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EPSRC Reference: GR/J42106/01
Principal Investigator: Schormans, Dr JA
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Department: Design & Engineering
Organisation: Anglia Ruskin University
Scheme: Standard Research (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 01 February 1994 Ends: 31 August 1995 Value (£): 16,183
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Networks & Distributed Systems
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To study and optimise the interaction of traffic control and resource management mechanisms from a network perspective To research the impact of alternative approaches for bandwidth allocation and bandwidth quantisation on the mechanisms, their algorithms and their interaction on a network scale.Progress:A new fluid-flow analysis of an ON/OFF source feeding an ATM queue has been developed, and published in Electronics Letters (7 July 1994, Vol.30, No.14, pp. 1116-1117). This analysis takes into account the quantised nature of the ATM cell stream to give a simpler, more accurate formula for cell loss than can be obtained using conventional fluid-flow analysis. The formula can be used to find the bandwidth required for allocation to the source, given cell loss constraints, giving a more accurate starting point for bandwidth management algorithms. This has been reported in Electronics Letters(13 October 1994, Vol. 30, No.21, pp.1740-1741). Results on the effect of quantisation on cell loss are to be presented at the 5th IEE Conference on Telecommunications in March 1995. The method has been extended to model the partial buffer sharing (PBS) mechanism for priority control and used to validate an extension of the accelerated burst-level / cell-rate simulation queuing model which approximates the PBS mechanism. The simulation work on PBS was reported in the 2nd ATM workshop at the University of Bradford in July 1994 and the extension to the analysis is being presented at the Twelfth UK Teletraffic Symposium in March 1995. The model has also been extended to the three-state source for application to output processes, and this has been successfully compared against cell-scale analysis which is re-used at the burst scale to model excess-rate behaviour. These analytical approaches are also being presented at the 12th UKTS in March 1995. Further investigation into two more areas has begun: the effect of multipoint cell buffering on RA algorithms, (paper accepted for publication in Electronics Letters); and the effect of the use of shared buffers in ATM switching elements, (provisional results will be presented at the 12th UKTS).
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