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EPSRC Reference: EP/W016524/1
Title: UKRI-India Future Networks Initiative
Principal Investigator: Parr, Professor G
Other Investigators:
Researcher Co-Investigators:
Project Partners:
BT Indian Institute of Sciences Bangalore Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi)
Department: Computing Sciences
Organisation: University of East Anglia
Scheme: Network
Starts: 01 August 2021 Ends: 31 July 2024 Value (£): 700,185
EPSRC Research Topic Classifications:
Networks & Distributed Systems RF & Microwave Technology
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Summary on Grant Application Form
This proposal will provide the networking and pump priming funds needed to establish a re-strengthened Indo-UK telecoms research network; academically led but including UK and Indian industry partners.

The science scope will be necessarily broad, based around Open-RAN technologies towards a flexible, scalable, high performing and AI-enabled virtualised Open-RAN (vOpen-RAN). Research activities will be within this scope with specific activities expected to be identified and driven by the research community and joint scoping with Indian collaborators.

Across the proposed AI-Enabled Open-RAN Architecture we want to explore:

-Faster, better telecommunications systems: enhanced performance in 'Virtualisation' of telecoms networks;

-AI: intelligent systems for autonomic operation

-Green telecoms and energy efficiency: self-organizing and self- healing algorithms for energy efficiency, data transfer and use optimization ;

-Security: light-weight encryption schemes and frameworks for open interfaces to enhance cyber resilience;

-Future networks to overcome the rural digital divide, highly energy efficient, open architecture based on integration of communication and sensing in a network of networks consisting of three short-range networks, wide-area cellular networks and non-terrestrial vLEO satellite networks interfacing software for remote areas.

In addition to the research program and flexible distribution of pump priming funds for short term research activities addressing key technologies, the proposal will:

-Build capability, capacity, and relationships between the two countries in Open-RAN and broader telecoms research for 5G and beyond diversification;

-Build on existing relationships and engage new partners across India;

-Scope and create a Roadmap for future research and innovation collaboration to support the need to diversify, through engagement with and input from existing partners and research and business community workshops;

-Develop shared testbed design and function, for feedback to existing UK testbed investments.

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