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EPSRC Reference: GR/R20038/01
Title: Standardisation and Pre-Assembly: Implictions For Health, Safety and Accident Causality In Construction
Principal Investigator: Gibb, Professor A
Other Investigators:
Haslam, Professor R Gyi, Dr D
Researcher Co-Investigators:
Project Partners:
British Airports Authority (BAA) Carillion Reid,Geoffrey,Associates Ltd
RWE (Innogy/Npower) Terrapin Ltd Trades Union Congress
Trent Concrete Ltd
Department: Civil and Building Engineering
Organisation: Loughborough University
Scheme: LINK
Starts: 01 September 2001 Ends: 30 September 2001 Value (£): 167,265
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Construction Ops & Management
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The use of off-site pre-assembly has begun to revolutionise construction. This proposal is for a research project that will identify and establish the extent of the effect of Standardisation and Pre-assembly (S&P) on health, safety and accident causality in the construction industry. The results will provide detailed guidance for exploiting S&P techniques in a manner that improves the safety and well being of all those involved in the process. Construction Minister Nick Raynsford linked pre-assembly with health and safety by stressing that 'the improvements in construction performance, and in conditions for people in construction are probably only deliverable by switching a significant proportion of construction away from site and into the controlled conditions of the factory floor', There are major benefits to be gained from S&P but there are also significant changes to the construction process that must be allowed for in the risk assessment exercise. Current research work at Loughborough provides the proposed research a unique opportunity to interface with clients committed to S&P and provide a complete ergonomic health and safety work-place audit for both conventional construction process and off-site pre-assembly processes. The research methodology identifies a series of deliverables from five work packages that will culminate with a high-profile guidance CD. The project will be guided by a steering group meeting quarterly and comprising the research team, industrial collaborators the HSE and Roy Duff from UMIST. Additional dissemination will be through workshops and seminars. The project collaborates with clients, contractors, specialists, the HSE and the TUC which will ensure that the deliverables are more likely to affect the organisations and individuals who are most at risk and who are in a position to be able to effect change where it is needed.
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