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EPSRC Reference: EP/C526406/1
Title: Renewal of Platform Grant
Principal Investigator: Cawley, Professor P
Other Investigators:
Lowe, Professor M
Researcher Co-Investigators:
Dr F Simonetti
Project Partners:
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Organisation: Imperial College London
Scheme: Platform Grants (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 01 August 2005 Ends: 31 July 2010 Value (£): 425,241
EPSRC Research Topic Classifications:
Materials testing & eng.
EPSRC Industrial Sector Classifications:
Aerospace, Defence and Marine Transport Systems and Vehicles
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Summary on Grant Application Form
This proposal is for the renewal of a Platform Grant. The current grant runs for four years and will end on 30th April 2005; the new grant is requested to start in May 2005 and to run for five years.The main objectives of the original grant were for the group to diversify into new industry sectors and applications, and to extend the scope of the group's modelling work. An important factor in attaining these objectives was expected to be staff stability and the ability to undertake feasibility studies in a timely manner. The objectives have been met in full, and furthermore, during this period, the group has led the formation of the new UK Research Centre in NDE (RCNDE), which has confirmed its position as a UK and world leader in its primary field of research.The chief objectives for the next five years are to enable the group to expand into two new areas where there are big opportunities for growth: imaging and structural health monitoring (SHM); and at the same time to enable it to continue to fund the underpinning analytical and software work that is used across all of its project areas. In imaging, the work will target Super-Resolution , an exciting concept which is still in its infancy but has already been shown to offer huge potential; this will be exploited in both ultrasound and electromagnetics. In SHM the aim will be to take a leading position in the current worldwide growth in research to develop continuous monitoring systems, driven largely by the needs of the aircraft industry, but also with important developing applications in Civil infrastructure. The group is in a unique position to bridge the gap between the SHM and NDE communities, which are currently poorly coordinated both in universities and in industry.The strategy for this proposed research is consistent with the group's policy of performing industrially applied research together with a solid base in the underlying science and resulting modelling tools. The platform grant will enable the group to retain key personnel to achieve this, and to recruit top calibre personnel at the times when opportunities arise.
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