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EPSRC Reference: GR/R40470/01
Title: NETWORK: Cross-Discipline Interface Network for Post-Genome Science
Principal Investigator: Smith, Professor D A M
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Department: Physics and Astronomy
Organisation: University of Leeds
Scheme: Standard Research (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 01 June 2001 Ends: 31 May 2004 Value (£): 62,723
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Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology No relevance to Underpinning Sectors
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Key to the success of the UK in post genome-science is the communication between physicists, chemists, mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists with the life scientists working on post genome problems; indeed, this may be the rate limiting step. The proposed network will address the difficulties in interfacing between the physical, engineering and life sciences and will particularly focus on the fostering of a mum-disciplinary culture within which younger members of the network can develop cross-disciplinary links for the future. The region already has a large grouping of life scientists from the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester and UMIST in the BBSRC funded North of England Structural Biology Centre (NESBIC) which has about 150 members working mainly on post-genome problems. We propose to form a complimentary body of physical scientists, engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists from the same four institutions and in addition from York University, to combine with the NESBIC membership to create a single regional network in cross-discipline interfacing for post-genome science. The primary objective of this proposed network is to eliminate the barriers to mum-disciplinary collaboration within this region of the UK and to create a culture that will foster such collaboration, particularly for the benefit of the younger physical science researchers. The network will achieve this by making use of general research meetings and highly focused themed workshops on post genome problems identified by a strategy group. The network will also provide funds to support travel for young engineering and physical scientists to attend conferences with a life science theme and for research visits to life sciences laboratories in NESBIC. Extensive use will be made of a network web site to provide an effective method of communication between members of the network and NESBIC members outside the organised meetings. The proposal not only addresses the future requirements for the post-genome scientific success of the UK but also the wider issue identified by the EPSRC of an improved Life Sciences Interface.The success of the network will be measured by the number of successfully funded cross-disciplinary projects between groups within these Northern Universities.
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