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EPSRC Support by Research Areas in Theme (Physical Sciences)

Research areas are used to describe EPSRC's portfolio of excellent long term research and high quality postgraduate training.

Grants are classified using one or more research areas. The number and value of grants listed below reflects how the theme portfolio in question is currently constituted.

Please note: this is a dynamic database reflecting the current grants portfolio by Research Area within a Theme. Therefore, the number and value of grants within a Research Area will not match exactly the thematic Research Area distributions given at EPSRC's portfolio.

Research AreaNumber of GrantsProportional Value (£)
Analytical Science97 29,565,944
Antihydrogen11 12,867,706
Architecture and Operating Systems2 944,510
Artificial Intelligence Technologies4 1,098,043
Bioenergy1 310,172
Biological Informatics1 96,557
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering11 2,225,558
Biophysics and Soft Matter Physics87 25,783,497
Carbon Capture and Storage1 234,681
Catalysis139 44,305,934
Chemical Biology and Biological Chemistry71 23,429,761
Chemical Reaction Dynamics and Mechanisms55 20,198,839
Chemical Structure4 1,199,329
Clinical Technologies (excluding imaging)15 5,096,145
Cold Atoms and Molecules27 15,621,684
Combustion Engineering7 1,783,636
Complex Fluids & Rheology7 1,461,536
Computational & Theoretical Chemistry58 17,623,015
Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure88 28,573,244
Condensed Matter: Magnetism and Magnetic Materials101 34,353,255
Continuum Mechanics1 416,677
Electrical Motors and Drive / Electromagnetics2 886,261
Electrochemical Sciences29 7,997,488
Energy Storage9 2,579,842
Engineering Design5 2,055,944
Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics8 1,976,320
Fuel Cell Technology3 1,256,238
Functional Ceramics and Inorganics122 31,641,088
Graphene and Carbon Nanotechnology31 10,037,569
Hydrogen and Alternative Energy Vectors2 511,990
Image and Vision Computing5 191,404
Light Matter Interaction and Optical Phenomena55 14,419,312
Manufacturing Technologies32 11,389,820
Materials Engineering - Ceramics13 2,224,141
Materials Engineering - Composites24 3,023,063
Materials Engineering - Metals & Alloys10 1,985,625
Materials For Energy Applications81 34,092,022
Mathematical Analysis3 70,818
Mathematical Physics4 345,241
Medical Imaging (inc medical image and vision computing)9 4,396,416
Microelectronics Design11 2,736,385
Microelectronics Device Technology23 9,222,679
Microsystems8 4,147,547
Non-Linear Systems1 2,062,140
Nuclear Fission2 97,409
Numerical Analysis4 616,392
Optical Communications4 2,822,852
Optical Devices and Subsystems17 6,516,204
Optoelectronic Devices and Circuits26 7,078,778
Out of EPSRC Remit6 390,444
Particle Technology15 3,603,696
Performance and Inspection of Mechanical Structures and Systems10 5,299,808
Photonic Materials89 47,906,771
Plasma and Lasers27 17,097,635
Polymer Materials60 13,866,308
Process Systems: Components and Integration33 13,488,917
Quantum Devices, Components and Systems10 2,117,198
Quantum Fluids and Solids8 4,992,395
Quantum Optics and Information47 25,344,189
RF & Microwave Devices14 3,984,142
RF & MW Communications5 725,222
Sensors and Instrumentation26 4,906,632
Solar Technology14 3,745,978
Spintronics57 21,139,542
Superconductivity34 9,249,524
Surface Science37 10,791,557
Synthetic Biology5 2,083,897
Synthetic Coordination Chemistry57 13,645,647
Synthetic Organic Chemistry90 26,518,078
Synthetic Supramolecular Chemistry51 19,103,883
Theoretical Computer Science2 483,635
Water Engineering1 50,476