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EPSRC Reference: EP/T018836/1
Title: Toric vector bundles: Stability, Cohomology, and Applications.
Principal Investigator: Hering, Dr M
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Department: Sch of Mathematics
Organisation: University of Edinburgh
Scheme: EPSRC Fellowship
Starts: 01 October 2021 Ends: 30 November 2028 Value (£): 939,180
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Algebra & Geometry Logic & Combinatorics
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No relevance to Underpinning Sectors
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19 Jan 2021 EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Fellowship Interviews January 2021 - Panel B Announced
01 Jun 2020 EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Prioritisation Panel June 2020 Announced
Summary on Grant Application Form
The topic of this grant is in algebraic geometry, the study of geometric objects defined as the vanishing locus of finitely many polynomial equations, called algebraic varieties. One basic question is the classification of algebraic varieties. Vector bundles are geometric objects associated to algebraic varieties that can be put together to form a new variety, called a moduli space. These moduli spaces are an important tool to construct new varieties from old ones, and to reveal geometric properties of the underlying variety. They have a geometric input data, the Chern class, and it is known only for a few types of varieties for what input data these moduli spaces exist.

I propose to study vector bundles on a class of varieties called toric varieties. While these varieties are very special, they exhibit additional combinatorial structure, that allows their study with a completely new set of tools. They have been a success story serving as examples for conjectures and to develop new theories. Toric varieties carry a special class of vector bundles called toric vector bundles that can be used to study properties of general vector bundles on toric varieties. These toric vector bundles have descriptions in terms of combinatorics and linear algebra, and this proposal will build further bridges between these fields by relating questions originating in algebraic geometry to questions in combinatorics and linear algebra. This will open the door to new cross-fertilization between these fields, by giving access to a much larger toolset and by introducing new research questions to both fields.

The goal of this proposal is to systematically develop the theory of toric vector bundles in order to study questions that are of relevance to algebraic geometry and neighboring fields. One of the main objectives of the proposal is to identify the input data for the existence of moduli spaces on toric varieties. Another main objective is to reveal the fundamental relationship between geometry and algebra intrinsic in the definition of algebraic varieties in the case of toric varieties, by studying, for a given embedding of a toric variety, the numbers of minimal defining equations of a given degree, and the number of minimal higher algebraic relations (syzygies) between these defining equations of a given degree in terms of the geometry of the embedding.
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