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Panel Name: EPSRC ICT Prioritisation Panel July 2017
Date of Panel: 19 July 2017
Panel Contact: Scott, Matthew

Panel Rank Ordered List:  d: ICT Fellowship Extensions

RankGrant ReferencePrincipal InvestigatorHolding OrganisationGrant TitleValue (£)
Motik, Professor BUniversity of OxfordAnaLOG: Datalog Extensions for the Analysis of Static and Streaming Data (Ext.)639,838
Haas, Professor HUniversity of EdinburghTowards 100 Gigabit Wireless Networking by Light (Go-by-Light) (Ext.)1,085,375
  Not Funded 
  Not Funded 


  1. To maintain the anonymity of applicants, full details are available only for those proposals that have been funded.
  2. The number shown is the rank assigned by the panel at the meeting.
  3. Where proposals have the same number, these are joint proposals that were considered as a single application.
  4. Proposals showing as 'Decision Awaited' are given a rank 'n/a' until the decision has been made, and then the final rank will appear.
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