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Organisation: Imperial College London
Department: Dept of Physics

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
Artificial Spin Ice for Rewritable MagnonicsBranford, Dr WR 859,945
Attosecond Electronic Dynamics of the Valence States in Matter Measured with XFELsMarangos, Professor J 834,036
Controlling photophysics and photochemistry via quantum superpositions of electronic states: towards attochemistryMarangos, Professor J 1,031,907
Cooling molecules to quantum degeneracyTarbutt, Professor MR 1,462,978
Extreme volumetric imaging using single-shot optical tomography with compressive sensingMcGinty, Dr J 201,158
Fibre-integrated Picosecond mid-Infrared Laser (fPIRL) for biomolecular analysisMurray, Dr RT 540,227
Inertial Fusion Energy: Optimising High Energy Density Physics in Complex GeometriesBland, Dr SN 6,141,929
Magnetic drums in space: Where, when and how do the boundaries of planetary magnetospheres resonate?Archer, Dr M 556,935
Quantum entanglement in attosecond ionisationMintert, Dr F 515,109
Quantum Sensing on the London UndergroundCotter, Dr JP 790,013
Quantum technologies for inertial sensingCotter, Dr JP 1,018,008
QuICHE: Quantum information and communication with high-dimensional encodingWalmsley, Professor IA 253,659
Recovering quantum information in a noisy quantum channelKim, Professor M 420,672
Robust manufacturable antibacterial surfaces enabled by superhard plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic materials.Oulton, Professor RFM 762,406
Semiconductor lasers on a graphSapienza, Professor R 782,468
The new intensity frontier: exploring quantum electrodynamic plasmasMangles, Dr SPD 506,289
Three-Dimensional Multilayer Nanomagnetic Arrays for Neuromorphic Low-Energy Magnonic ProcessingC. Gartside, Dr J 165,107
Ultracold EEDM - Measuring The Electron's Electric Dipole Moment Using Ultracold MoleculesTarbutt, Professor MR 1,876,646
Ultra-precise, Shock-resistant Optical Clocks (USOC)Hobson, Dr R 619,645

Total Number of Grants: 19
Total Value of Grants: £19,339,138

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).