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Organisation: UCL
Department: Physics and Astronomy

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
A prototype interface between neutral-atom quantum processors and superconducting circuitsHogan, Professor SD 1,012,857
Compilation and Verification of Quantum Software in the Noisy and Approximate RegimeBrowne, Professor D 221,557
EPSRC-SFI: Developing a Quantum Bus for germanium hole-based spin qubits on silicon (GeQuantumBus)Bose, Professor S 280,201
Far From Equilibrium Quantum SimulatorsSzymanska, Professor MH 850,350
Fundamental science and technology with levitated cavity optomechanicsBarker, Professor PF 745,510
New paradigms of quantum many-body dynamicsTurner, Dr C J 463,724
Nonclassicality of the Harmonic-Oscillator Coherent State Persisting up to the Macroscopic DomainBose, Professor S 451,887
Novel Enhanced Sampling Methods in Multiscale ModelingRosta, Dr E 541,660
Precision Microwave Spectroscopy of PositroniumCassidy, Professor D 949,021
Production of Positronium atoms, ions, and moleculesCassidy, Professor D 853,721
Protection of quantum information in small clusters of qubitsSzymanska, Professor MH 211,200
Reliable and Robust Quantum ComputingBrowne, Professor D 57,063
Room Temperature Continuous-Wave Inorganic MaserBreeze, Dr JD 257,411
Software Enabling Early Quantum Advantage - SEEQABrowne, Professor D 217,077
Ultra-fast three and four-electron dynamics in intense electro-magnetic laser fieldsEmmanouilidou, Professor A 430,851
Unlocking the potential of Quantum LDPC Codes for low-overhead fault-toleranceBrowne, Professor D 382,805

Total Number of Grants: 16
Total Value of Grants: £7,926,896

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).