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EPSRC Reference: GR/S85955/01
Title: Radiation-Induced Modification Of Electro-Optical Properties Of Amorphous And Polycrystalline Silicon Carbide Films
Principal Investigator: Sellin, Professor PJ
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Research Centre Juelich
Department: Department of Physics
Organisation: University of Surrey
Scheme: Standard Research (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 15 November 2004 Ends: 14 June 2005 Value (£): 28,024
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Materials Processing
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This proposal is for a 7 month Visiting Fellowship for Dr Tania Tsvetkova. Dr Tsvetkova will visit the University of Surrey to characterise the radiationinduced modification of electrical and optical properties of silicon carbide (SIC) thin films, and to assess their suitability for optical data storage and large area imaging sensors. SIC is a wide bandgap semiconductor with a unique set of mechanical and electrical properties, well suited for sensor applications, including ionising radiation and UV imaging, and optical data storage. High quality thin film SIC is now becoming available in amorphous and polycrystalline forms, and up until now little work has been done on the fundamental electro-optical characterisation of these materials. In this project we will obtain thin film SIC from Dr Tsvetkova's home institute in Sofia, and from Dr Reinhard Carius in Juelich, and study radiation-induced modification of electrical defects, charge trapping, material bandgap, and optical contrast.Dr Tsvetkova has considerable experience in the use of focussed ion beams to modify the optical characterisation of SIC thin films, and in the development of SIC for optical data storage applications. The University of Surrey, as the leading UK centre for ion beam studies, is ideally suited to complement her interests. The University has significant expertise in the use of ion beams for irradiation and characterisation of semiconductor materials, and has recently commissioned a new Tandetron accelerator and microfocus beamline. The principal investigator, Dr Sellin, has pioneered the use of microfocus ion beams at Surrey to investigate charge transport in wide bandgap semiconductors, particularly polycystalline CVD diamond. Dr Tsvetkova, through this visiting fellowship, will extend the existing expertise at Surrey into the SIC material system and provide access to sources of high quality SIC material. This work will also benefit existing UK researchers working on wide bandgap semiconductors, including those within the EPSRC Diamond and SIC networks.
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