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EPSRC Reference: GR/S77325/01
Title: Modelling the Structure Dependant Colour Properties of Melange Yarns
Principal Investigator: Grishanov, Dr S
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Project Partners:
Acordis Ltd Media Innovations
Department: School of Fashion and Textiles
Organisation: De Montfort University
Scheme: Standard Research (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 16 August 2004 Ends: 15 December 2007 Value (£): 158,515
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Materials Characterisation Materials Processing
Materials Synthesis & Growth
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The project will focus on cutting down the production cost of the melange yarn by minimising the nuimber of trials using a rapid prototyping technique based on yarn structure and colour modelling and address the following issues: 1) a predictive model for colour of melange yam will be generated based on yam technical specification, composition and colour properties of constituting fibres and information about yam structure; 2) an experimental study of the structure and colour properties of melange yarns will be carried out to provide data for yarn structure modelling and for designing new melange yams. The experimental plan will include samples with small differemces in blend composition; these will be used to estimate the required accuracy of melange yarn simulation and accuracy of the formulation of the blend composition; 3) a mathematical model of melange yarn structure will be developed which takes into account fibre clustering, yam technical specification and blend composition. New algorithms will be developed based on the yam structure model to provide realistic 3D computer generated images of melange yarn and knitted fabric. The software will be used as a new tool for melange yam blend formulation; 4) computer-generated images of yams will be compared visually and by objective measurement with yam samples produced to the same specification. The results will be used for refining the proposed models and algorithms. The project will be undertaken jointly by De Montfort University, Leicester, and University of Leeds and supported by two industrial partners, Acordis Acrylic Fibres and Media Innovations Ltd. The estimated total cost of the project is 288,321 plus 30,000 of the contribution from industrial partners. The proposed research lies in the area of modelling and exploration of the structure-property relationships of textile materials which falls into one of the seven high priority areas in the materials section of the Technology Foresight strategy.
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