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Researcher Details
Name: Dr RJ Houghton
Organisation: University of Nottingham
Department: Faculty of Engineering
Current EPSRC-Supported Research Topics:
Artificial Intelligence Design Engineering
Human Communication in ICT Human-Computer Interactions
Information & Knowledge Mgmt Networks & Distributed Systems
Statistics & Appl. Probability Transport Ops & Management

Current EPSRC Support
EP/S515814/1 RCUK Catapult Researchers in Residence award (High Value Manufacturing WMG- TSC- SAC) - CAV occupant sensing for reassurance and remanufacture(P)
EP/M02315X/1 From Human Data to Personal Experience(C)
Previous EPSRC Support
There is no previous EPSRC Support
Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator, (R)=Researcher Co-Investigator