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Researcher Details
Name: Professor M Plumbley
Organisation: University of Surrey
Department: Vision Speech and Signal Proc CVSSP
Current EPSRC-Supported Research Topics:
Acoustics Artificial Intelligence
Computational Linguistics Computer Graphics & Visual.
Digital Signal Processing Human Communication in ICT
Human-Computer Interactions Image & Vision Computing
Materials testing & eng. Multimedia
Music & Acoustic Technology

Current EPSRC Support
EP/V007866/1 EPSRC UK Acoustics Network Plus(C)
EP/V002856/1 Multimodal Video Search by Examples (MVSE)(C)
EP/T019751/1 AI for Sound(P)
EP/T022205/1 JADE: Joint Academic Data science Endeavour - 2(C)
EP/P022529/1 Audio-Visual Media Research Platform(C)
EP/L01632X/1 EPSRC and AHRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Media and Arts Technology(C)
Previous EPSRC Support
EP/N014111/1 Making Sense of Sounds(P)
EP/L027119/2 Musical Audio Repurposing using Source Separation(P)
EP/M507088/1 Audio Data Exploration: New Insights and Value(P)
EP/L027119/1 Musical Audio Repurposing using Source Separation(P)
EP/K009559/1 Platform Grant: Digital Music(P)
EP/H043101/1 Sustainable Software for Digital Music and Audio Research(P)
EP/H013059/1 Information and neural dynamics in the perception of musical structure(P)
EP/G03723X/1 Doctoral Training Centre in Digital Music and Media for the Creative Economy(C)
EP/H500162/1 Knowledge Transfer Account - Queen Mary, University of London(P)
EP/G007144/1 Machine Listening using Sparse Representations(P)
EP/E045235/1 Platform Grant: Centre for Digital Music(P)
EP/E017614/1 OMRAS2: A Distributed Research Environment for Music Informatics and Computational Musicology(C)
EP/D000246/2 Sparse Representations for Signal Processing and Coding(C)
EP/D000246/1 Sparse Representations for Signal Processing and Coding(C)
GR/S82213/01 Techniques and Algorithms for Understanding the Information Dynamics of Music(P)
EP/C005554/1 NETWORK: Blind Source Separation and Independent Component Analysis Network(P)
GR/S75802/01 Object-based Coding of Musical Audio(P)
GR/S85900/01 Advanced Subband Systems for Audio Source Separation(P)
GR/R64810/01 NETWORK: Music Processing Network (MuProNet)(P)
GR/R54620/01 Automatic Polyphonic Music Transcription Using Multiple Cause Models and Independant Component Analysis.(P)
Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator, (R)=Researcher Co-Investigator