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EPSRC Reference: GR/R73768/01
Title: Platform: General Engineering Platform Grant: Advanced high power solid-state laser systems and applications
Principal Investigator: Ferguson, Professor AI
Other Investigators:
Dawson, Professor M Girkin, Professor J
Researcher Co-Investigators:
Dr K Ness
Project Partners:
Department: Inst of Photonics
Organisation: University of Strathclyde
Scheme: Platform Grants (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 01 January 2002 Ends: 31 December 2005 Value (£): 457,333
EPSRC Research Topic Classifications:
Lasers & Optics
EPSRC Industrial Sector Classifications:
Manufacturing Healthcare
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Summary on Grant Application Form
Platform Grant support will enable the Institute of Photonics to continue to develop as an effective research organisation operating at the interface between academia and industry, particularly enhancing its continued research health and international standing. Compared with project-by-project funding (public or industrial), this grant will enable longer-term research with higher scientific risk. We have seen that it is this vision and sense ofscientific and engineering adventure that attracts both academic and industrial partners to work with the Institute. In terms of the added-value provic Platform Grant support, the continuity of resource it provides will enhance our ability to take a research leadership role, and strengthen our strategic taking research programmes and hence our academic standing. Further, underpinned by a healthy and ambitious strategic research programme, of opportunities to collaborate effectively with both academic and industrial partners, and to generate and exploit Intellectual property, will be enhance(Our proposed strategic research programme has two main components, namely solid-state laser system engineering and applications development areas of rapid technology development in recent years. Our intention is to investigate radical approaches to both novel solid-state lasers, and applications tions, primarily in materials processing. Areas of specific interest include; in laser engineering, benefits of lower cost per watt pump power, develop in the area of laser components, in particular laser gain media and active optical components, and design tools; and, in applications development,processing of novel materials, detailed understanding of the interaction of ultra-short laser pulses and matter, and issues of systems integration.The grant support will be used to partly fund critical research staff, two specialised technicians, and secretarial support, as well as travel funds to support the development of effective relationships with international peer organisations.
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