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Partner: University of Oxford

Grant TitleHolding OrganisationValue (£)
[SaFEGen]: A Statistical Framework for efficient Evidence Generation in diagnosticsNewcastle University 663,175
A correct-by-construction approach to approximate computationUniversity of Strathclyde 692,875
A Facility for Cryo-Enabled Multi-microscopy for Nanoscale Analysis in the Engineering and Physical Sciences (Cryo-EPS)Imperial College London 10,294,044
ActivATOR - Active AudiTiOn for RobotsUniversity of Southampton 443,263
Adaptive Decision Making for Urban Energy TransformationUniversity of Leeds 825,888
Advanced Research into Crystallographic Anisotropy & Nucleation Effects in single crystals (ARCANE)University of Birmingham 4,496,423
Advanced shielding materials to enable compact fusion reactorsImperial College London 1,115,686
An ultra-fast ultra-broadband photonic measurement facilityUniversity of Southampton 2,107,782
Billiard Field TheoryNorthumbria, University of 414,764
Bionics+: User Centred Design and Usability of Bionic DevicesUniversity of Warwick 902,307
CCP-WSI+ Collaborative Computational Project on Wave Structure Interaction +University of Plymouth 312,512
Coffee rings and ridges: predicting late-time deposit profiles in evaporating dropletsUniversity of Hull 21,760
CORNERSTONE 2.5University of Southampton 1,538,492
CSIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre Phase 2University of Cambridge 3,163,720
Data Science of the Natural EnvironmentLancaster University 2,656,400
Developing Devices that use Biotemplated Nanoparticles for Sustainable Energy GenerationUniversity of Leeds 458,479
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Geospatial SystemsNewcastle University 6,975,775
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Water Infrastructure and ResilienceCranfield University 6,904,661
EPSRC-FNR Collaborative Proposal: Radiative Efficiency in Advanced Sulfide Chalcopyrites for Solar Cells (REACh)University of Cambridge 268,590
EPSRC-SFI: Non-Equilibrium Steady-States of Quantum many-body systems: uncovering universality and thermodynamics (QuamNESS)University of Bristol 634,206
EXHIBIT : Expressive High-Level Languages for Bidirectional TransformationsUniversity of Bristol 427,420
Exponential asymptotics for multi-dimensional systems in fluid mechanicsUniversity of Bath 361,082
Firedrake: high performance, high productivity simulation for the continuum mechanics community.Imperial College London 688,848
Frictional fluid dynamics of granular flows; uniting experiments, simulation and theorySwansea University 331,464
Future Electric Vehicle Energy Networks supporting Renewables (FEVER)University of Southampton 6,628,841
High End Computing Consortium for Wave Structure Interaction HEC WSIUniversity of Plymouth 355,960
Highly Efficient Elastic Perovskite Solar CellsUniversity of Strathclyde 904,088
ICE-PICK: Installation effects on cyclic axial and lateral performance of displacement piles in chalkUniversity of Dundee 310,664
Immunoengineering Body Fat: Modelling microphages in a 3D-bioprinted human adipose tissue modelUniversity of Bristol 202,159
Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC)Heriot-Watt University 19,903,412
Low Temperature Heat Recovery and Distribution Network Technologies (LoT-NET)University of Warwick 5,388,928
Making Cubature on Wiener Space WorkUniversity of York 105,205
Mechanistic Understanding of the Damage and Fracture in Ceramic-Matrix Composites under Extreme ConditionsUniversity of Bristol 277,790
Multimetallic CO2 Reduction Catalysts as Artificial CofactorsUniversity of Leicester 165,322
Narrating Complexity: Exploring Multi-Actor TimelinesKings College London 268,922
National Facility for High Resolution CL Analysis of Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic DevicesLoughborough University 2,668,403
Network headroom, engineering upgrades and public acceptance (NEUPA): Connecting engineering for heat system change to consumers and citizensImperial College London 1,232,009
New Fuel Assemblies for Advanced Nuclear TechnologiesUniversity of Manchester, The 683,455
Nominal String DiagramsUniversity of Birmingham 429,879
NP2: Hybrid Nanoparticle-Nanoporous nitride materials as a novel precision manufacture route to optoelectronic devicesUniversity of Cambridge 202,164
OntoEm: Semantic Embedding for OntologiesUniversity of Manchester, The 449,494
Predictive multiscale free energy simulations of hybrid transition metal catalystsSTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 682,674
Quantum and Many Body Physics Enabled by Advanced Semiconductor NanotechnologyUniversity of Sheffield 6,146,505
Quantum GaN-O-PhotonicsUniversity of Cambridge 660,117
Soft colloidal quantum Wells IMage Sensing (SWIMS)Cardiff University 343,447
Terabit Bidirectional Multi-user Optical Wireless System (TOWS) for 6G LiFiKings College London 3,692,896
Transforming networks - building an intelligent optical infrastructure (TRANSNET)UCL 6,105,916
UKAEA / EPSRC Fusion Grant 2022/27Culham Centre for Fusion Energy 77,400,000
Understanding and engineering dissipation in nanoscale quantum devicesUniversity of St Andrews 423,082
Unravelling the mechanobiology of the craniofacial system- towards a novel therapy (CranioMech)UCL 1,548,699
York: Transforming Research-Oriented Software EngineeringUniversity of York 810,261

Total Number of Grants: 51
Total Value of Grants: £184,689,912

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).