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EPSRC Reference: GR/L96561/01
Principal Investigator: Lehman, Professor MMM
Other Investigators:
Stenning, Professor V Rustem, Professor B
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Department: Computing
Organisation: Imperial College London
Scheme: Standard Research (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 24 April 1998 Ends: 23 April 1999 Value (£): 11,118
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Software Engineering
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No relevance to Underpinning Sectors
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The FEAST/1 project originated in a 1994 hypothesis that software processes must be modelled and analysed as a feedback system if substantial improvement is to be achieved. The focus of the project is feedback control and process dynamics. The metrics based black box investigation of software evolution now underway seeks to identify feedback and feedback related behaviour in the collaborator processes being studied. It cannot reliably identify the source or explain the behaviour. This approach is, therefore, complemented by a white box analysis to reveal and permit construction of executable models reflecting structures and workings of the global software process. They describe and simulate not only technical activities, but also those influencing the direction or control of evolution from the domains within which the system is evolved and within which it is used. Turski and Perry have extensive practical experience prolonged involvement in software development, solid backgrounds in large scale, real world software evolution. Turski's mathematical, analytic and model interpretation skills complement Perry's involvement in software process modelling, empirical software process experimentation, interpretation of observations in terms of real development environments and his access to evolution data for telephone switching software. They supplement the skills and experience of the full rime project participants. Their continued participation in and planning and execution of the project and interpretation of its results will help ensure the best possible outcome. Each will make his individual contribution to data analysis and modelling determination of implications of feed-back control and interpretation of the observed process behaviour. They will also play an important role in relating observations to the FEAST hypothesis, to recognising potential process improvements and to development of systematic conceptual feedback-system-based framework for software process theory.
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