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EPSRC Reference: GR/R76820/01
Title: Nanoscale Photonics of Structural Transformations
Principal Investigator: Zheludev, Professor N
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Department: Sch of Physics and Astronomy
Organisation: University of Southampton
Scheme: Senior Fellowship (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 01 October 2002 Ends: 30 September 2007 Value (£): 233,672
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Materials Characterisation
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Panel DatePanel NameOutcome
06 Feb 2002 Central Fellowships Allocation Panel Deferred
20 Nov 2001 Technology Fellowships Sift Panel Deferred
Summary on Grant Application Form
I believe that a unique and timely opportunity exists to develop a new class of nanoscale photonic materials with functionality underpinned by structural transformations and confinement. Such materials will be required to achieve a high level of integration in future generations of photonics device. They promise unique nonlinear-optical, electroptical and photoconductive characteristics (which we will collectively, and probably slightly unconventionally, referee as 'photonic' characteristics or 'photonic' materials). The most important is the opportunity to achieve a strong response in a very small amount of material, such as a nano-scale thick film or a single nanoparticle, and therefore potentially achieve a high level of integration. This new generation of photonic materials promises a pallet of other useful qualities such as broad spectral response and good speed of switching. Here we propose a five-year research program of fundamental study of this new class of material with the aim to understand functionality and underpinning mechanisms of this new class of material. Our program will include the study of lightinduced structural transformations and nonlinear-optics of homogeneous and nanoparticle Ga films, single Ga nanoparticle, and quantum phase transition effects in small nanoparticles. It will expand into the study of new mechnisms of the electro-optical effect and photo-conductivity in gallium films, and single nanoparticles associated with electric current and light induced structural transformations. We will develop the idea of combining the functionality of phase transition switching materials with that of photonic bandgap structures. We will study and optimise the new technique for light-assisted growth of nanoparticle films, and apply it to single nanoparticles, and, at all stages of our research will try to develop and improve the relevant theory of the phenomena under study by examining classical and quantum microscopic models, and by by direct electromagnetic simulations. The pro-gram will benefit from our original and cost effective methodology of experimental research which uniquely merges the advantages of optical fiber technology, diode and fiber lasers, ultra high vacuum, atomic beam deposition and cryo technologies with nanoscale precision and spatial resolution of near-field optical probes and piezo-manipulation.
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