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EPSRC Reference: EP/C513223/1
Title: DEcision SupporT framework for flexibly delivered public traNspOrt services (DESTINO)
Principal Investigator: Nelson, Professor JD
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Dr M Smith
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Department: Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Organisation: Newcastle University
Scheme: Standard Research (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 01 March 2005 Ends: 28 February 2007 Value (£): 181,556
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Transport Ops & Management
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Transport Systems and Vehicles
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Currently, many statutory authorities and public transport operators are experimenting with or considering flexibly delivered public transport systems, now generally referred to as Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services, mainly with a view to improving social inclusion in rural and urban areas that are difficult to cover by conventional public transport. Statutory authorities may have some understanding of the areas which they feel are in most need of new or improved public transport services. This is based on experience, local knowledge about the areas under consideration and existing services, feedback from residents, and political objectives (which may dictate the available resources). The decision tree tool proposed here (to be known as DESTINO) aims to provide the correct structure to the decision making process, whilst also arming the decision maker with all the knowledge needed to make informed decisions at each step. The project will undertake an appraisal of current decision making frameworks and of technical options for DRT services, focussing on good practice and the difficulties faced in the evaluation of service design. In the development of DESTINO service criteria and objectives are combined with known macro, meso and micro level constraints to generate a set of feasible public transport service options. In order to aid decision makers in their choice at the micro level, an economic model will be developed providing predicted costs of setup and operation of the identified feasible public transport service options. This decision making tool is expected to be accessible to users via a database backed web-site which will capture users inputs, choices and feedback and allow on-line updates when necessary. Finally, the decision tree tool will be validated against actual operating conditions encountered by current DRT services. On-going monitoring of use of the decision tree tool - through capturing inputs and choices made by users via the web database - will be supplemented by more conventional and detailed monitoring of selected users who have volunteered to 'road test' the tool.
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