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EPSRC Reference: EP/E007538/1
Title: 'Intelligent Adapters': A New Paradigm in Multifunctional Polymer NanoComposite Engineering
Principal Investigator: Bismarck, Professor A
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Halliburton Energy Services Security Composites Ltd
Department: Department of Chemical Engineering
Organisation: Imperial College London
Scheme: Standard Research
Starts: 01 November 2006 Ends: 31 October 2011 Value (£): 915,469
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Materials Processing Materials Synthesis & Growth
Materials testing & eng.
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Manufacturing Chemicals
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
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Panel History:
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27 Mar 2006 Challenging Engineering Sift Panel Meeting(ENG) Deferred
Summary on Grant Application Form
This proposal aims to create an adventurous research programme in the area of multifunctional nanomaterial-enhanced polymers building the technological foundation for a variety of engineering innovations. It draws upon and furthers the development of the following most recent key scientific advances:1. in quality improvement and modification of carbon nanotubes and their application in functional nanocomposites2. in the synthesis of porous media via emulsion templating 3. in nanoparticles as alternative surfactants including the synthesis of Janus, i.e. anisotropic two-faced, nanotubes and 4. in microbial synthesis of renewable (Janus) nanomaterials and their applications in green nanocomposites.The speculative nature of this research lies not only in the synthesis of bi-functional nanomaterials, but also in the use of guided self-assembly to create novel materials. The idea is to engineer innovative structural materials that can respond 'intelligently' to changes in their environment. The programme will explore the synthesis of anisotropic 'Janus'-particles, the development of scalable purification and modification processes for carbon nanotubes, and processes for manufacturing multifunctional materials. It will target applications in challenging environments, where extraordinary materials are in demand. The prime objectives of this proposal are to:1. foster a system of innovation connecting engineering research, basic science advances, and end-users in the design, synthesis, process and application of novel multifunctional structural materials;2. form an Exploration Group that brings together a network of distinguished scientists, academic experts, young academics and industrial users from around the world;3. engage with the public, media professionals and policy makers with a view to educate and inform the public and potential users and receiving feedback from these groups. The Exploration Group, as a network of excellence, will interact through a Roundtable of Ideas programme. It consists of planned and ad hoc activities such as colloquia, workshops and ideas factories to generate Blue Skies ideas and identify new research directions. The skills-set of the team will be enhanced through the exchange of research personnel. An interdisciplinary team of young researchers with a broad spectrum of skills in the area of multifunctional materials will be nurtured to take an internationally leading role in this field. This grant will provide the necessary space to think, be creative and flexible, to collaborate freely and to take risks for which there is little room in project-based funding.
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Project URL: http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/polymersandcompositesengineering/aboutpace
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Organisation Website: http://www.imperial.ac.uk