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EPSRC Reference: EP/F05856X/1
Title: The Analysis of Well-being Parameters Operating within the Environment of Castle Vale - the Application of Systems Approaches (a Pilot Study)
Principal Investigator: Coles, Professor R
Other Investigators:
Sparrow, Professor J Ashford, Professor R Jankovic, Professor L
Osman, Professor K
Researcher Co-Investigators:
Project Partners:
Department: Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
Organisation: Birmingham City University
Scheme: Standard Research
Starts: 01 December 2008 Ends: 30 April 2011 Value (£): 287,905
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Bioinformatics Information & Knowledge Mgmt
Medical science & disease Pollution
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13 Feb 2008 System Approaches to Well Being Panel Announced
Summary on Grant Application Form
Research examines the relationship between health and the environment to look at the complexity of the factors that impact upon personal well-being, responding to the EPSRC call on 'Systems Approaches to Well-being' by the formation of a research team that incorporates experienced academics from the disciplines of health, landscape, environment and engineering. To progress understanding and to assist in the design of appropriate environments, requires exchange of information between researchers and investigation into the parameters which affect well-being, to decipher the complexity of the relationships between individuals and their environment. Castle Vale, located to the east of Birmingham, UK, forms the focus of study where, by using systems approaches borrowed from the enginering sector, the experience of the individual and how it can be defined/identified within a real case study area is to be studied and modelled. The parameters relating to well-being are to be examined in an holistic way taking a multidisciplinary approach, considering the extensive existing data in respect of Castle Vale, to be interpreted within the perspectives of different disciplines and using the expertise of those with advanced knowledge of systems approaches, but who are currently outside the wellbeing debate. Systems approaches are used as a mechanism to decode data sets, inform analysis, to provide interdisciplinary engagement, and to generate theory; to discuss ideas and concepts via the formation of a wider academic and professional network and to ground concepts in the reality of a definable landscape and residential area. Research is facilitated by the holding of network workshops which focus stages of investigation, allow the examination of data and lead to specific defined outputs and dissemination over a period of 24 months. The summary objectives of the research include:To model citizen well-being using a systems approach applied to the case study area of Castle Vale in relation to the experience of the individualTo explore the parameters which impact upon the well-being of the individual within a residential environment To explore/develop theoretical perspectives on the wellbeing of the individual To develop a supporting multidisciplinary network of researchers and practitionersTo develop theoretical, systems based, approaches regarding the well-being of the individual which are especially relevant to the agenda of health and the design of the urban environment To establish and utilise an interface between researchers/academics and practitioners from different disciplines to explore approaches, definitions and theories relating to the experience of the individual regarding their personal well-beingTo investigate (and establish for future research) a case study site which can be described and analysed using systems approaches, which integrates different academic and professional perspectives including user aspects and interactions.To benefit the residents of Castle ValeTo inform the research agenda and future actions
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