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Organisation: University of Exeter
Department: Physics and Astronomy

Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorValue (£)
"Computational spectral imaging in the THz band"Hendry, Professor E 612,664
2D polaritons for optoelectronic devices and networksKyriienko, Dr O 202,250
A-Meta: A UK-US Collaboration for Active Metamaterials ResearchHibbins, Professor AP 1,529,762
An Optical Single Molecule Scanner of Protein MotionVollmer, Professor F 1,571,018
Controlling Acoustic Metamaterials with Magnetic Resonances: The Best of Both WorldsKruglyak, Professor V 761,787
Dead vs Alive Quantum Biology: Magnetoreception Enabled via Non-MarkovianityKattnig, Dr D R 571,293
ECCS-EPSRC. Acoustically Induced Ferromagnetic Resonance (FMR) Assisted Energy Efficient Spin Torque Memory DevicesHicken, Professor R 357,536
Heat Transport in Novel 3D Patterned NanostructuresHepplestone, Dr SP 403,574
High-speed de novo DNA writer by single-molecule control of TdT enzymeMasuda, Dr K 480,424
Nanoscale thermodynamics: From Expeanriments and Applications to a practical Theory (noFEAT)Anders, Professor J 1,005,985
Quantum digital twins based on hardware-tailored tensor networks for computing quantum dynamicsKyriienko, Dr O 304,381
Quantum nonlinear optics with 2D materialsKyriienko, Dr O 344,176
Raman Nanotheranostics - RaNT - developing the targeted diagnostics and therapeutics of the future by combining light and functionalised nanoparticlesStone, Professor N 5,752,646
Simplifying quantum computing: from theory to applicationsDellantonio, Dr L 998,906
Spin current propagation through epitaxial antiferromagnetic thin filmsHicken, Professor R 559,592
The quantum avian compass probed on the single molecule levelVollmer, Professor F 200,889
UK Metamaterials NetworkHibbins, Professor AP 3,376,144

Total Number of Grants: 17
Total Value of Grants: £19,033,029

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).