concepts from Phase Transitions: A Leidenfrost Engine(P)
EP/P018998/1 Thin Film Acoustic Wave Platform for Conformable and Mechanically Flexible Biosensors(C)
EP/L026899/1 Lubricating Channel and Tube Flows - Fluid Sheathing using Textured Walls(P)
EP/K014803/1 Dielectrowetting: Controlling Oleo- and Hydrophilicity and Shaping Liquid Surfaces(P)
EP/I016414/1 Smart Materials - Designing for Functionality(P)
EP/H000704/1 Particle based superhydrophobic surfaces: Lab models-to-field sample behaviour(P)
EP/G057265/1 Engineering of surfaces for drag reduction in water with validation using computational and experimental methods(P)
EP/G501629/1 Industrial CASE Account - Nottingham Trent 2008(P)
EP/P504260/1 DTA - Nottingham Trent University(P)
EP/E063489/1 Exploiting the solid-liquid interface(P)
EP/E043097/1 Enhancing Water Sports Performance(P)
EP/P502640/1 DTA - Nottingham Trent University(P)
EP/D03826X/1 An Integrated, Single Pass Analysis Chip for Ionic Liquids(P)
EP/C536630/1 Next Generation Love Waves(P)
EP/D500826/1 Drag Reduction & Slip at Solid-Liquid interfaces(P)
GR/T24524/01 Acoustic wave technique to assess MHC-peptide interactions(C)
EP/C509161/1 Extreme Soil Water Repellency(C)
EP/C547462/1 Collaborative Training Account: Nottingham Trent University(P)
GR/S34168/01 Voltage switchable super-hydrophobicity(P)
GR/P03056/01 DTA - Nottingham Trent University(P)
GR/S30573/01 Acoustic Wave Theory and Experiment(P)
GR/P01526/01 DTA - Nottingham Trent University(P)
GR/R36718/01 Measurement of atmospheric particulate matter using surface acoustic wave devices(C)
GR/P00413/01 DTA - Nottingham Trent University(P)
GR/R02184/01 Systematic Physical and Chemical Design of Surfaces With Controlled Super-Hydrophobicity/Hydrophility(P)
Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator, (R)=Researcher Co-Investigator