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Researcher Details
Name: Professor K Morrison
Organisation: Loughborough University
Department: Physics
Current EPSRC-Supported Research Topics:
Condensed Matter Physics Electronic Devices & Subsys.
Materials Characterisation Materials Synthesis & Growth

Current EPSRC Support
EP/X030245/1 National Facility for High Resolution CL Analysis of Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Devices(C)
EP/W006243/1 Rapid Prototyping of Novel Devices with In-situ Deposition, Imaging and Nanolithography(P)
Previous EPSRC Support
EP/V048767/1 Seeing magnons at spin-to-charge conversion interfaces(C)
EP/T024704/1 Loughborough University EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment(C)
EP/T006412/1 Integrated atomic force and confocal fluorescence lifetime imaging microscope with fibre-coupled infrared detector for materials research(C)
EP/P030599/1 Underpinning Multi-User Equipment(C)
EP/P006221/1 Reliable, Scalable and Affordable Thermoelectrics: Spin Seebeck Based Devices for Energy Harvesting(P)
EP/L024918/1 Feasibility of heat conversion to electricity by new spin Seebeck based thermoelectrics(P)
Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator, (R)=Researcher Co-Investigator